Negative Fuels the Positive

Negative Fuels the Positive

Negative….the word we all dread. Negatives like fear, unknown, change, etc. If not careful, the negatives will likely paralyze many. The negative, size of an ant hill perhaps may look like Mount Everest. But is it necessarily doom and gloom?

On the contrary, the negative is one of the most, if not most powerful fuel to push us forward. Positives are good but unlike the negatives, positives may sometimes lure us into the false comfort zone, rendering us “less passionate and driven”. BUT negatives on the other hand, will cause us to be uneasy whether in sleeping, sitting, eating, etc. Yes, yo name it. It literally haunts us day and night.

So instead of crash and burn in the pity party, #leverage on it. There is so much energy in negatives that when used right, is rocket fuel pushing us towards doing the necessary and moving forward. How do I know? I experienced it. Some of my most productive and progressive moments are during the negatives period. It will undoubtedly be super uncomfortable but hey, we are supposed to be uncomfortable.

So, here are the tips on how to overcome and leverage on your negatives…

  1. Recognize your negative, e.g. fear, change, etc.
  2. Recognize the negative will only control you if you allow it to
  3. Identify the root cause of the negative
  4. Identify the remedy – overcome your negative with a positive act
  5. Continue to leverage on your negative to push you forward until you have crossed the hurdle

So my friends, stay strong. Be a man and woman of capacity.




“I am a person who loves pressures and challenges. I live for it. I thrive in it”.

In my chinese hokkien dialect, I ask “are you sure bo?” Let’s just say from experience, I have lost count the number of times I receive this claim. And what is the success rate? Less than 1%. Sad ain’t it? Definitely justifies the adage “Talk is cheap. Doing is different”

Rather, it is the silent ones, those that do not make such proud declarations that are more steadfast and resilient. As such when someone makes proud declarations as those above, the alarm in my head goes haywire.

Life is a serious of challenges and problems. In order to grow and be successful, we have to learn to master challenges, pressures and problems. Let’s begin with the following realizations…

  1. We will never be free from pressures/challenges/problems
  2. Running away is NEVER an option. Embrace and learn
  3. We are never as weak as we think
  4. We are stronger and have a much larger capacity than we think

Think of a balloon. It looks flat and flimsy in it’s natural form. Blow into it…see it grow…see it stretch. As it expands, your mind will continually imagine it bursting…but it does not right? It seems to always expand bigger than you expect.

There you go. You are actually a BIG capacity person. Be stretched regularly and soon you will find that your capacity grows even bigger.

Remember…. #CrankItUp

Speck of Dust

Speck of Dust

Am not touching on the topic of pollution. Rather the impact of a speck of dust on a positive and negative person.

What would you do if there is a speck of dust in your eyes? Would you freak out? Would you mind be filled with thoughts that you are going to be blind, that the world is coming to an end, that no relationships or people are trustworthy, etc? Would you make that speck of dust to be higher than Mount Everest and deeper than the deeper sea?

Sadly, the world has it’s fair share of people who over-glorify a speck of dust. Their world is often turned upside down by it and often the negative impact affects the people around these individuals too.

Here’s my thoughts….it is time to wake up! A speck of dust is but a speck of dust. It is not a truckload or sea deep or mountain high amount of dust. It is in fact so small that you could easily blow it away in a jiffy. Your life need not be an emotional roller coaster ride because of it.

If you go around looking for a speck of dust, you will find it or over-glorify a speck of dust, your life will be turned chaotic….for yourself and loved ones.

Let your life not be derailed by a speck of dust. Control your life. Control your mind and emotions. Look for the positive, the good and beautiful.

Speck of Dust