Crowning Glories

Crowning Glories

Titles…..from status related titles to beauty queens to bla bla bla.

Awards…collectors of awards, an unending stream of awards.

Celebrity…to be associated as as socialite, rich, famous, popular.

Public Figure…want to be gazed and adored by the masses.

Looking at the above…..just what does it all mean.

  • What is the value of it all?
  • What is the purpose of it all?
  • Who benefits from it all?

Not too long ago, as someone who was unfamiliar with these all, I too was very tempted to pursue all of the above. Why? Perhaps it is wanting to be a ‘somebody’, wanting to feed the ego or because it gives significance to who I am.

Now that I am in this “circle”, things look rather anti-climax. Are the title holders, awards recipients, celebrities, public figures all they are made up to be or thought of? Respectfully I say, there are undoubtedly many who deserves it and is leveraging on their position of ‘privilege’ to do good for the community, I cannot think likewise of the many others.

Gone are the days where Titles, Awards, Public Figures, Celebrities…..are earned through hardwork and significant contributions. These days, money speaks! Yes, let me repeat. Money speaks. If you are willing to spend a few hundred to multiple thousands, you will get an express elevation to that ‘status’.

Question — where is the value of these all????? Bought instead of qualifying and receiving on merit. Sigh.

A number has asked questions like why am I not having a title, why not receive more awards, etc. Simple – I just do not see the importance of actively pursuing these crowning glories. My value and significance is not determined by the titles and awards. Some of the richest people and also people who gives back significantly to the community are without any titles, awards, media appearances, etc. Yet they live a life full of meaning and impacting people around them positively everyday.

Look at facebook. Have you not realized the big increase of people converting their status to “public figure”?  *shake head* …..for what I may ask.

Being an unknown person is not a sin nor is it a shameful thing. My creator created me to be me…..that’s it. Simple me. My value and significance comes in the love I receive from my loved ones and blessing the community around me.

Pursuing these “crowning glories” may seem exciting to many. But in my opinion, it is also a baggage. To have to keep adding these glories to ensure we live a happy life (so we think) and make us continually look good to others….is a tiring thing. When will it end? When will it be enough?

So does this mean I will reject titles, awards, status…..? No. If it is a blessing from my Jesus, I will gladly accept it because I know I have earned it, not bought it. I receive it because not for my own benefits but so that I can use it to benefit others. But if I never receive any ‘crowning glories’ from hereon for the rest of my life….so be it. I am grateful for the blessings that I have received and is receiving in all it’s different forms.


Wall *Whack*

Wall *Whack*

Conviction has driven me the past many months, accomplishing much to my surprise and satisfaction. Am most grateful for the breakthroughs. However, I have come to a realization that it is not possible for a human being, machines included to be performing at max level without needing a break or “service” period.

Of late I feel like my machine aka mind and body has hit a wall! Yes, wham! As much as I tried to push on….kinda like driving over a road hump, it is not possible. I hit a wall! All circumstances accumulated, biz and personal has had my mind and body shout “enough!”

So what are my options now?


So am listening to my mind and body. Taking things easy. Not gonna put too much stress or pressure on myself. Just gonna go for a stroll, not stop completely, but a stroll. Once the break or service period is over, will be able to go full speed ahead again.

Sometimes we are too ignorant of our body and mind that we stubbornly push on…..until we breakdown. The consequences can be bad… So wisdom dictates we be exercise common sense and pace ourselves until we are ready to fly again.

As someone famous once said, I will be back 😀

I Said NO

I Said NO

The world is full of temptations. What are some of the biggest temptations for an entrepreneur?  I would have to say success, recognition, fame, money, etc. How many actually look beyond these? Why are these so important? Does the reason go beyond “self”?

Anyway, am not talking about these today. Exercising caution and being careful not to tread on anyone’s toes….one of the most important word an entrepreneur has to learn is #NO. We tend to immediately embrace anything that will inflate our ego. Nothing wrong with that right….or is there. This very much depends on the values we carry.

Heard of the adage “Less Is More”?

As of now I am literally at the crossroad….do I want to spell out precisely my thoughts and risk offending some people?

Let’s see if I can rephrase my words…. If someone is to offer you something in return for money though it’s “packaged” otherwise, would you accept? In other words, you are actually receiving it because you paid. Yet you go into the world proclaiming that it was not paid. Does that jive with your values or is it conflicting?

In my opinion, the world (except the minority) would not know the truth and thus you can continue dancing and basking in  glory. Yet the most important person knows…..who? YOU! Yes you/me know the truth. Are we cheating ourselves by believing in a lie?

