Cabbie HWC 6835 on the Run

Have you seen a cab with a missing number plate? Or specifically have you seen a cab HWC 6835 with a missing number plate?

Yesterday as I was packing and ready to leave the office, one of my senior staff called and asked if anyone was still in office. When asked why, he said he received news that one of our junior staff has had an accident while making deliveries.

Upon further investigation, I found that one of my other staff was already on the way to the accident site to help our junior staff. When he was brought to our panel clinic, I went to see him. Besides bruises, he also had cuts on this legs and his left leg was in pain and he had not use of it. He was then referred to the hospital for x-rays. Thank God results show that it was only a torn tissue and no fracture.

How can anyone be so irresponsible and so coward with his acts that even though he knew he knocked into someone, he just sped away. More astonishing is that there was a police officer there but he took no action but merely told my staff to lodge a report later. So much for efficiency while on duty. If I could I would have lodged a report against the officer too.

Anyway, reports have been lodged and photos taken of the damaged bike. I trust the cab driver would have noticed his missing plate by now and wonder if he had left it at the scene of the accident. I hope he is trembling in fear in anticipation of the law that will catch up with him soon.

It is a good thing that it was only bruises and torn tissue. It could’ve so easily been a life. I hope this cab driver learns his lessons…


Acha Acha Le…. Hiding Behind Trees

I was out in the city running some errands. Thought I drop by a local petrol station to top-up my fuel.

The petrol station I went to was located at a traffic light intersection. As I was waiting for the pump to fill my car petrol tank, I noticed 4 traffic police officers. Being Malaysians, you would have guessed what I want to say.

Out of the 4, 3 of them were hiding behind some tall bushes and a car occassionally peering out to see if there are any “victims”. The one other officer was playing the role of a scout or spotter. He positioned himself near the petrol station also hiding behind a van. When there is a driver who broke the law coming near, one of them would “hop” out like a bunny rabbit to halt the driver.

Being officers of the law, catching and issuing summons to drivers who break the law is fine. The thing I find it strange and sometimes amusing is why behave like Hindustan movie stars? If I were to capture their antics on video (which I didn’t for fear of being ticked off) and insert a typical indian song, then *walla* we have a movie.

Well, what can I say. Perhaps this is what they learn in police academy – how to peek, how to peer, how to hide, etc.

Battle of the Bulge

Traffic was horrendous this morning. Literally car was crawling from home to my office.

As people always say, “Don’t rush around. Take time to smell the flowers”. Well, there were no flowers to smell but plenty of things to see. One of the very interesting sight that captured my attention was a “bulge”.  What bulge? Courtesy of our nation’s Royal Malaysian Police Force.

It was a traffic policeman manning the traffic junction. I was shocked to see his “inflated” tummy. I have seen many police officers with bulges but this is *ahem* HUGE! If I were to measure it, it will easily surpass 45inches!

Then the thought came to me – If he had to pursue a crook on feet, will he be able to run? I read in the papers long time ago that police personnels undergo fitness/health tests every year and there is a standard they have to maintain. With all these bulges around, do they actually pass the test?

Psst! Someone asked me why I did not take the picture of the officer. Don’t want la…afterwards kena saman le (english: don’t want for fear of getting summoned)

Being a police personnel must be rewarding considering the many bulges I have seen. Perhaps PDRM will care to clarify the process and guidelines for fitness and health.