Prison of Unforgiveness

In this modern times, we see many who preach but not live it. It is so sad and frustrating to see this everyday.

It’s almost like people are being hypocrites. They say, share, speak but fail to live it themselves. They forgot that the loudest testimony is a living testimony. People may hear for a while but people remember most from what they see.

This is a hurting world. Look at the reports in the papers and see what’s happening around the world including our own backyard, I.e. own nation/family/friends. The world needs lots of #love and #forgiveness. Yet for pride and selfish reasons, many are unwilling to love and forgive. It’s a whole lot of tic for tac.

Unforgiveness holds us and the other party prisoners. Forgiving is not easy, this is a fact. It requires effort and sometimes a whole bunch of energy. However it is possible. Forgiveness is not just a word or speech. It is to be lived. To have forgiven means to have released yourself and the other party from all offending thoughts and emotions. If you are still being offended occasionally from past memories,etc, then you may want to be honest to yourself — “have you truly forgiven?”

Life is a series of imperfections. We are imperfect. The only perfect being is God. If He is able to extend grace, mercy, love and forgiveness to us, how much more should we do likewise unto others?

You can live a life of freedom and victory today. Decide!


Silent Success

Silent Success

Being an entrepreneurs all these years has made me realise that us, as human beings, covet attention and praises. Admittedly or not, it is the truth. The only difference is the degree of our covetousness.

Peers have told me that it is good to be known and admired. It is good for business, supposedly. I guess that’s why so many people are hunting down media representatives, from paper media to online media, etc.

There is indeed some truth in this claim. After all, some exposure and recognition may help us with our business. My question is , what is it doing for our #character? Is it building our character in the process? As I believe, gaining success is easy, having the character to own and keep it is even more important.

Okay, let’s not stray too far. My personal journey is such that I’ve always stayed below the radar but late 2013, God saw it fit that I am given some recognition. Was an awardee of the Prestige Top40 Under40 Young Achievers Award and special award, People’s Choice Award. Was also featured in the prestigious MillionaireAsia Magazine. My experience thru this made me desire for more awards and recognition. It is not a bad desire but looking deeper into it, it seems to be distracting me. I seem to be doing it to merely satisfy my ego.

I thank God that not long ago, I was brought back to my senses. He asked me of having the award were that important. How different would my life be with and without them? Who’s receiving all the glory?

Awakening for me, you may say. At the end of the day or rather my life, the only and most important recognition I should covet is my Lord Jesus’s compliment. If He says “good and well done my faithful servant”, that would surpassed all the world’s awards and recognition combined.

Feet is now back on earth. If ever I am to receive anymore awards or recognition, it will be a gift from Him, in His time and place. I am now perfectly contented to continue my journey with my Heavenly Father, where a whisper and pat on the back from Him is more than sufficient.

Thank you Father.

Smiling Assassins

Smiling Assassins


Seeing smiles on people’s faces usually put us at ease. However, in the marketplace, wisdom tells us not to be ignorantly innocent. A smile is a smile. It does not necessarily indicate that person is a friend. If you observe, enemies may flash an even bigger smile.

I am not a negative person. I do not have negative perception of the world. In the marketplace, we need to be a realist. God after all advised us in His word Matthew 10:16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves”. It is simple wisdom and common sense to be careful.

So my dear friends, my numerous experiences have taught me that to heed God’s word. Blind faith is not faith. Know your friends. Know wolves in sheep’s clothing too.

It is more Blessed to Give than Receive

Today we (myself and wife) are feeling very good and happy.  Our sofa whom we have been blessed is now blessing a needy family.

Our good condition sofa is now blessing a needy family

When we were searching for a new sofa set, we were thinking what to do with the current sofa. As it is still in good condition, we could’ve easily sold it for a few hundred at the minimum.

After discussing, we felt and agreed that we want to find a needy family to bless them with this nice comfortable sofa. We went about asking a few charity organizations if they’re interested. However it seems that nowadays these organizations prefer monetary donations.
We then came across someone from World Vision Malaysia whom knows of a needy family. To summarize the story, the sofa is now out of our home and into the home of this family.
This feeling of joy and knowledge that a family is being blesssed is blessing us more than any amount of money will give.
We want to praise and thank God for giving us this idea and blessing us through our giving. It is indeed more Blessed to Give than Receive

Life IS a Bed of Roses

Does the quote Life is not a Bed or Roses not sound familiar? I subscribe to the fact that Life is a Bed of Roses

Roses often perceived to be beautiful, sweet and captivating…which is true. Then there is also the thorns. It won’t be the first time I have bled because of the thorn.