I have been put in this situation time and time again. Each time without fail I have rejected them all….simply because it conflicts with my values. Recently I find myself such a situation again. This time the offer came from the top echelons of society. Wauzers! I never thot this would come from them. Because of the status of this person, nobody would ever question the validity (they know the truth in silence). Talk about strong temptations.

Well, after an evening of consideration, prayers and seeking the counsel of trusted friends I said NO! I turned the offer down. No doubt some folks may call me a fool but better a truthful fool than a lying glory.

As I prayed, am reminded of men whom God has sent my way…..who has shown me that their success and everything else needs no validation from anyone. They are super rich, super successful and yet remain completely anonymous. That’s to be respected.

COURAGE to Pursue Justice

The world is a crooked place. Whoa….sounds super negative? Well, I consider myself a positive person but fact is, the world is a crooked place, no thanks to some people.

In our daily life, especially in the marketplace, it is unavoidable to cross path with such people (unfortunately). These people sometimes look angelic, ironically but after some time, their true colors will be revealed.

Why COURAGE to pursue justice? We live in a very hectic and fast paced environment, especially for city folks. Often some may advice us to “close one eye” or “sweep it under the carpet” when it comes to injustice.

Well, I disagree. While I agree we should extend grace, it should not be blind or ignorant grace. Appreciative individuals will realize this and respond accordingly while the foolish view “grace” as opportunity to further their evil ways.

Excercising COURAGE often requires us to…

  1. Be Vocal
  2. Take Action, e.g. going to court
  3. Be Misunderstood (sometimes)
  4. Be Challenged (there will be some degree of vulnerability)

So what do we do? I say STAND UP and ACT! If everyone of us turns a blind eye, that is an endorsement of their evil ways or being an accomplice (indirectly).

Will you be COURAGEOUS too???

Prison of Unforgiveness

In this modern times, we see many who preach but not live it. It is so sad and frustrating to see this everyday.

It’s almost like people are being hypocrites. They say, share, speak but fail to live it themselves. They forgot that the loudest testimony is a living testimony. People may hear for a while but people remember most from what they see.

This is a hurting world. Look at the reports in the papers and see what’s happening around the world including our own backyard, I.e. own nation/family/friends. The world needs lots of #love and #forgiveness. Yet for pride and selfish reasons, many are unwilling to love and forgive. It’s a whole lot of tic for tac.

Unforgiveness holds us and the other party prisoners. Forgiving is not easy, this is a fact. It requires effort and sometimes a whole bunch of energy. However it is possible. Forgiveness is not just a word or speech. It is to be lived. To have forgiven means to have released yourself and the other party from all offending thoughts and emotions. If you are still being offended occasionally from past memories,etc, then you may want to be honest to yourself — “have you truly forgiven?”

Life is a series of imperfections. We are imperfect. The only perfect being is God. If He is able to extend grace, mercy, love and forgiveness to us, how much more should we do likewise unto others?

You can live a life of freedom and victory today. Decide!

Cannot Tell Me Cannot

Cannot Tell Me Cannot

Hey, what is the meaning of this word #Cannot? Does not register in our vocabulary. Is it in your vocab?

Well, it is only a word but unfortunately most of us tend to refer to it in the negative, I.e. We cannot do this, we cannot do that, etc.

So how often has people told you that you cannot do ……. bla bla bla? Do you believe them? Who are they to tell us Cannot?

Personally, it is important to keep the word CANNOT in our vocab but perhaps it’s wise to tune down the volume. Let it be so soft that the word CANNOT won’t even be a whisper in your ears. Don’t let it hinder you from achieving your visions and dreams. Press on. God after all told us, “With Him all things are possible”. Do you believe?

Progression Not Instant

Progression Not Instant

The title tells it all. We are living in times of little patience. Everything has to happen in the blink of the eye — success, finances, fame, etc. While it is true that everything around us is happening faster and faster due to globalisation and a very competitive world, we cannot have #instant in everything.

Common sense tells us that a house cannot be built in a day, that is if you want a house with a solid foundation else it may not last the tests of strong winds and lashing rain, etc.

Similarly in life, including businesses, we have to adopt the stance of progression. Start from building a strong foundation then proceed from there, one step and a time. There are simply no short cuts. Of course there is always the adage easy come easy go.

Unless you are looking to eat instant noodles, riches and business are not built in day. Rome was not built in a day…..remember?

To all our NOW friends, NOW is good but not applicable to everything thing. It is just not possible.