Negative Fuels the Positive

Negative Fuels the Positive

Negative….the word we all dread. Negatives like fear, unknown, change, etc. If not careful, the negatives will likely paralyze many. The negative, size of an ant hill perhaps may look like Mount Everest. But is it necessarily doom and gloom?

On the contrary, the negative is one of the most, if not most powerful fuel to push us forward. Positives are good but unlike the negatives, positives may sometimes lure us into the false comfort zone, rendering us “less passionate and driven”. BUT negatives on the other hand, will cause us to be uneasy whether in sleeping, sitting, eating, etc. Yes, yo name it. It literally haunts us day and night.

So instead of crash and burn in the pity party, #leverage on it. There is so much energy in negatives that when used right, is rocket fuel pushing us towards doing the necessary and moving forward. How do I know? I experienced it. Some of my most productive and progressive moments are during the negatives period. It will undoubtedly be super uncomfortable but hey, we are supposed to be uncomfortable.

So, here are the tips on how to overcome and leverage on your negatives…

  1. Recognize your negative, e.g. fear, change, etc.
  2. Recognize the negative will only control you if you allow it to
  3. Identify the root cause of the negative
  4. Identify the remedy – overcome your negative with a positive act
  5. Continue to leverage on your negative to push you forward until you have crossed the hurdle

So my friends, stay strong. Be a man and woman of capacity.


Don’t Lose the Groove

Don’t Lose the Groove

Grooooooovy! Yeah, I enjoyed an excellent productive period when I was in the groove. Months passed….and unexpectedly (or ignorantly), I hit a speed bump mentally and physically.

I supposed I may have forgotten to go for my pit stops during my “groovy” period and coupled with some unexpected circumstances, that contributed to my speed bump. Losing my groove was tough. Lost my jive, creativity, energy, etc etc etc. Sigh!

Being the stubborn (sometimes) person that I am, well, I guess it took this “bump” to slow me down and go for my pit stop….a slightly longer one than anticipated. Being on such a high tempo for so many months consecutively, it took quite a big effort to just chill. Managing this down time was a real challenge and I had to learn to live with it.

The early days was ok…then it followed up with frustrations and restlessness. For you high performance folks out there, you would understand. Still my mind and body was having none of my attitude! It’s almost my mind and body telling me to go ahead with whatever I want to do, just leave them out of it. Oh oh 😦

No point being rebellious about it, so just embrace the down time and manage myself better. At least I do not add on to the frustration. Wakakaka. And learn to laugh while I am at it 😀

Few days ago, I thot I was recovering and was ready to drive out of the pit stop at top speed….then my engine stuttered. Arrrrrgh! Back to the pit stop. More waiting and down time. Tick tock tick tock! Reminding myself at all times to smile, laugh, rest, etc.

Today am feeling the signal that am ready to leave the pit stop. This time, am being wiser. Gonna leave the pit stop casually before gradually increase speed and momentum. So far so good…..easy does it 😀

See ya’all soon at F1 race track aka life!



Wall *Whack*

Wall *Whack*

Conviction has driven me the past many months, accomplishing much to my surprise and satisfaction. Am most grateful for the breakthroughs. However, I have come to a realization that it is not possible for a human being, machines included to be performing at max level without needing a break or “service” period.

Of late I feel like my machine aka mind and body has hit a wall! Yes, wham! As much as I tried to push on….kinda like driving over a road hump, it is not possible. I hit a wall! All circumstances accumulated, biz and personal has had my mind and body shout “enough!”

So what are my options now?


So am listening to my mind and body. Taking things easy. Not gonna put too much stress or pressure on myself. Just gonna go for a stroll, not stop completely, but a stroll. Once the break or service period is over, will be able to go full speed ahead again.

Sometimes we are too ignorant of our body and mind that we stubbornly push on…..until we breakdown. The consequences can be bad… So wisdom dictates we be exercise common sense and pace ourselves until we are ready to fly again.

As someone famous once said, I will be back 😀

TUNNEL Vision. TUNNEL Emotion

TUNNEL Vision. TUNNEL Emotion

Had experience on numerous occasions speaking to tunnel vision people. Frusrating it may be, but bearable. BUT when it comes to tunnel emotion people….well, let’s just say even one time is once too many.

Tunnel emotion people are simply too emotionally narrow, limited, easily offended. All they tend to see or feel is negativity. They are not able to comprehend the fact that even a coin has 2 sides and do not bother to try to understand the other side of the story.

