Sneak Preview of P-Talk

We consider ourselves very blessed to be where we are as a family, person and business. Though we can lament that we are not 100x better, we should not forget that we could’ve been 100x worse off.

Thus I subscribe to the notion

Be CONTENTED where we are but it does not mean stagnation. Always PUSH and progress. Life is after all a series of progressions

We receive invites to talk regularly but unfortunately due to commitments, we are unable to say yes to many. However it is our belief that sharing is good and this we do regularly thru a variety of ways, namely online. We receive questions from all walks of entrepreneurs, established and new, including variety of industries. We talk, we discuss, we challenge each other.

This coming thursday however is an exciting time for us. We have accepted the invite from one of Malaysia’s leading learning institutions to talk to their students on matters of our industry (forklift), entrepreneurship and life. As the estimated number of attendees run into the hundreds, we are excited by the privilege of being able to impart our values and impacting the young.

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A little preview of the presentation with my partner & founder of Celebrity’s Will, Stephanne

Sharing is not about boosting our ego or gaining fame. We believe in the collective building of our young people. So watch out for this blog….we will be sharing more on behind the scenes as it unfolds.


Inspiring Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Myself and business partner aka wife has a great passion for business. In our early days, we love to PIONEER businesses. Life was tough and challenging but it is the overcoming of challenges that provided the utmost satisfaction. We subscribe to the notion Entrepreneurs are Overcomers 🙂 .

As the years pass, physical limitations have naturally crept in, not to mention more important priorities such as more time for loved ones. Still, the entrepreneurial blood runs in us. In our early years, we faced challenges of securing funds as well as other critical support. With this in mind, we want to be a blessing, especially to the youth. Myself and wife are strong believers in the youth – in their dreams, ideas and vision. Sometimes all they need is a little support. Therefore we set out reaching out to the youth and their new start-ups.

We are thankful that we have now an established network of friends and entrepreneurs that are helping connect to the younger aspiring entrepreneurs. We receive proposals from all places on a regular basis and also engage with them. God willing, we have a few propositions that are progressing well and may translate into successful ventures.

How about you? Are an aspiring or inspiring entrepreneur too?

Intrusion in Pavilion

Pavilion is one of renowned shopping places in Kuala Lumpur and possibly Malaysia. It is supposed to be posh, classy and safe of course.

However recently security seems to be a concern. Has anyone noticed the large crowds of youth outside and inside? There are so many of them that they resemble a mob at times. I am not referring to decent behaving youth but these groups are rowdy.

Just last weekend when I was in there, I noticed a large group of youth (many dressed like punks) hanging inside the male toilet. They were causing ruckus inside there. I can only look in shock at what what possible future these youth will have. Even the cleaner was looking at them in disbelief.

Then these group adjourned to the area outside the toilets where they supposedly waited for their girlfriends. While waiting, they were again rowdy and few of them even tried to walk into the ladies toilet.

They thought they were being funny and brave. One may ask what can I do if they had done so. There was only ‘1’ me and so many of them. Even when the security guard walked past, they just pretended not to notice them.

My question to the Pavilion management, what guarantees of security do we have?

A Good Wife is a Gem

I have been writing *ahem* blogging about different topics. I wish to make a dedication to the woman in my life – my better half!

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.

Being married is a bed of roses 🙂 refer to my previous blog. I am not the perfect man and so often we have had to overcome our “self” for the benefit of our spouse.

I am like a King in my home (I do not bully my wife – she treats me very well). When I am unwell, I am accorded the Emperor treatment 🙂 What more can a man ask for…

I remember specifically a time when she hurt her ankle and had to hobble around home with a crutch and yet she insisted on making me my favourite drink when I was home for a short few minutes on lunch time. The sight of my wife making an effort to the kitchen and making that drink is worth more than a billion bucks.

And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him an help meet for him. –Genesis 2:18

I have been blessed with a very capable woman. Some people say beautiful woman has no brains – no intelligence. My wife has proved so many people wrong – she is so versatile – entrepreneur, talented chef, creative designer, outspoken speaker, etc and above all wonderful wife. 

I have always wanted a wife who will be the better half – better than me and hey, I found her! My wife is my girlfriend, my woman, my wife, my best friend, my counsel, my intercessor.

Click here (surprise!) –> DU2CoZ7t0Dh1HH3RYg9eKg

Special advice to all the young people reading this blog,  finding the right partner in life is important. It will either elevate you in life or pull you into the pits. It does not matter if the right person has not turned up. It is better to wait than to rush into a marriage. Marriage is for life. Trust me – It will be worth the wait!

A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences  — Dave Meurer


Cash Leaks among Youth

Was thinking back about times when I was a youth myself, read some articles on youth and conversations I have had with youth.

Wrote my brief thoughts in my biz blog below:

Without a doubt, the youth of today has much spending power but at what price? Whilst many are on the right track, there are still many who are completely clueless about $$$. Their pockets/wallets are full of leaks. Self-pleasure is more important than long term benefits.

Parents are giving $$$ all time time but where is the education? Where is the awareness? They’re only giving the children “fish” but not teaching them “fishing”.

The New Workforce

Have you noticed a change in trend in our workforce, especially those in the age 19-25 bracket? The trend is not an encouraging one.

Try asking for opinions in facebook and you will receive tons of feedback – mostly negative. Observations?

  • not dependable
  • not pro-active
  • no passion
  • no responsibility

Speaking as an employer, I’ve had endless challenges with the youngsters. It seems all they want is to be overpaid and underworked. Give them some stress and challenge and they will bail out or shutdown!

The topic about young people @ work surfaced recently in one get-together session with 2 other business associates – a Senior Manager of a MNC & a senior executive in a decent sized malaysian company.

Not surprisingly, we share the same experiences. At the end of it all, we could only shake our head in disbelief. What will become of our nation if these people are the future?

I share my opinion with many friends that the root problem of it all lies in education & lifestyle:

  • they’re having life too easy & expect everything to be served to them on a silver platter
  • they have no clue about hardship
  • no education / guidance / encouragement from parents

All these has caused our young to be like “paper tigers”. They crumble at a drop of water or blown away at the slighest of wind. *sigh*

Still, all said and done, there are also the group that has been making positive strides against this negative trend with their vision, ingenuity and passion. Le’ts hope the “positive” group can be of influence to the “weak” ones.

Until things change, it will continue to be a numbers game. People come, people go, people come, people go and amongst the numbers will be a gem! *fingers crossed*