BOSCH ….. what’s up thus far?

Seems that our issue with Bosch has attracted quite significant interest from many readers. It is so prominent that some of you (who knows us well) actually called to ask for updates.

Well, we were definitely quite upset with the whole issue. Looking at the issue, if the people in Bosch Malaysia had been more open and responsive, the issue would have been resolved easier and faster. As in any communication, it has gotta to be 2-ways else what is the point ya?

Anyway, we were both very upset that we decided to shelve the issue aside for a few days. Late last week, my wife in her wisdom had the idea to go to God in prayer for this matter. Well, God did say to depend on him 100% and in every circumstance.

Unsurprisingly, God gave my wife a message and as we remain obedient to His word and direction, He will surely help us. We prayed as the way He led us to and then sat quietly for Him to “work”.

What happened next is amazing.

Today Bosch Malaysia called. They sounded completely different. While they were adamant that we follow their way, today they sounded very apologetic. They requested to meet us to discuss the matter to find a resolution. In fact they mentioned they are willing to listen and help.

What can I say? Our Lord never fails.

We are looking forward to meet the representatives from Bosch Malaysia and closing the case.


BOSCH…the Saga Continues

Bosch is now a very well remembered and known name in my family, relatives and close friends – all for the wrong reasons.  For the past week or so, there had been no communications between Bosch Malaysia and ourselves. It is very obvious that they are not interested in solving the problem. As a matter a fact, from the day one of communication, they had displayed a distinct lack of interest to listen, understand or respond.

Bosch Malaysia is definitely more interested in us buying their products but not returning to them should faults appear. It’s kinda I want your money but not any problems.

Not surprisingly the regional office in Singapore and the headquarters are also of the same attitude. Nobody bothers to reply nor offers any help.

The top guy in Bosch Malaysia himself ain’t of much help either. He would not even speak to us over the phone. The only media he uses to communicate with us is via email or through the staff. I guess he, being the top guy, will not lead by example and is too high & mighty to speak to normal consumers like us. I wonder if he would have responded differently if I had some fancy title in front of my name or am the CEO of a listed company….

As one of our readers rightly pointed out, the issue is not with the product as we believe the products are still of good quality (with exception to my dryer machine) but the HR. The people in Bosch Malaysia’s attitude towards customer service and problem solving does not commensurate with the brand and cost of their products.  Their attitude is “my way or the highway”.

At a time like this when the people are more aware of their consumer rights, a corporate with this attitude is being suicidal and may be experiencing a slow death.

BOSCH Exploits Consumers

Have you ever being exploited by a service provider or product supplier? Did you do anything about it? Perhaps the easiest way out is to accept whatever they offer to us and then sweep it under the carpet. No doubt that may be the easier way out but it is definitely not the right way.

By keeping quiet and not fighting for our rights, we are simply condoning the corporate of their wrongdoing. They are exploiting users and customers like us.

We are not confrontational people but we strongly believe in our rights. We have the right to a reliable product and service, especially if we paid for it.

In the beginning, when we were looking for a dryer and washing machine for our new home. We already had in mind an Italian brand that our families have been using for many years without problems. Even when service was required, the service rendered was excellent.

While we were looking for the machines, we came across BOSCH! Bosch, as we heard, was supposed to be an even better brand than the one we had in mind. Therefore, after much consideration, we placed our trust in the brand BOSCH and bought both washing machine and dryer.

It will be a decision that we will come to regret as both the quality of the product and service was and continues to be very poor. Our dryer after using it for a short period of time started giving problems. Mind you, our home consists of only myself and wife and we only do our laundry on average once a week with a maximum of twice a week. Even then most of our clothes are handwashed. Our washing machine and dryer is very much underused.

The BOSCH dryer when turned on, will not work immediately. We had to wait anywhere from 10-20minutes before it will work. The most recent incident had us waiting for an hour! The technicians had come a few times to repair and each time the problem recurs. During this warranty period we had continuously requested for a replacement machine. We were ignored and given the reason that “the problem will be resolved after this”.

Well, call it dumb or trusting, we believed them. Well, the problem is still here. Now when we call them for repairs, they are wanting to charge us sky-high fees for the parts and service. Absurd! This is an extended problem, not a new problem. The fault was never permanently successfully rectified. Now they have the nerve to insist on a fee? When we spoke to Bosch Malaysia, their lame excuse was “we have to charge now as no more warranty”. Even though we spoke to so many people, from the technician to salesperson to the General Manager himself, we find that the higher we go in authority, the worst it becomes. They even claim that we should have asked for a replacement dryer machine. What??? We asked so many times but they shot down our request. Now they claim they never received request from us. Talking to the sales-rep, we were offered a solution of free part replacement with one year warranty but the next day, the General Manager emails with another offer that includes a fee to pay. See how they manipulate us?

We have about had it with BOSCH Malaysia. We will not be exploited further. It seems that even by writing to BOSCH HQ in Germany, they are only helpful to the extent of telling me to refer to Bosch Malaysia even though I repeatedly told them Bosch Malaysia is the problem.

What will I do next? Well, it is for me to know and for them to find out!

Justice to all Consumers