For one to grow and mature emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even as an employer/employee, we cannot afford to have tunnel vision, especially tunnel emotions. It is a tremendous baggage that will hold us back….perhaps make a few enemies (not by others but us making enemies of others).

Life offers us choices. If we are given the freedom to choose, why can’t we choose wisely? The answer is obvious. Taking the path of “I am like that” is just a lazy excuse.

So guys and gals, life is short. Let’s not make excuses not to be a better person. Choose to be the better person!

I Said NO

I Said NO

The world is full of temptations. What are some of the biggest temptations for an entrepreneur?  I would have to say success, recognition, fame, money, etc. How many actually look beyond these? Why are these so important? Does the reason go beyond “self”?

Anyway, am not talking about these today. Exercising caution and being careful not to tread on anyone’s toes….one of the most important word an entrepreneur has to learn is #NO. We tend to immediately embrace anything that will inflate our ego. Nothing wrong with that right….or is there. This very much depends on the values we carry.

Heard of the adage “Less Is More”?

As of now I am literally at the crossroad….do I want to spell out precisely my thoughts and risk offending some people?

Let’s see if I can rephrase my words…. If someone is to offer you something in return for money though it’s “packaged” otherwise, would you accept? In other words, you are actually receiving it because you paid. Yet you go into the world proclaiming that it was not paid. Does that jive with your values or is it conflicting?

In my opinion, the world (except the minority) would not know the truth and thus you can continue dancing and basking in  glory. Yet the most important person knows…..who? YOU! Yes you/me know the truth. Are we cheating ourselves by believing in a lie?

I have been put in this situation time and time again. Each time without fail I have rejected them all….simply because it conflicts with my values. Recently I find myself such a situation again. This time the offer came from the top echelons of society. Wauzers! I never thot this would come from them. Because of the status of this person, nobody would ever question the validity (they know the truth in silence). Talk about strong temptations.

Well, after an evening of consideration, prayers and seeking the counsel of trusted friends I said NO! I turned the offer down. No doubt some folks may call me a fool but better a truthful fool than a lying glory.

As I prayed, am reminded of men whom God has sent my way…..who has shown me that their success and everything else needs no validation from anyone. They are super rich, super successful and yet remain completely anonymous. That’s to be respected.

Punching Bag

Punching Bag

Most of us have experienced being a punching bag at least once in our lifetime. Punching bag in this aspect is not referring to physical but mental and emotional. Yes, the punches received vary in length, intensity and variety.

How does it feel like to be a punching bag? Our bruises are not physically visible but the damages can be more severe than being punched physically and more long lasting too.

One may ask…”why do I or why am I willing to be a punching bag?”. I certainly hope that none of us is the one that inflicts pain on others. Who exactly are the culprits that so love to inflict these pain, be it consciously or subconsciously. If you communicate with them, most of the time you will find that they have overwhelming excuses or reasons to do so. But is it necessary? Not at all.

To the victims, stay strong. First step is recognise that you are being made a punching bag. Secondly, ask yourself why. Thirdly, make a stand for yourself…it is perfectly acceptable to defend yourself. Nobody can be punching bag forever right? Do not wait and hang on for dear life till one day you snap. The reaction generated here can bear far worse consequences for all parties.

To the puncher….STOP! There is no excuses or reasons strong enough to justify your actions

To the victim…STOP! You do not need to live a life of defeat and intimidation.

I Am a Daydreamer 

Some folks perceive daydreaming to be negative, others positive. What about you?

Well, am unashamed to admit that I am a daydreamer. Nothing wrong about it. Daydreaming is actually quite good to the body and spirit. Analyse this…..when we daydream, we are transported into a world that is safe, full of possibilities, we are in position of strength, etc etc etc.

The positives in our daydreaming is a stres buster and spirit lifter. When we return to the real world, it is not an anti climax but we outta bring with us the positives and leverage on it to boost our mind and emotions. The wise one else said, if the mind can dream it, it can become a reality. So let us approach it with the question HOW to achieve our dreams, not IF we can achieve it.

For myself, when I am in distraught, I will enter into daydreaming. I draw strength from the dreams and visions and use it to give myself a leap in the real world. 

So the next time you daydream, don’t criticise yourself over it. Be glad that you can still daydream. 

Enjoy your dreams my good readers….