Founder/Owner | NickG Advisory Services

Since 1998

  • Specialized in advising businessmen and families
  • Speicalized in insurance/investment/retirement planning

  • Creator of Lifestyle Financial Planning concept


CoFounder | Celebrity’s Will (R)

Since 2009

  • CoFounder with Stephanne Foong, who helms the business

  • Multi award winning brand specializing in estate planning

  • Specialize in businessmen and families >> inheritance, business continuation, business value protection, etc.

  • Malaysia’s first comprehensive estate planning services

  • Creator of Lifestyle Estate Planning concept


CoFounder/Owner | EGAN EQuipment & Parts Sdn Bhd  (R)

Since 2002

  • Malaysia’s preferred forklift parts distributor

  • Suplying the forklift parts needs in Malaysia and more than 10 international markets

  • Owner of the touted skills/knowledge – Interchange

  • Record breaking and multi award brand – First & Only in the industry history

  • Admission into the prestigious Branding Association of Malaysia where membership is reserved only for best Malaysian brands. Admission is invitation only.



CoFounder | SparePartsAsia

Since 2016

  • Asia’s top e-commerce forklift site

  • An exciting collaboration between Malaysia & Philippines

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