Fine dining. Mention it to people and most of them will think of posh restaurants and professional chefs. Basically it means you have to eat out if you want fine dining, the whole works……plating, flavors, etc.

Well, there are always exceptions in this world. My home is a perfect example. My wifey (guess you can sense this is written by a proud hubby) is a good cook. She’s been labelled as the LOVE CHEF by friends and suggestions from all around to setup a restaurant.

Oh ya, Stevaunne’s Menu……..this is a collection of all of her recipes. I will share some of her creations in later posts but this short post is about recent interview by a renowned local media aka TheStar. They heard of her wonderful recipes and wanted to know more. After understanding Stevaunne’s Menu better, they decided to feature her and of course her food.

Look! The LOVE Chef being cheeky photobombing the professional photographer
Look! The LOVE Chef being cheeky photobombing the professional photographer
The 2nd course being captured
The 2nd course being captured
Successfully completed the 3 course meal, featuring her selected 3 special recipes. Time to pose for the camera
Successfully completed the 3 course meal, featuring her selected 3 special recipes. Time to pose for the camera

The entire experience was priceless. It is not everyday a home cook…..herein my home referred to as home chef gets featured in a renowned media. More so, not every home serves food the fine dining standard in every aspect — flavors, presentation, etc. By the way, did I mention that she’s self trained? Yes she is.

So you will pardon me for sounding a little boastful of my wife. She absolutely deserves it. Thus far the reviews have been great all around, including families and friends for those who had the opportunity to taste her Stevaunne’s Menu


Inspiring Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Myself and business partner aka wife has a great passion for business. In our early days, we love to PIONEER businesses. Life was tough and challenging but it is the overcoming of challenges that provided the utmost satisfaction. We subscribe to the notion Entrepreneurs are Overcomers 🙂 .

As the years pass, physical limitations have naturally crept in, not to mention more important priorities such as more time for loved ones. Still, the entrepreneurial blood runs in us. In our early years, we faced challenges of securing funds as well as other critical support. With this in mind, we want to be a blessing, especially to the youth. Myself and wife are strong believers in the youth – in their dreams, ideas and vision. Sometimes all they need is a little support. Therefore we set out reaching out to the youth and their new start-ups.

We are thankful that we have now an established network of friends and entrepreneurs that are helping connect to the younger aspiring entrepreneurs. We receive proposals from all places on a regular basis and also engage with them. God willing, we have a few propositions that are progressing well and may translate into successful ventures.

How about you? Are an aspiring or inspiring entrepreneur too?

Which Cup of Coffee or Tea?

Morning wonderful people. Nah, this posting is not about food. Yes, I had wanted to continue writing about our recent holiday trip but just felt a need to interject it with this thought. So here we go….

Myself and business partner, coincidentally also my lifetime partner is always on the lookout for business opportunities. In recent years we have broadcast our intention to many of our networks. As such we receive business proposals on a regular basis.

In our recent holiday up north, I was particularly motivated to start a business there. After all, a wise man once told me that if you like that place very much and wish to visit it often then why not begin a business there. That would give you a good reason to travel there often.

In the midst of my holiday, I broadcasted my thoughts amongst my network of and lo & behold, I received quite a number of suggestions and proposals, of which a few are quite attractive. So here I am sharing this as I ponder and discuss in more detail with the respective individuals.

There are no guarantees that any of these discussions will bear any fruits but am always a positive person. At least we give it a go and see where God leads.

Ok, I am done. Now back to my omelette breakfast and flat white coffee.

Blessed weekend ya’all…

Big Boys Toys

Cars have always been a passion though I do not buy every other car I come across *sigh of relief*. I however did buy every other matchbox cars in my younger years. So you can imagine my reaction when I saw the “car” below when I was casually strolling in one of our local shopping malls….

Imagine my reaction when I saw this “blue” Troy-alike car in front of me. Needless to say, I went a little “ga-ga” and started snapping pics. It was even more fun as my wife shared thre same passion. We were like small kids going oooh….aaaah…. snap snap. In case you’re wondering what car this is? Look below

Range Rover Evoque

Mind you, Range Rover has always been on my “dream car” shortlist. Of course there is there lower range Land Rover, i.e. Freelander which in my opinon is quite cool too.

There was a team of salespeople there but they all seem too laidback to approach anybody to promote and perhaps get sales? I would be a good prospect. Perhaps they wanted me to save my money? I might have bought the car if they had talked to me (or maybe not since my wife was there… :p)

Coming back to the blue “Troy-like” car, it is basically a very clever lump of steel bars cleverly twisted and bent into the shape of the Evoque, well supported by the blue lights. Mmmmm…this car will indeed make it into the shortlist of most guys.

Go check it out at the Gardens! Bring your good camera. Too bad I only had my entry level Sony Ericsson Xperia mini X-10 phone to take the pics.