Properly understood, any new and better way of doing things is technology.

When I read the phrase above by Peter Thiel, I had a flashback to my conversation with Ashran Ghazi, CEO of MaGIC. He was very intrigued about us, a forklift company that was shortlisted for MaGIC program. During our conversation we talked about “technology” and MaGIC, amongst other things.

I highlighted the fact that the use of the term “technology” to be too rigid. Technology should not be used in sole reference to computers, software, apps, etc. Why can’t technology be used in a wider context….mind, thoughts, practises, …. you name it.

As such Ashran commented that we, #EGAN has adopted “technology” well with the establishment of our new brand #SparePartsAsia. It was not only the tech-per-say but also the way we went about doing it, from our concept, process and execution.

So people, the next time we hear or utter the word “technology”, let’s be more open minded. As I always say, throw away the box. Don’t be limited!




Thru The Eyes of An Architect

Thru The Eyes of An Architect

Putrajaya…..a mammoth and iconic project to all Malaysians. Our capital administration. So how long does it take to conceptualize such a massive project? 10 MINUTES! Yes, only 10 minutes. Only those with the most brilliant of minds and vision can do this.

I count it a blessing to personally know this man and also be considered a friend to him. It’s none other than Kun Lim. He is much sought after all over the world and of course, his works are all over the world.

As Kun Lim is much sought after and with limited time, he cannot be here in Malaysia too often (by the way, he officially resides in Seattle, USA). But my heartfelt appreciation to him that we try to meet each time he returns home (KL).

This evening, Kun Lim is in PKT Logisics, one of his awesome creations. Is a private evening together with Senator Chong Sin Woon and few other amazing individuals, including Dato Michael Tio, CEO of PKT Logistics Group (our adopted boss….hehe…that’s another amazing story)

The most precious time with brilliant individuals is listening to them – understanding their thoughts, their motivations. In my opinion, brilliant individuals are…

  • They see everything with clarity
  • They are humble
  • Excellent EQ
  • Generous in sharing

The best thing to do in the presence of brilliant talents is to “LISTEN” or “ASK questions”.

Kun Lim, welcome home for this 2 weeks and it’s always great to see you.

The MaGiC Moment

The MaGiC Moment

Seems like only yesterday when I stepped into Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC). Blink and months have passed. Our tenure in MaGIC has come to an end with beautiful moments of our experience there.

I still remember the first day I arrived in MaGIC and met a friend. I was asked if I was there as a mentor or investor. Well, neither! I was there as a participant. Even the most seasoned serial entrepreneur needs to continue learning. Sometimes the best place to learn is from the startups…..a collection of fantastic minds and ideas.

I was there as a participant aka cofounder of my new brand, #SparePartsAsia with my Philippines partner. SparePartsAsia is a true Asean Economic Community brand, a joint venture between Malaysia and Philippines, for the Asia market.

I already had experience wearing the hat of an entrepreneur and investor and now, a whole new experience – a startup cofounder. Yes I was expected to go thru the works – build the system, pitch, etc etc etc. Does that make me a more complete entrepreneur now? A BIG yes 😀

So as I complete this post, I wish to express my thanks to the amazing people in MaGIC for their support and encouragements.




Life is a journey. Life is a series of problems and challenges. Life is ever evolving.


Yesterday I celebrated a new #milestone. The birth of #SparePartsAsia, a joint venture between Philippines and Malaysia, a hybrid of tech and conventional business. SparePartsAsia or more affectionately known as SPA, is a true AEC brand (ASEAN Economic Community). SPA  was conceived in the minds of her founders only late 2015 but by yesterday, 4 August 2016 she was birthed.

spa logo final-page-001
A new Asia icon is born! http://www.fb.com/sparepartsasia

Yesterday myself and Nes (one of my partners) had the privilege of introducing and presenting SPA to an awesome audience. The fact that some folks are showing interest in this brand even before our presentation is a tremendous encouragement and endorsement of our new baby.

