OPPORTUNITY : Wait or Seek

OPPORTUNITY : Wait or Seek

The inspiration for this post came from today’s experience at work.

The normal adage seems either one of the following:

  • Be ready when opportunity comes knocking
  • Opportunity does not knock twice

Today, I did the complete opposite. I have been targeting a certain country for purpose of expansion. Today, instead of waiting for opportunity to come knocking, I unconsciously went knocking on opportunity’s door instead. Yes I did. So what happened thereafter?

Surprisingly but happily the door opened, though not wide but sufficient for me to squeeze a toe in between :D. Translated, we made progress which would not have been possible had I stayed passive (wait) instead of go knock.

Heck, let’s go the distance. Go knock. If knocking on opportunity’s door does not open it, bash it, break it down…..either way just make sure it opens for you.

So there you go. Remember – proactive pays better than passive in terms of opportunity.


Call Me Spongebob Nick

Call Me Spongebob Nick

For now you can call me Spongebob #NickG. Not since the day I started my 1st biz that I’ve felt this amount of energy, passion, excitement, craziness.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Thru the journey, the ups & downs, we get tired, distracted, etc. In a common scenario, sometimes unknowingly we will hit a plateau or worse, digress.

Hence, always check yourself. Check your mindset. Check your emotions. Check your energy.

Am very blessed to report that I am back to the basics….my origin where I am learning everything with super ease and everything is possible. I can even walk thru a wall! The No is replaced by the How. My brain and heart is driving me crazy.

This is my 2nd wind…..and I am enjoyyyyyying it.

Entrepreneurship ABC

Entrepreneurship ABC

The paradox of teaching entrepreneurship is that such a formula necessarily cannot exist; because every innovation is new and unique, no authority can prescribe in concrete terms how to be innovative.

From my recent talks and sharing on #entrepreneurship and the journey, I cannot help but realize the above statement to be an absolute truth.

There can be no longer a definite formula set of ABC to entrepreneurship success though it may still serve as guidelines. Bottom line is, we must allow our minds to flow without a box per-say. So learn the experiences of others as a reference but not a definite road map to success. Find and develop your own from your personal experiences, values etc. Do not be afraid to try and explore!

The MaGiC Moment

The MaGiC Moment

Seems like only yesterday when I stepped into Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC). Blink and months have passed. Our tenure in MaGIC has come to an end with beautiful moments of our experience there.

I still remember the first day I arrived in MaGIC and met a friend. I was asked if I was there as a mentor or investor. Well, neither! I was there as a participant. Even the most seasoned serial entrepreneur needs to continue learning. Sometimes the best place to learn is from the startups…..a collection of fantastic minds and ideas.

I was there as a participant aka cofounder of my new brand, #SparePartsAsia with my Philippines partner. SparePartsAsia is a true Asean Economic Community brand, a joint venture between Malaysia and Philippines, for the Asia market.

I already had experience wearing the hat of an entrepreneur and investor and now, a whole new experience – a startup cofounder. Yes I was expected to go thru the works – build the system, pitch, etc etc etc. Does that make me a more complete entrepreneur now? A BIG yes 😀

So as I complete this post, I wish to express my thanks to the amazing people in MaGIC for their support and encouragements.


NickG, The Judge

Judge Dredd…..hahaha, not me. Was privileged to be invited to be a judge by one of Malaysia’s fastest rising learning institution Portman College. The event organized by their Millionaire Business School (by students for students). The entire event encompasses a talk by renowned speakers followed by business pitching session.

This business pitching session is no small feat. They are the shortlisted top 4 groups by their peers to present to us, the invited judges. The judges are seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. Oh yes, no small feat. Because the average age group amongst the 4 is only 18-19 years old.

Their presentation was impressive, complete with financials and everything. It’s almost what you would expect from much more experienced folks. Looking at their business ideas  (psssst: some of them are already in business, with traction) and their presentation, I shiver to imagine how excellent they will be in a few years time.

My salute to all 4 groups. They are all winners in my book. I count it my privilege to be invited to be a part of this process. So the next time you give yourself excuses of being too young or inexperienced, THINK AGAIN!



Just how much is “acting” involved in entrepreneurship? Are you thinking about fakes as of now?

Today had a session with celebrity and entertainer Razif Hashim where he touched on the skills involved in acting. And interestingly how that is related to entrepreneurship, particularly presentation related activities.

13697035_10157245960205492_8026262257294566052_n (1)
With celebrity entertainer Razif & his sidekick Suzuki

There are many skills with in the art of acting, e.g. breathing, tonality, etc., many of which is very applicable to entrepreneurship. Big names like Jobs, Obama, many more are perfect examples. I shall no dwell in the details for this post.

All in all, the session was very informative with discussions, theories and practical rehearsals to help all of us better understand and relate.

So just how much acting is involved in the world of entrepreneurship? Much more than we think!