Malaysia in Me

Recently there seems to be more people commenting that I speak very good Bahasa. Strangely in all the previous years nobody seems to care. Is this because of recent developments that has kinda stirred our awareness of our identity — who’s who and what’s what?

Well, call me whatever name you want, I am an authentic Anak Malaysia. I’ve always been able to communicate in Bahasa, not just speak but speak in the proper manner. For me, it’s strictly no Bahasa pasar.

Nonetheless, to receive comments that I speak Bahasa well is an opportunity for me to convey the message to all that people may judge and call names, but that does not change the fact that you and me are Malaysians. Even if some folks do speak Bahasa pasar, the fact that they speak is testament that they are Malaysians and are comfortable enough to do so without worry of being criticised. We Malaysians understand and accept each other just as we are.

The spirit of 1Malaysia is well and alive…..not because some people are shouting about it but because we the Rakyat has been living it all our lives. To those who shout about it but don’t love it, perhaps it’s time to learn from the Rakyat.

Long live Malaysia!

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