I Am a Daydreamer 

Some folks perceive daydreaming to be negative, others positive. What about you?

Well, am unashamed to admit that I am a daydreamer. Nothing wrong about it. Daydreaming is actually quite good to the body and spirit. Analyse this…..when we daydream, we are transported into a world that is safe, full of possibilities, we are in position of strength, etc etc etc.

The positives in our daydreaming is a stres buster and spirit lifter. When we return to the real world, it is not an anti climax but we outta bring with us the positives and leverage on it to boost our mind and emotions. The wise one else said, if the mind can dream it, it can become a reality. So let us approach it with the question HOW to achieve our dreams, not IF we can achieve it.

For myself, when I am in distraught, I will enter into daydreaming. I draw strength from the dreams and visions and use it to give myself a leap in the real world. 

So the next time you daydream, don’t criticise yourself over it. Be glad that you can still daydream. 

Enjoy your dreams my good readers….


The Good Stubborn

The Good Stubborn

According to people, there are some characteristics that an entrepreneur must have. Let me add on to the list — #stubborness, in a good way.

Look around you. There are those we label as super entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. Super entrepreneurs always seem invincible. They seem to make everything look easy and having the Midas touch. To some they even seem a Hybrid of Avengers.

But ask any entrepreneurs, whatever category they may be. I bet each one of them will tell you that somewhere and some time in their journey, they have experienced pain, fear, rejection, doubts, fatigue, etc. You see, sometimes people forget that entrepreneurs are only human. The success and glory people see are the fruits. Back track on their journey and soon you will discover that they are no different from everyone else.

The negatives we cannot avoid but it should not be allowed to stumble us. The difference is the successful ones are those who see the negatives as a passing phase and not a destination. It is an opportunity to learn and grow.

So guys and gals, remember that you are only human. Don’t despair in times of difficulty. People before you have experienced and prevailed. Press on!

My Humbling Experience

Last weekend was one of the highlights of my life without doubt. On September 27th, I received 2 awards, namely the Prestige Top40Under40 Young Achievers Award and People’s Choice Award.


The event was organised by Prestige Malaysia, in recognition of entrepreneurs below age 40 and their entrepreneurial achievements.

The entire process is as such…. The public is invited to nominate individuals who meet the qualifying criteria, after which an esteemed panel of judges will shortlist 40 deserving winners. Each of these 40 individuals will receive a Young Achievers Award trophy. From the 40, the judges will then shortlist 10 individuals to compete for 6 special awards. The 6 winners only be made known during the Gala Nite itself.

In my entrepreneurial journey thus far, never would I thought I would have been nominated, more so receiving 2 awards. Awards aside, to be successfully shortlisted amongst 39 others is a humbling experience. These folks come from various industries and are true stars in their respective field. It is also an great encouragement to me because it sends a clear signal to me that I am on the right track. My efforts and dreams though laughed at by some, is supported and applauded by even more.

These 2 awards also reminded me that I was called into the business by God. He has held my hands my good times and bad times. From every difficult circumstances, He has made me stronger and wiser. Indeed if God is with me who can be against me. Everything that is done is for His glory. It is about Him.

So in signing-off, I wish to humbly express my biggest appreciation to my Lord Jesus followed by my dearest lifetime partner aka wife. She has been my constant companion and supporter. She has walked this journey with me and I can find no better person to share it with.