The Industry That Nobody Knew…Almost

The Industry That Nobody Knew…Almost

As I am wrapping my thoughts on couple of business matters, my mind is suddenly diverted back to one of business….#forklift parts, thanks to encouraging messages received from friends.

The once upon a time dreaded word to myself…FORKLIFT but which I have humbly learnt to embrace and respect. Most of the time, more common in the past, I would be greeted with looks of disbelief or confusion when I mention forklift. Some know not of forklifts, others think it’s a one company industry, etc etc etc. Basically hardly anybody has any idea or insights into this industry. The lost city of Atlantis is probably better known than forklift. I kid you not.

I have personally dabbled in other industries and have many a great successful friends in other industries. Coupled that with my personal hands-on experience in the forklift industry, I can and dare say that this industry is not for the faint hearted. It has to be for the most ‘stubborn’ and hardcore of characters. Forklift industry contributes in so many ways to various other industries, e.g. Port, warehousing, mills, etc and the economy as a whole and yet it’s almost invisible. I credit that to the culture of the industry that is inward looking, super low profile, unchanging and hardcore entrenched in tradition (diplomatic reference to resistance towards change).

From my day one in this industry back in 2002 and even till today, #EGAN has been religiously diligently preaching change to players within and beyond the industry. Proudly said, we are seeing the tangible fruits of our labour….invites to talk about this industry, the industry is better known, media highlights, etc. My industry peers are true warriors without doubt and without nerves of steel, one will be likened to being finger flicked by superman….yeah, flicked out of this world. Change is not a word or practise warmly welcomed but it is my hope that #EGAN can be the lighthouse to this industry, to encourage and show our peers that change is good. It will lift the industry, collectively, from good to great!

Today I stand proud proclaiming I am from the forklift industry and what a great industry it is.

So there you go folks…my humble brief thoughts. Now back to work. LOL




Life is a journey. Life is a series of problems and challenges. Life is ever evolving.


Yesterday I celebrated a new #milestone. The birth of #SparePartsAsia, a joint venture between Philippines and Malaysia, a hybrid of tech and conventional business. SparePartsAsia or more affectionately known as SPA, is a true AEC brand (ASEAN Economic Community). SPA  was conceived in the minds of her founders only late 2015 but by yesterday, 4 August 2016 she was birthed.

spa logo final-page-001
A new Asia icon is born!

Yesterday myself and Nes (one of my partners) had the privilege of introducing and presenting SPA to an awesome audience. The fact that some folks are showing interest in this brand even before our presentation is a tremendous encouragement and endorsement of our new baby.

All the hard work behind the scenes to make this dream come true has birthed this brand. Now the real harder work awaits!

Years ago, in my entrepreneurial journey, if I was told that I would be achieving a series of milestones, including this latest SPA, I would have given the person a weird look. But today, as I celebrate, I give thanks to the one who makes it possible – my Lord Jesus. By His favor and anointing, it was made possible. And to the person closest to me, my wife who saw the potential in me even before I saw it. Last but not least, to my amazing partners Nes/Jojy/Wilson, thank you for your trust and faith in me, and for the amazing teamwork we are blessed with.

So, what’s next? Keep a lookout for SPA. Asia, we are here!

Come visit us… SparePartsAsia

FORKLIFT Has a Voice

FORKLIFT Has a Voice

Once upon a time…..well a few years ago to be exact, the forklift industry was almost unheard of. Nobody knew, nobody cared. As founder of #EGAN, we took it upon ourselves the mission to give our industry a voice. Simply because forklift or forklift parts is such a vibrant industry and known worldwide but unknown in our motherland.

Today we are proud to see the tangible results of our efforts. From the time we received our first entrepreneurship award in 2013 (one of the judges said thank you for telling us the industry’s story), we have a presence and voice thru a variety of media apperance (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc) and we have grown in voice and stature. The marketplace and community in general is beginning to take notice of this industry.

Today we are even invited by one of Malaysia’s upcoming and promiment learning institutions to talk about EGAN, forklift industry and of course entrepreneurship.


My next message is…. #WATCHUSFLY

“To God Be All The Glory”



Fine dining. Mention it to people and most of them will think of posh restaurants and professional chefs. Basically it means you have to eat out if you want fine dining, the whole works……plating, flavors, etc.