Similar to life, the aroma and beauty of a rose coincides with life’s beautiful moments – when everything is going well. Then thorn then coincides with life’s challenges and difficulties.

Ain’t it true that when we are enjoying and crusing in our life, suddenly we hit a brick wall? Everything then seems to go wrong and all good things are crumbling around us. It is so true with roses – while you are enjoying the aroma and beauty of the rose, you get pricked and bleed. The rose suddenly does not seem to appealing anymore.

God never promises us a life of roses without thorns…. He promised to be there for us to hold us and support us when we prick our fingers and end up crying or being shaken. Fact of life – life in all it’s splendor and beauty has its difficult and ugly moments too.

Life is a Bed of Roses. If we’re not careful we are almost certain to be pricked. Even when we are careful we may still get pricked by accident or unseen thorns. Nonetheless, the rose was created for our enjoyment – a blessing. Let us not forget about the rose just because we got pricked. Life is beautiful – Life has its many blessings – let us not lose the appreciation of God’s creations inc our life because of circumstances.

When all seems lost, maybe it is time to recount our blessings!

Hooola….Somebody STOP Me

Is it my hormons running wild? I am so filled with excitement everyday since day 1 of 2011.

I have thousand and one thoughts and ideas running thru my head for business. I have million and one things I want to do. Heck I feel I can even climb Mt. Everest NOW! I am going to steamroll over all challenges.

It has been ages, in fact I don’t ever recall ever being in this state of mind or emotion that I feel this GREAT! God is Great! Feels like sitting on a bed of burning charcoal…I cannot sit still….physically, mentally, emotionally. Ok ok, I guess everbody gets my drift 🙂

God is Awesome
I tell you what! I thank God it is not hormons. It is the anticipation of what the Lord can and will do this year. Not by might, not by power but by my spirit says the Lord.

Firstly, I need to chill a little, then to refocus my thoughts. Prioritize and put my plans on paper. As soon as the Lord approves, then it is GO GO GO!

Anybody want to brainstorm and look for opportunities together?


 Many of us are always seeking the X-Factor in our lives – personal, love, business, friendship, etc.

What is X-Factor?

Different people attribute it to different things, i.e. luck, coincidence, energy, timing, etc. What about you? Whatever your definition is, the “factor” is supposed to give you the edge, air of mystery, make people like/admire you, help you be successful more easily, etc.

I wish to introduce you to to a greater and more definite G-Factor.

What is G-Factor you may ask me.  Do you know our Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Francis Yeoh? He subscribes and believes in the G-Factor too. Don’t believe me…ask him. While I am not of the same stature of our Tan Sri, I can personally verify and testify that the G-Factor is real and it works.

Perhaps it is time for you to subscribe to this G-Factor and experience it for yourself instead of the non-guaranteed X-Factor.

This is a great interview of a highly successful multi-millionaire, Francis Yeoh of the YTL Conglomerate, who ascribes all his successes and fortune to the workings of God in every arena of his life. Although it’s quite a long video I know you’ll be blessed after you have viewed it.

Subject: Francis Yeoh’s testimony. This interview was conducted in Taiwan with our Malaysian tycoon and entrepreneur businessman TAN SRI FRANCIS YEOH of YTL Group he has so much faith in Jesus Christ that every successful project that he has, he praises and gives glory to God and Jesus Christ and his story is such a great testimony to the living God Jesus Christ

Even though the introduction about Tan Sri Francis Yeoh was in Mandarin, the interview was conducted in English (with Chinese subtitles) therefore everyone should be able to understand

In case you have not figured out by now, the G-Factor I talk about is our God – Lord Jesus. I do not know if you will be interested to view a video of my testimony but rest assured my testimony will not be any shorter or valuable than our Tan Sri’s cause  G-Factor is available to all who will believe.