All the hard work behind the scenes to make this dream come true has birthed this brand. Now the real harder work awaits!

Years ago, in my entrepreneurial journey, if I was told that I would be achieving a series of milestones, including this latest SPA, I would have given the person a weird look. But today, as I celebrate, I give thanks to the one who makes it possible – my Lord Jesus. By His favor and anointing, it was made possible. And to the person closest to me, my wife who saw the potential in me even before I saw it. Last but not least, to my amazing partners Nes/Jojy/Wilson, thank you for your trust and faith in me, and for the amazing teamwork we are blessed with.

So, what’s next? Keep a lookout for SPA. Asia, we are here!

Come visit us… SparePartsAsia

Gala with a Royal Touch

The excitement still resonates in my mind and heart. As always, Branding Association of Malaysia gala dinner is very much touted as the best and hottest gala of the year. On this very special evening, owners of Malaysia’s top brands come together to celebrate each other and also admission of more members into this very exclusive family.

Myself, an elected EXCO member is very much in the thick of action in all activities leading up to the gala. In addition to that am super proud that our brand #EGAN was invited not long ago and to this day, remain the first and only brand in the material handling / forklift industry. It’s historical, needless to say and an encouragement to do better for our crews, clients and industry.

This year, our Branding Association of Malaysia celebrates her 16th anniversary with a touch of royalty. Her Majesty, our beloved Queen of Majesty had consented to grace our event. Her Majesty’s presence certainly shot our excitements thru the roof.

The celebration was impeccably classy worthy of our Royal guest and more than 20 foreign dignitaries.

When owners of top brands gather in one roof, expect sparks to fly. Truly exciting to greet old friends, reflect on each others’ progress, encourage each other to another level, etc.

Well, enough for now. Will let the pics tell more  of the story… Oh hey, if you are a top Malaysian brand, you have to come join our BAM family. Memberships are by invitation only but we welcome your “hello” to find out more 😀


Just how much is “acting” involved in entrepreneurship? Are you thinking about fakes as of now?

Today had a session with celebrity and entertainer Razif Hashim where he touched on the skills involved in acting. And interestingly how that is related to entrepreneurship, particularly presentation related activities.

13697035_10157245960205492_8026262257294566052_n (1)
With celebrity entertainer Razif & his sidekick Suzuki

There are many skills with in the art of acting, e.g. breathing, tonality, etc., many of which is very applicable to entrepreneurship. Big names like Jobs, Obama, many more are perfect examples. I shall no dwell in the details for this post.

All in all, the session was very informative with discussions, theories and practical rehearsals to help all of us better understand and relate.

So just how much acting is involved in the world of entrepreneurship? Much more than we think!

Sneak Preview of P-Talk

We consider ourselves very blessed to be where we are as a family, person and business. Though we can lament that we are not 100x better, we should not forget that we could’ve been 100x worse off.

Thus I subscribe to the notion

Be CONTENTED where we are but it does not mean stagnation. Always PUSH and progress. Life is after all a series of progressions

We receive invites to talk regularly but unfortunately due to commitments, we are unable to say yes to many. However it is our belief that sharing is good and this we do regularly thru a variety of ways, namely online. We receive questions from all walks of entrepreneurs, established and new, including variety of industries. We talk, we discuss, we challenge each other.

This coming thursday however is an exciting time for us. We have accepted the invite from one of Malaysia’s leading learning institutions to talk to their students on matters of our industry (forklift), entrepreneurship and life. As the estimated number of attendees run into the hundreds, we are excited by the privilege of being able to impart our values and impacting the young.

13508988_1307613349272584_1728213422765651820_n (1)
A little preview of the presentation with my partner & founder of Celebrity’s Will, Stephanne

Sharing is not about boosting our ego or gaining fame. We believe in the collective building of our young people. So watch out for this blog….we will be sharing more on behind the scenes as it unfolds.