Well, there are always exceptions in this world. My home is a perfect example. My wifey (guess you can sense this is written by a proud hubby) is a good cook. She’s been labelled as the LOVE CHEF by friends and suggestions from all around to setup a restaurant.

Oh ya, Stevaunne’s Menu……..this is a collection of all of her recipes. I will share some of her creations in later posts but this short post is about recent interview by a renowned local media aka TheStar. They heard of her wonderful recipes and wanted to know more. After understanding Stevaunne’s Menu better, they decided to feature her and of course her food.

Look! The LOVE Chef being cheeky photobombing the professional photographer
Look! The LOVE Chef being cheeky photobombing the professional photographer
The 2nd course being captured
The 2nd course being captured
Successfully completed the 3 course meal, featuring her selected 3 special recipes. Time to pose for the camera
Successfully completed the 3 course meal, featuring her selected 3 special recipes. Time to pose for the camera

The entire experience was priceless. It is not everyday a home cook…..herein my home referred to as home chef gets featured in a renowned media. More so, not every home serves food the fine dining standard in every aspect — flavors, presentation, etc. By the way, did I mention that she’s self trained? Yes she is.

So you will pardon me for sounding a little boastful of my wife. She absolutely deserves it. Thus far the reviews have been great all around, including families and friends for those who had the opportunity to taste her Stevaunne’s Menu

The SILENT Majority

Hello everyone. Again I have gone AWOL to a good few months. Writing and sharing on a blog is a lot more difficult than I thought but hey I am back…..for now 🙂 If you don’t hear from me after this, you know I will check back in couple of months. LOL

Today I had some thoughts on the subject of SILENT & majority. Ever wonder why is it that the minority are often the loudest while the majority are silent? Or is it the truth that the majority is always silent? This question I ask myself too…..if I am the majority, then why am I concerned about speaking out? If my reason for speaking is in accordance to the following checklist….

  1. With good intentions
  2. Truth and fact is on my side ….

……then why do I remain silent? Is it for selfish reasons such as being afraid of retribution/criticism/condemnation or just simply wanting to be the good guy? Silence is not necessarily golden. Silence is also harmful. One cannot be vocal nor silent all the time. 

Perhaps for the silent majority including myself, it is time to speak boldly for the betterment of our community and mankind. The voice of the good and righteous should be loud and clear, not timid and quiet.



Interesting name ain’t it. Was very privileged to receive the invite from acclaimed entrepreneur and friend, Datuk Eric Chong & Dato Vinod to the special screening of Liar’s Dice.

For your info, both Datuk(s) are making their first foray into the entertainment industry and already their movie are being selected to contest in the Oscars. The entire movie was produced in India, everything from site to cast, crew, etc. These gentlemen are already huge successful businessmen and yet they continue to surprise and inspire us.

So how was the movie? Well, Dato Vinod was right when he told us not to expect a fast paced movie. Then again, a good movie does not need to be action-packed right? Most important is the story that it tells and this movie does exactly that. Was a story about family, love, etc. and the nameless (people who society takes for granted because they are not famous or rich).

We wish the entire team of producers, directors, casts, crews the very best of luck as they travel to the US for the Oscars.





Malaysia in Me

Recently there seems to be more people commenting that I speak very good Bahasa. Strangely in all the previous years nobody seems to care. Is this because of recent developments that has kinda stirred our awareness of our identity — who’s who and what’s what?

Well, call me whatever name you want, I am an authentic Anak Malaysia. I’ve always been able to communicate in Bahasa, not just speak but speak in the proper manner. For me, it’s strictly no Bahasa pasar.

Nonetheless, to receive comments that I speak Bahasa well is an opportunity for me to convey the message to all that people may judge and call names, but that does not change the fact that you and me are Malaysians. Even if some folks do speak Bahasa pasar, the fact that they speak is testament that they are Malaysians and are comfortable enough to do so without worry of being criticised. We Malaysians understand and accept each other just as we are.

The spirit of 1Malaysia is well and alive…..not because some people are shouting about it but because we the Rakyat has been living it all our lives. To those who shout about it but don’t love it, perhaps it’s time to learn from the Rakyat.

Long live Malaysia!