Mrs Boss

Wakakaka… wife calls me Boss. She even calls me Boss in social media. She calls me Boss so much so that other people are calling me Boss too. Well, thank you all for the encouragements.

A word about my Mrs Boss. Yes, I call her Mrs Boss too, amongst other many names. LOL.

Mrs Boss is not just my lifetime partner but also my business partner. The hocus pocus beliefs that husband and wife cannot work together? Pooh Pooh….we don’t believe it. As an individual, we do quite well but when together as a couple, we are amazing (if I do say so myself :D)

Mrs Boss of mine has lots of talent and skills. She is truly abled in many different areas. I absolutely enjoy having her as my partner in running our businesses. She challenges me intellectually, which is fantastic!

So even during an entrepreneurship talk I did yesterday, I got her involved….by interviewing her. Yes, it was fun.

Inception of Interview

So all men out there, give your men ego a break. Open up to your wife and she may just surprise you.


A Good Wife is a Gem

I have been writing *ahem* blogging about different topics. I wish to make a dedication to the woman in my life – my better half!

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.

Being married is a bed of roses 🙂 refer to my previous blog. I am not the perfect man and so often we have had to overcome our “self” for the benefit of our spouse.

I am like a King in my home (I do not bully my wife – she treats me very well). When I am unwell, I am accorded the Emperor treatment 🙂 What more can a man ask for…

I remember specifically a time when she hurt her ankle and had to hobble around home with a crutch and yet she insisted on making me my favourite drink when I was home for a short few minutes on lunch time. The sight of my wife making an effort to the kitchen and making that drink is worth more than a billion bucks.

And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him an help meet for him. –Genesis 2:18

I have been blessed with a very capable woman. Some people say beautiful woman has no brains – no intelligence. My wife has proved so many people wrong – she is so versatile – entrepreneur, talented chef, creative designer, outspoken speaker, etc and above all wonderful wife. 

I have always wanted a wife who will be the better half – better than me and hey, I found her! My wife is my girlfriend, my woman, my wife, my best friend, my counsel, my intercessor.

Click here (surprise!) –> DU2CoZ7t0Dh1HH3RYg9eKg

Special advice to all the young people reading this blog,  finding the right partner in life is important. It will either elevate you in life or pull you into the pits. It does not matter if the right person has not turned up. It is better to wait than to rush into a marriage. Marriage is for life. Trust me – It will be worth the wait!

A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences  — Dave Meurer


Breakfast Delights…

I am so excited to share the wonderful pics of my wife’s food creations….

Today I did not have my breakfast at home and I already miss it. Sorry folks, current technology is not advanced enough for me to attach the flavors/smell else you will get a real kick out of it. Beautiful food pic accompanied by smell…mmmmmm.

There has been many calls for my home Masterchef to open a restaurant. Am so pleased that her food is receiving such a warm response.

If you’re hungry and not had your breakfast, brace yourself to be hungrier after you see the pics below. If you’re not hungry yet, then you will be 😉

What thou art shall I eat?

Are you a food lover? I will not consider myself a food critic but am appreciative of good food nonetheless.

I am blessed to be able to enjoy delightful cuisine at home and not to have to depend on outside food. All credit goes to my wife, the Iron Chef and Masterchef in our home.

Today I share with you a few of my wife’s delightful drinks and dessert and more in the coming days…

Every now and then, be it while I am doing my work or watching football/soccer or reading the newspapers/books, etc., I will be surprised by my wife serving her creative drinks/desserts. What can I say? I am blessed indeed.

Of course the drinks/desserts always cheer me and refreshes me.

Life is good!


I feel sorry to see my wife confined at home for the past 2-3 months. She was a very mobile and dynamic lady.  Her business was on the upswing too. That makes the “staying home” even more challenging.

The fracture on her left ankle left us no choice but for her to rest her ankle. Personally, I have been frustrated and bored and that with me still being able to leave home to work. What about my wife?

I wish I can do more for her but with the ankle not recovered yet, our choices are limited.

Everyday we pray that she is healed so that her life can resume to normal.

God bless you Dear… ♥