It is almost without effort all of us can love someone sweet and supporting. But can you love someone who considers us transparent, irrelevant, unimportant, 2nd class?

Being someone who is well networked (I consider myself so, to some extent), unavoidably I will come across the full spectrum of characters. Most are nice but few are the born with their noses on their forehead.

Pardon the pun or slightly strong remarks but it is said without prejudice. I have come to appreciate those in the category of #nasties. Some characteristics of nasties are:

  1. Consider themselves than you (that’s why many a times they are rather arrogant and often treat others as the “invisibles”)
  2. Only want to be associated with people with titles, wealthy and big companies

Many years ago, when I am still not so endowed with wisdom and maturity, this would have unnerved me or even discouraged me. However, I thank God that He has built me in my chacacter thru the years such that I am not flustered when in the midst of these people. In fact one of the ways I was built was to be consistently placed in the presence of these people.

My very nice friends are a great encourager to me in my journey but the nasties are an even greater motivator to me. They exist to teach me the lessons:

  1. Do unto others as you want others to do unto you
  2. The higher you climb in success, the more humble you should be
  3. All are fair and equal in the eyes of God
  4. Today’s nobody can be a somebody tomorrow, vise-versa, a somebody today can be a nobody tomorrow
  5. Appreciate ALL people (nice and nasties) for they are here to teach us valuable lessons

So remember this….the next time you are faced with a nasty, appreciate them. Learn from the experience and be a better person in the future.

pssssst ::: send the nasties a thank you card when you get to your journey. Hey, they contributed to your success.



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