Prison of Unforgiveness

In this modern times, we see many who preach but not live it. It is so sad and frustrating to see this everyday.

It’s almost like people are being hypocrites. They say, share, speak but fail to live it themselves. They forgot that the loudest testimony is a living testimony. People may hear for a while but people remember most from what they see.

This is a hurting world. Look at the reports in the papers and see what’s happening around the world including our own backyard, I.e. own nation/family/friends. The world needs lots of #love and #forgiveness. Yet for pride and selfish reasons, many are unwilling to love and forgive. It’s a whole lot of tic for tac.

Unforgiveness holds us and the other party prisoners. Forgiving is not easy, this is a fact. It requires effort and sometimes a whole bunch of energy. However it is possible. Forgiveness is not just a word or speech. It is to be lived. To have forgiven means to have released yourself and the other party from all offending thoughts and emotions. If you are still being offended occasionally from past memories,etc, then you may want to be honest to yourself — “have you truly forgiven?”

Life is a series of imperfections. We are imperfect. The only perfect being is God. If He is able to extend grace, mercy, love and forgiveness to us, how much more should we do likewise unto others?

You can live a life of freedom and victory today. Decide!


The Good Stubborn

The Good Stubborn

According to people, there are some characteristics that an entrepreneur must have. Let me add on to the list — #stubborness, in a good way.

Look around you. There are those we label as super entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. Super entrepreneurs always seem invincible. They seem to make everything look easy and having the Midas touch. To some they even seem a Hybrid of Avengers.

But ask any entrepreneurs, whatever category they may be. I bet each one of them will tell you that somewhere and some time in their journey, they have experienced pain, fear, rejection, doubts, fatigue, etc. You see, sometimes people forget that entrepreneurs are only human. The success and glory people see are the fruits. Back track on their journey and soon you will discover that they are no different from everyone else.

The negatives we cannot avoid but it should not be allowed to stumble us. The difference is the successful ones are those who see the negatives as a passing phase and not a destination. It is an opportunity to learn and grow.

So guys and gals, remember that you are only human. Don’t despair in times of difficulty. People before you have experienced and prevailed. Press on!

My Office Parables

Jesus helps us understand so his teachings so much more via parables. Parables are interesting and easy to understand. As such, unconsciously I too have started this habit of speaking in parables to help my company staff understand certain points.

Recently a staff approached me for a favor. Spontaneously I put a question to him, asking him if he considered himself rajin (English: hardworking). Below is the summary of our conversation…

Staff asked for a favor. So I asked him if he considered himself #rajin?

Me: Do you consider yourself rajin?
Crew: Errr….
Me: Do you consider rajin?
Crew: Not sure le
Me: Do you consider rajin?
Crew: Yes
Me: On what basis?
Crew: I always do what I am told to do….
Me: That’s commendable. What about those untold?
Crew: *silence*
Me: Do you think a cow is rajin? They always do what they are told or pushed to do. Do you think a cow is rajin?
Crew: No *enlightened expression*
Me: Now you know the definition of rajin.

From this conversation and parable, I am certain, judging from his expression and tone of voice, he understood perfectly the true definition of rajin.

In my capacity as the business owner, I normally do not tell them an outright answer but use parables to help them understand and thru their own understanding, they will themselves make the right conclusions or decisions.

So thank you Jesus for being my good example in helping me communicate with my company staffs.

Speck of Dust

Speck of Dust

Am not touching on the topic of pollution. Rather the impact of a speck of dust on a positive and negative person.

What would you do if there is a speck of dust in your eyes? Would you freak out? Would you mind be filled with thoughts that you are going to be blind, that the world is coming to an end, that no relationships or people are trustworthy, etc? Would you make that speck of dust to be higher than Mount Everest and deeper than the deeper sea?

Sadly, the world has it’s fair share of people who over-glorify a speck of dust. Their world is often turned upside down by it and often the negative impact affects the people around these individuals too.

Here’s my thoughts….it is time to wake up! A speck of dust is but a speck of dust. It is not a truckload or sea deep or mountain high amount of dust. It is in fact so small that you could easily blow it away in a jiffy. Your life need not be an emotional roller coaster ride because of it.

If you go around looking for a speck of dust, you will find it or over-glorify a speck of dust, your life will be turned chaotic….for yourself and loved ones.

Let your life not be derailed by a speck of dust. Control your life. Control your mind and emotions. Look for the positive, the good and beautiful.

Speck of Dust


Restless is normally associated with the negative. But what does restless mean?

I am not ashamed to declare that I get restless each time I hear or read about someone venturing into something new or is doing well in their life/business. Yet I am at the same time contented.

I can almost hear come of you saying I am cuckoo. Contented and Restless mentioned in the same breath? Aye!

I am contented with the effort and progress I have made in my life. God has given me what He deems is best for me as of now. However I am also restless (in the good sense) each time I read about people doing well. I am restless because I am encouraged. I am motivated. I am reminded that there is always room for growth and improvement. I am glad and thankful that I am still able to feel restless. It is evident that there is still fire in me.

So as no you can see, it is not a matter of comparison with others nor is it greed. It is simply wanting to challenge myself to be the best I can be. It matters not if I achieve it as long as I made the effort.

I pray that God will continue to grant me the desire and feeling of restlessness. He wants me to PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens). Everyday I enter into the mode of PUSH & ACTION.

Are you feeling restless too???