Thru The Eyes of An Architect

Thru The Eyes of An Architect

Putrajaya…..a mammoth and iconic project to all Malaysians. Our capital administration. So how long does it take to conceptualize such a massive project? 10 MINUTES! Yes, only 10 minutes. Only those with the most brilliant of minds and vision can do this.

I count it a blessing to personally know this man and also be considered a friend to him. It’s none other than Kun Lim. He is much sought after all over the world and of course, his works are all over the world.

As Kun Lim is much sought after and with limited time, he cannot be here in Malaysia too often (by the way, he officially resides in Seattle, USA). But my heartfelt appreciation to him that we try to meet each time he returns home (KL).

This evening, Kun Lim is in PKT Logisics, one of his awesome creations. Is a private evening together with Senator Chong Sin Woon and few other amazing individuals, including Dato Michael Tio, CEO of PKT Logistics Group (our adopted boss….hehe…that’s another amazing story)

The most precious time with brilliant individuals is listening to them – understanding their thoughts, their motivations. In my opinion, brilliant individuals are…

  • They see everything with clarity
  • They are humble
  • Excellent EQ
  • Generous in sharing

The best thing to do in the presence of brilliant talents is to “LISTEN” or “ASK questions”.

Kun Lim, welcome home for this 2 weeks and it’s always great to see you.


Entrepreneur of Vision & Faith

Entrepreneur of Vision & Faith

Note: This story is exclusive for Celebrity’s Will and posted with permission from Dato CC Ngei.

All SUCCESS STORIES are written by Stephanne Foong, +0122189316.

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Sneak Preview of P-Talk

We consider ourselves very blessed to be where we are as a family, person and business. Though we can lament that we are not 100x better, we should not forget that we could’ve been 100x worse off.

Thus I subscribe to the notion

Be CONTENTED where we are but it does not mean stagnation. Always PUSH and progress. Life is after all a series of progressions

We receive invites to talk regularly but unfortunately due to commitments, we are unable to say yes to many. However it is our belief that sharing is good and this we do regularly thru a variety of ways, namely online. We receive questions from all walks of entrepreneurs, established and new, including variety of industries. We talk, we discuss, we challenge each other.

This coming thursday however is an exciting time for us. We have accepted the invite from one of Malaysia’s leading learning institutions to talk to their students on matters of our industry (forklift), entrepreneurship and life. As the estimated number of attendees run into the hundreds, we are excited by the privilege of being able to impart our values and impacting the young.

13508988_1307613349272584_1728213422765651820_n (1)
A little preview of the presentation with my partner & founder of Celebrity’s Will, Stephanne

Sharing is not about boosting our ego or gaining fame. We believe in the collective building of our young people. So watch out for this blog….we will be sharing more on behind the scenes as it unfolds.


Mikshake it is not. Today I had the privilege to be interviewed by 2 amazing young people, who incidentally are the founders of a startup too.

This interview was interesting for 3 reasons:

  1. The interview was done via SKYPE as interviewers are in Philippines while I am in Malaysia
  2. Interview was a story for a media called Techshake, based in Philippines. Techshake specializes in searching out good startups in the South East Asia region and featuring them
  3. Am experienced being interviewed for an established business but this is the first (fingers crossed more to come) as the owner of a startup
Millionaire Dollar smiles. Great attitudes

The interview was overall very light hearted but serious sharings, covering topics ranging from

  • Stories about our new startup SparePartsAsia aka SPA
  • Why SPA
  • Experience as an entreprenur
  • Challenges and Failures
  • Advice to new entrepreneurs
  • Special rituals as an enrepreneur
  • etc etc etc

As the saying goes, when you are enjoying yourself, time flies. The entire interview took a little more than 50minutes but was indeed a productive time spent.

I wish Fatima and Paolo the very best in their entrepreneurship journey. If you cannot remember anything about our conversation, just remember this #CHARACTER. Build a character that would enhance your success and more importantly contain your success.

I Have An Attitude

I Have An Attitude

Yeah, you heard me. I have an attitude. Bad boy am I? Far from the contrary, I have the good learner’s attitude….so I remind myself all the time.

Having an attitude is not bad. Having a bad attitude is. In my case, it is my belief that you learn from the time you take your first breath till your last.

Learning and application….that’s the actions that create magic.

Yesterday, at the invite of a friend, I attended School of Charisma. The full day session on Personal Branding was hosted by the awesome Datin Winnie Loo and Steve Wee.

Here, amongst my fellow professionals from all industries inc professional photographers, doctors, head hunters, etc, we were given a greater insight into the how’s, what’s, why’s, when’s and where’s of branding. The highly participative nature of the session made us all think. Session was especially relevant and beneficial due to the input of Datin Winnie, drawing from her wealth of experience and success in her baby A Cut Above group.

With my lifetime/biz partner Stephanne and Datin Winnie, Steve Wee
With my lifetime/biz partner Stephanne and Datin Winnie, Steve Wee

At the end of the day, all of us left with clearer ideas on branding. Importantly too was the networking and bonding amongst our peers of other industries.

We are passionate Learners With foot care expert, Dr EdmundWith professional photographers buddies

No robes or hats here this time ;-)
No robes or hats here this time 😉

For our new friends, in case you are wondering who Nicholas is, here’s who I am in point form…