LOVE The Nasties

LOVE The Nasties

It is almost without effort all of us can love someone sweet and supporting. But can you love someone who considers us transparent, irrelevant, unimportant, 2nd class?

Being someone who is well networked (I consider myself so, to some extent), unavoidably I will come across the full spectrum of characters. Most are nice but few are the born with their noses on their forehead.

Pardon the pun or slightly strong remarks but it is said without prejudice. I have come to appreciate those in the category of #nasties. Some characteristics of nasties are:

  1. Consider themselves than you (that’s why many a times they are rather arrogant and often treat others as the “invisibles”)
  2. Only want to be associated with people with titles, wealthy and big companies

Many years ago, when I am still not so endowed with wisdom and maturity, this would have unnerved me or even discouraged me. However, I thank God that He has built me in my chacacter thru the years such that I am not flustered when in the midst of these people. In fact one of the ways I was built was to be consistently placed in the presence of these people.

My very nice friends are a great encourager to me in my journey but the nasties are an even greater motivator to me. They exist to teach me the lessons:

  1. Do unto others as you want others to do unto you
  2. The higher you climb in success, the more humble you should be
  3. All are fair and equal in the eyes of God
  4. Today’s nobody can be a somebody tomorrow, vise-versa, a somebody today can be a nobody tomorrow
  5. Appreciate ALL people (nice and nasties) for they are here to teach us valuable lessons

So remember this….the next time you are faced with a nasty, appreciate them. Learn from the experience and be a better person in the future.

pssssst ::: send the nasties a thank you card when you get to your journey. Hey, they contributed to your success.



COLD Society

What is your opinion of our society these days? Are they still as warm and humane compared to the era of our parents and grandparents? 

Today society reared its ugly head again. My wife unfortunately had a fall in a neighbourhood mall. Despite falling in front of a crowd, NOBODY stepped forward to assist and my poor wife had to drag herself up with a badly sprained ankle. Neither shopper or shop assistant offered a hand.

Am I angry? Angry, disappointed and disgusted to the max. How can an individual be so shameless to the extent that they only stare at a person in distress? Not being cruel but perhaps some of these people should experience it for themselves then perhaps they will understand better.

All said and done, in fairness to other communities, could the attitude of these people be related to the area? Years ago my wife had a fall too but in a higher upperclass mall. That time when she fell, scores of people stepped forward to help.  What does that tell us??? 

Nonetheless, it is my utmost belief that regardless of where and when it happens, be it upperclass or not, individuals should have instilled values to care for others. Claims of lack of education or ignorance is nothing but convenient excuse.

If society is to continue behave as the crowd did today, then I worry for what lies ahead for our children.

The Good Stubborn

The Good Stubborn

According to people, there are some characteristics that an entrepreneur must have. Let me add on to the list — #stubborness, in a good way.

Look around you. There are those we label as super entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. Super entrepreneurs always seem invincible. They seem to make everything look easy and having the Midas touch. To some they even seem a Hybrid of Avengers.

But ask any entrepreneurs, whatever category they may be. I bet each one of them will tell you that somewhere and some time in their journey, they have experienced pain, fear, rejection, doubts, fatigue, etc. You see, sometimes people forget that entrepreneurs are only human. The success and glory people see are the fruits. Back track on their journey and soon you will discover that they are no different from everyone else.

The negatives we cannot avoid but it should not be allowed to stumble us. The difference is the successful ones are those who see the negatives as a passing phase and not a destination. It is an opportunity to learn and grow.

So guys and gals, remember that you are only human. Don’t despair in times of difficulty. People before you have experienced and prevailed. Press on!



Interesting name ain’t it. Was very privileged to receive the invite from acclaimed entrepreneur and friend, Datuk Eric Chong & Dato Vinod to the special screening of Liar’s Dice.

For your info, both Datuk(s) are making their first foray into the entertainment industry and already their movie are being selected to contest in the Oscars. The entire movie was produced in India, everything from site to cast, crew, etc. These gentlemen are already huge successful businessmen and yet they continue to surprise and inspire us.

So how was the movie? Well, Dato Vinod was right when he told us not to expect a fast paced movie. Then again, a good movie does not need to be action-packed right? Most important is the story that it tells and this movie does exactly that. Was a story about family, love, etc. and the nameless (people who society takes for granted because they are not famous or rich).

We wish the entire team of producers, directors, casts, crews the very best of luck as they travel to the US for the Oscars.





Malaysia in Me

Recently there seems to be more people commenting that I speak very good Bahasa. Strangely in all the previous years nobody seems to care. Is this because of recent developments that has kinda stirred our awareness of our identity — who’s who and what’s what?

Well, call me whatever name you want, I am an authentic Anak Malaysia. I’ve always been able to communicate in Bahasa, not just speak but speak in the proper manner. For me, it’s strictly no Bahasa pasar.

Nonetheless, to receive comments that I speak Bahasa well is an opportunity for me to convey the message to all that people may judge and call names, but that does not change the fact that you and me are Malaysians. Even if some folks do speak Bahasa pasar, the fact that they speak is testament that they are Malaysians and are comfortable enough to do so without worry of being criticised. We Malaysians understand and accept each other just as we are.

The spirit of 1Malaysia is well and alive…..not because some people are shouting about it but because we the Rakyat has been living it all our lives. To those who shout about it but don’t love it, perhaps it’s time to learn from the Rakyat.

Long live Malaysia!

Speck of Dust

Speck of Dust

Am not touching on the topic of pollution. Rather the impact of a speck of dust on a positive and negative person.

What would you do if there is a speck of dust in your eyes? Would you freak out? Would you mind be filled with thoughts that you are going to be blind, that the world is coming to an end, that no relationships or people are trustworthy, etc? Would you make that speck of dust to be higher than Mount Everest and deeper than the deeper sea?

Sadly, the world has it’s fair share of people who over-glorify a speck of dust. Their world is often turned upside down by it and often the negative impact affects the people around these individuals too.

Here’s my thoughts….it is time to wake up! A speck of dust is but a speck of dust. It is not a truckload or sea deep or mountain high amount of dust. It is in fact so small that you could easily blow it away in a jiffy. Your life need not be an emotional roller coaster ride because of it.

If you go around looking for a speck of dust, you will find it or over-glorify a speck of dust, your life will be turned chaotic….for yourself and loved ones.

Let your life not be derailed by a speck of dust. Control your life. Control your mind and emotions. Look for the positive, the good and beautiful.

Speck of Dust

Swimming Among Sharks

Being in the marketplace, I’ve encountered countless number of characters. Most are nice and fair but there are those I will not be ashamed to label them sharks.

Strong words? Not if you had encountered them in my shoes. Why do I call them sharks??? Here’s why…

  • They think only of themselves
  • Only one party may benefit — them!
  • It is a one way communication, I.e. They talk, you obey
  • They have no consideration or respect for other people

It is my natural instinct to stay away from these people. Hey, won’t you stay away from sharks too? Unfortunately for some, their true colors are not revealed till a much later date.

While we can never entirely avoid encountering this species, we can do much  to protect ourselves, e.g. Learn their character and/or learn to manage them.

Here’s a toast to all of us — I wish all of us will have the wisdom and patience to deal with them instead of wanting to strangle or stab them. Peace to all mankind 🙂