Mrs Boss

Wakakaka… wife calls me Boss. She even calls me Boss in social media. She calls me Boss so much so that other people are calling me Boss too. Well, thank you all for the encouragements.

A word about my Mrs Boss. Yes, I call her Mrs Boss too, amongst other many names. LOL.

Mrs Boss is not just my lifetime partner but also my business partner. The hocus pocus beliefs that husband and wife cannot work together? Pooh Pooh….we don’t believe it. As an individual, we do quite well but when together as a couple, we are amazing (if I do say so myself :D)

Mrs Boss of mine has lots of talent and skills. She is truly abled in many different areas. I absolutely enjoy having her as my partner in running our businesses. She challenges me intellectually, which is fantastic!

So even during an entrepreneurship talk I did yesterday, I got her involved….by interviewing her. Yes, it was fun.

Inception of Interview

So all men out there, give your men ego a break. Open up to your wife and she may just surprise you.




Life is a journey. Life is a series of problems and challenges. Life is ever evolving.


Yesterday I celebrated a new #milestone. The birth of #SparePartsAsia, a joint venture between Philippines and Malaysia, a hybrid of tech and conventional business. SparePartsAsia or more affectionately known as SPA, is a true AEC brand (ASEAN Economic Community). SPA  was conceived in the minds of her founders only late 2015 but by yesterday, 4 August 2016 she was birthed.

spa logo final-page-001
A new Asia icon is born!

Yesterday myself and Nes (one of my partners) had the privilege of introducing and presenting SPA to an awesome audience. The fact that some folks are showing interest in this brand even before our presentation is a tremendous encouragement and endorsement of our new baby.

All the hard work behind the scenes to make this dream come true has birthed this brand. Now the real harder work awaits!

Years ago, in my entrepreneurial journey, if I was told that I would be achieving a series of milestones, including this latest SPA, I would have given the person a weird look. But today, as I celebrate, I give thanks to the one who makes it possible – my Lord Jesus. By His favor and anointing, it was made possible. And to the person closest to me, my wife who saw the potential in me even before I saw it. Last but not least, to my amazing partners Nes/Jojy/Wilson, thank you for your trust and faith in me, and for the amazing teamwork we are blessed with.

So, what’s next? Keep a lookout for SPA. Asia, we are here!

Come visit us… SparePartsAsia

Gala with a Royal Touch

The excitement still resonates in my mind and heart. As always, Branding Association of Malaysia gala dinner is very much touted as the best and hottest gala of the year. On this very special evening, owners of Malaysia’s top brands come together to celebrate each other and also admission of more members into this very exclusive family.

Myself, an elected EXCO member is very much in the thick of action in all activities leading up to the gala. In addition to that am super proud that our brand #EGAN was invited not long ago and to this day, remain the first and only brand in the material handling / forklift industry. It’s historical, needless to say and an encouragement to do better for our crews, clients and industry.

This year, our Branding Association of Malaysia celebrates her 16th anniversary with a touch of royalty. Her Majesty, our beloved Queen of Majesty had consented to grace our event. Her Majesty’s presence certainly shot our excitements thru the roof.

The celebration was impeccably classy worthy of our Royal guest and more than 20 foreign dignitaries.

When owners of top brands gather in one roof, expect sparks to fly. Truly exciting to greet old friends, reflect on each others’ progress, encourage each other to another level, etc.

Well, enough for now. Will let the pics tell more  of the story… Oh hey, if you are a top Malaysian brand, you have to come join our BAM family. Memberships are by invitation only but we welcome your “hello” to find out more 😀

DIWALI Celebration with the Valirams

Friday evening coupled with rain is always a challenge to travel anywhere. Today after accompanying wifey to her press interview (this is another story), we had to drive thru massive jam to get to an amazing early DIWALI celebration hosted by the Valirams.

Was it worth the stress of travelling the massive jam? Absolutely. The Valirams definitely hosted one of the best celebrations in town. The who’s who all turned up. We were not only blessed by the celebration but also had the opportunity to connect with friends.

Food was aplenty with good flavors and variety. The experience and celebration is definitely one to remember. We salute the Valirams for their generosity and hospitality. We wish the Valiram family the happiest and most blessed of Deepavali celebrations!








I Have An Attitude

I Have An Attitude

Yeah, you heard me. I have an attitude. Bad boy am I? Far from the contrary, I have the good learner’s attitude….so I remind myself all the time.

Having an attitude is not bad. Having a bad attitude is. In my case, it is my belief that you learn from the time you take your first breath till your last.

Learning and application….that’s the actions that create magic.

Yesterday, at the invite of a friend, I attended School of Charisma. The full day session on Personal Branding was hosted by the awesome Datin Winnie Loo and Steve Wee.

Here, amongst my fellow professionals from all industries inc professional photographers, doctors, head hunters, etc, we were given a greater insight into the how’s, what’s, why’s, when’s and where’s of branding. The highly participative nature of the session made us all think. Session was especially relevant and beneficial due to the input of Datin Winnie, drawing from her wealth of experience and success in her baby A Cut Above group.

With my lifetime/biz partner Stephanne and Datin Winnie, Steve Wee
With my lifetime/biz partner Stephanne and Datin Winnie, Steve Wee

At the end of the day, all of us left with clearer ideas on branding. Importantly too was the networking and bonding amongst our peers of other industries.

We are passionate Learners With foot care expert, Dr EdmundWith professional photographers buddies

No robes or hats here this time ;-)
No robes or hats here this time 😉

For our new friends, in case you are wondering who Nicholas is, here’s who I am in point form…

My Humbling Experience

Last weekend was one of the highlights of my life without doubt. On September 27th, I received 2 awards, namely the Prestige Top40Under40 Young Achievers Award and People’s Choice Award.


The event was organised by Prestige Malaysia, in recognition of entrepreneurs below age 40 and their entrepreneurial achievements.

The entire process is as such…. The public is invited to nominate individuals who meet the qualifying criteria, after which an esteemed panel of judges will shortlist 40 deserving winners. Each of these 40 individuals will receive a Young Achievers Award trophy. From the 40, the judges will then shortlist 10 individuals to compete for 6 special awards. The 6 winners only be made known during the Gala Nite itself.

In my entrepreneurial journey thus far, never would I thought I would have been nominated, more so receiving 2 awards. Awards aside, to be successfully shortlisted amongst 39 others is a humbling experience. These folks come from various industries and are true stars in their respective field. It is also an great encouragement to me because it sends a clear signal to me that I am on the right track. My efforts and dreams though laughed at by some, is supported and applauded by even more.

These 2 awards also reminded me that I was called into the business by God. He has held my hands my good times and bad times. From every difficult circumstances, He has made me stronger and wiser. Indeed if God is with me who can be against me. Everything that is done is for His glory. It is about Him.

So in signing-off, I wish to humbly express my biggest appreciation to my Lord Jesus followed by my dearest lifetime partner aka wife. She has been my constant companion and supporter. She has walked this journey with me and I can find no better person to share it with.