Shopping in Sauna

This is the season to be jolly. No, we are still months away from Christmas. Rather it is now the season to have lighter pockets courtesy of SALES season! All ladies can jump for joy!

Haha…our shopping adventure started last weekend. Wow, the crowd in the malls are large! So many people spending so much money. Who says economy is bad eh?

Anyway, shopping experience in Malaysia can be quite dramatic. Here’s our encounters last week:

Sales people – seem really tired already or rather sick of the idea of sales. Maybe sales means more people and therefore more work? No wonder some of them seem uninterested to help or cannot even find the energy to smile.

Sauna – how about losing some weight while shopping? No doubt with all the walking and carrying (bags of joyful shopping items), one can possibly lose weight. Then again there are retail outlets that offer free sauna. Yesterday, was in one of the outlets whom incidentally installed so many spotlights. Wow! The outlet is bright! I need to wear my shades. As soon as I step into the place, I can literally feel the warmth (not of service but of the light). After 10 minutes in there, I can feel my sweat trickling down my neck and back. Why in the world do they need so many spotlights? It is so bright that even the blind. I guess maybe it’s called value-add. Lose  weight while you shop 🙂

Well, I definitely felt lighter after the shopping. Felt lighter in my pockets and also my body. I suspect my biceps have also grown? hahaha.

To all of you shopaholics out there, Happy Shopping. On behalf of our government, thank you for your contribution to our economy. And to the retail outlets, can you perhaps cool down the place? Our wallets are already smoking. We do not be smoking physically ourselves.


Chinese New Year Shopping Spreeeeeee

Hold on to your horses. This is not a terrorist threat. Am just expressing myself on the “expenses” during the CNY festive season. Am sure many of you will concur with me that the impact is nothing lesser than a BOMB! 😦

So where did you folks shop for your CNY decorations? Chinatown aka Petaling Street seems a logical choice every year but more and more shopping complexes are offering better variety at almost equal price.

As usual, we went here and there in search of “great” deco items. Needless to say, some costs *ahem* a hand and leg.

Nonetheless, I guess what is the fun of being a stooge during a festive season like this eh? So long as we don’t get into debt then should be acceptable.

Here’s some pictures that we took during the course of our shopping spree…  :p

Consumers – Which ‘1’ are U?

Consumers. Know this word? We are all consumers, one way or other. What kind of consumer are you?

My wife is not a consumer activist but she is definitely without a doubt an informed and wise consumer. How many of us have uttered the word below after we found out we’ve been shortchanged by a product or service?

No Offense folks...

Once upon a time, I used to misunderstand my dear wife thinking she was too uptight and serious about her rights. Thinking back, I now realize that I have been shortchanged quite significantly (cumulatively).

Unfortunately, not everybody soul in this world is honest. People will cut corners as and when they can. Products/Services sold are faulty or of inferior quality than those promised. If all of us are to keep quiet, what we are doing is to encourage these people to continue with such practises – which all of us do not condone. People who cut corners are selfish and haev limited vision.
My wife being a informed and wise consumer will also insist what was promised – no more, no less. Of course if the people are generous and offer more, then Good for them. Am sure people will appreciate the gesture and their reputation will grow, ultimately resulting in more business.
Let us all be better consumers. Justice to all consumers.


Christmas is around the corner…Yeah

It’s the time of the year to exercise our wallets and hand/leg muscles 🙂

Ahoy all Husbands….did  you sense/feel the following symptoms?

Stronger arms

Stronger legs

Lighter wallet / pockets

Congratulations. You’re officially in the festivities and also helping to stimulate our country’s economy.

This is the season to rejoice amidst lighter wallets :p but hey, we walk better with lighter wallets yes? After all the burden is lighter now 🙂




So what have you or rather your wife bought recently? Have walked walked the total length of a marathon (within vary shopping complexes)? Have you been lifting weights (all the shopping harvest)?

Guys, if we’re going to do it, let’s do it happily. Bless your wife and household. He who loves his wife loves himself…as quoted by Jesus. the way, am curious if we have Shopaholics Anonymous in Malaysia 😛