Bling Bling Christmas

It is that time of the year again…..Christmas is just days away. YAY! We were delighted to be attending the private event of Tiffany x Prestige Christmas Cocktail last night.

Almost 80% of the guests were ladies. Surprise? Hey, they don’t call diamonds a girl’s best friend for nothing right? The men according to the ladies are only there to pay. Yes, men are the ATMs and credit cards…..and maybe bodyguard 🙂

Well, Tiffany never fails to excite with their brand, design and diamonds. Heads were turned, eyes opened, mouths salivating (just kidding). The event was very good with the excellent Tiffany service by the crews as well as the catering folks. Was made better by the presence of friends and the connecting. There was even carolling by a few young talented singers.

So did anyone buy anything? Of course….some left with bags of ***** (confidential). How about us? Well, am not telling you…hehe.

Blessed Happy Christmas folks!






Hear Ye Hear Ye

Buying cars is considered a “want” – not “Need”. We all have cars, houses, bank accounts, etc. but what happens qwhen we passed away?

I speak from the perspective of an individual, husband, son, entrepreneur and friend. Too often I have noticed families crumbled and suffer because the someone did not do the right things. In this case, I am referring to the matter of preparing our assets transfer, inheritance planning or more popularly known as estate planning.

With Christmas around the corner, my business partner has launched a promotion programme ( I am glad ) that will assist all who are interested in caring for their family. This is a Christmas promotion and therefore valid till 31 December 2010 only.

More details as follow:

1050 Package is ending 30th December 2010!

Grab the package – RM650 will (can be top up later), 5 years custody + Executor appointment fee RM120 is waived!! Will details can be settled & signed by 30 June 2011! Fabulous Package!

Appointments on first-come-first-serve basis

This is not a paid advert but a social concern that we share and strongly believe in.

Christmas or X’mas?

To almost all of us, we have to some extent forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas in the current trend is Holidays + Shopping + Gifts + Partying

Anyone knows what Christmas is all about? One of a good explanation is from Linus to his good friend Charlie Brown


What Linus is trying to say is, Christmas is the day our Lord Jesus was born and we all know know well why He came – to save us all so that none shall perish

While we enjoy ourselves this Christmas (which we should celebrate), let us also remember in our hearts the true meaning and value of Christmas.


Christmas is around the corner…Yeah

It’s the time of the year to exercise our wallets and hand/leg muscles 🙂

Ahoy all Husbands….did  you sense/feel the following symptoms?

Stronger arms

Stronger legs

Lighter wallet / pockets

Congratulations. You’re officially in the festivities and also helping to stimulate our country’s economy.

This is the season to rejoice amidst lighter wallets :p but hey, we walk better with lighter wallets yes? After all the burden is lighter now 🙂




So what have you or rather your wife bought recently? Have walked walked the total length of a marathon (within vary shopping complexes)? Have you been lifting weights (all the shopping harvest)?

Guys, if we’re going to do it, let’s do it happily. Bless your wife and household. He who loves his wife loves himself…as quoted by Jesus. the way, am curious if we have Shopaholics Anonymous in Malaysia 😛