INVEST in Business or Idea

INVEST in Business or Idea

As a serial entrepreneur, I started exploring investments into businesses a short few years ago. Back then my focus was towards the startup setups mainly because of

  1. Our love for pioneering businesses
  2. A way for us to give back to the youth community (funds, experience, network)

Fast forward to December 2016, looking back, we were definitely close to investing in a few startups, in a host of industries…. shoes, fashion, medicine, IT, ecommerce, etc. BUT why have we not thus far?

Few issues come to mind…

  • Fund management
  • Character of the founders/team
  • Sustainability & Scalability // Limited vision

Too often, many operate on a fairy tale basis….all’s well and will continue to be well. A best case assumption is unrealistic. How about a worst case scenario too? Not pleasant to think about but necessary.

Today, we continue to receive invites and pitches countries across the globe and of variety of industries. As investors, we have ourselves matured too. The investments we have made are more matured businesses. Yes, businesses, not ideas. These businesses are at the early stage, primed for growth.

The difference is, these founders/owners have gone thru the heat and is realistic in their approach to business. Investing in a business costs significant higher compared to a startup but the risks are lower. Investments are not just ROI but also risk management. For us, RISK management is priority. Can a startup be likewise? Absolutely!

Many have asked what is it that we are expecting…

  • Character
  • Brave & Creative but a Realist
  • Some appreciation for our funds e.g. utilization
  • Business Model
  • Team is super duper prepared!!!

So, while we have invested in businesses, we are still waiting for the right startup to come knock on our doors. Don’t paint us an ideal picture. Show us the REAL picture.


NickG, The Judge

Judge Dredd…..hahaha, not me. Was privileged to be invited to be a judge by one of Malaysia’s fastest rising learning institution Portman College. The event organized by their Millionaire Business School (by students for students). The entire event encompasses a talk by renowned speakers followed by business pitching session.

This business pitching session is no small feat. They are the shortlisted top 4 groups by their peers to present to us, the invited judges. The judges are seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. Oh yes, no small feat. Because the average age group amongst the 4 is only 18-19 years old.

Their presentation was impressive, complete with financials and everything. It’s almost what you would expect from much more experienced folks. Looking at their business ideas  (psssst: some of them are already in business, with traction) and their presentation, I shiver to imagine how excellent they will be in a few years time.

My salute to all 4 groups. They are all winners in my book. I count it my privilege to be invited to be a part of this process. So the next time you give yourself excuses of being too young or inexperienced, THINK AGAIN!


Which Cup of Coffee or Tea?

Morning wonderful people. Nah, this posting is not about food. Yes, I had wanted to continue writing about our recent holiday trip but just felt a need to interject it with this thought. So here we go….

Myself and business partner, coincidentally also my lifetime partner is always on the lookout for business opportunities. In recent years we have broadcast our intention to many of our networks. As such we receive business proposals on a regular basis.

In our recent holiday up north, I was particularly motivated to start a business there. After all, a wise man once told me that if you like that place very much and wish to visit it often then why not begin a business there. That would give you a good reason to travel there often.

In the midst of my holiday, I broadcasted my thoughts amongst my network of and lo & behold, I received quite a number of suggestions and proposals, of which a few are quite attractive. So here I am sharing this as I ponder and discuss in more detail with the respective individuals.

There are no guarantees that any of these discussions will bear any fruits but am always a positive person. At least we give it a go and see where God leads.

Ok, I am done. Now back to my omelette breakfast and flat white coffee.

Blessed weekend ya’all…

BIG Head

Mmm…feeling my head to see if it is getting bigger. Don’t misunderstand me. Don’t mean am big-headed cause of arrogance.

Been attending a workshop this weekend (2 days). So much information uploaded into my brains and along it – ideas, plans, etc. It’s been a while since I had so much uploaded into my head.

Was so excited yesterday after the session that went home, had dinner and immediately did some personal research. Not a very good idea cause when I went to bed, I couldn’t sleep 😦 too much brain activity.

Well, at least the “slight” fatigue and sleepless night yesterday was for a good cause. Now have to sort out all the knowledge, ideas, plans in my brain…