Swimming Among Sharks

Being in the marketplace, I’ve encountered countless number of characters. Most are nice and fair but there are those I will not be ashamed to label them sharks.

Strong words? Not if you had encountered them in my shoes. Why do I call them sharks??? Here’s why…

  • They think only of themselves
  • Only one party may benefit — them!
  • It is a one way communication, I.e. They talk, you obey
  • They have no consideration or respect for other people

It is my natural instinct to stay away from these people. Hey, won’t you stay away from sharks too? Unfortunately for some, their true colors are not revealed till a much later date.

While we can never entirely avoid encountering this species, we can do much  to protect ourselves, e.g. Learn their character and/or learn to manage them.

Here’s a toast to all of us — I wish all of us will have the wisdom and patience to deal with them instead of wanting to strangle or stab them. Peace to all mankind 🙂


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