Don’t Lose the Groove

Don’t Lose the Groove

Grooooooovy! Yeah, I enjoyed an excellent productive period when I was in the groove. Months passed….and unexpectedly (or ignorantly), I hit a speed bump mentally and physically.

I supposed I may have forgotten to go for my pit stops during my “groovy” period and coupled with some unexpected circumstances, that contributed to my speed bump. Losing my groove was tough. Lost my jive, creativity, energy, etc etc etc. Sigh!

Being the stubborn (sometimes) person that I am, well, I guess it took this “bump” to slow me down and go for my pit stop….a slightly longer one than anticipated. Being on such a high tempo for so many months consecutively, it took quite a big effort to just chill. Managing this down time was a real challenge and I had to learn to live with it.

The early days was ok…then it followed up with frustrations and restlessness. For you high performance folks out there, you would understand. Still my mind and body was having none of my attitude! It’s almost my mind and body telling me to go ahead with whatever I want to do, just leave them out of it. Oh oh 😦

No point being rebellious about it, so just embrace the down time and manage myself better. At least I do not add on to the frustration. Wakakaka. And learn to laugh while I am at it 😀

Few days ago, I thot I was recovering and was ready to drive out of the pit stop at top speed….then my engine stuttered. Arrrrrgh! Back to the pit stop. More waiting and down time. Tick tock tick tock! Reminding myself at all times to smile, laugh, rest, etc.

Today am feeling the signal that am ready to leave the pit stop. This time, am being wiser. Gonna leave the pit stop casually before gradually increase speed and momentum. So far so good…..easy does it 😀

See ya’all soon at F1 race track aka life!




Wall *Whack*

Wall *Whack*

Conviction has driven me the past many months, accomplishing much to my surprise and satisfaction. Am most grateful for the breakthroughs. However, I have come to a realization that it is not possible for a human being, machines included to be performing at max level without needing a break or “service” period.

Of late I feel like my machine aka mind and body has hit a wall! Yes, wham! As much as I tried to push on….kinda like driving over a road hump, it is not possible. I hit a wall! All circumstances accumulated, biz and personal has had my mind and body shout “enough!”

So what are my options now?


So am listening to my mind and body. Taking things easy. Not gonna put too much stress or pressure on myself. Just gonna go for a stroll, not stop completely, but a stroll. Once the break or service period is over, will be able to go full speed ahead again.

Sometimes we are too ignorant of our body and mind that we stubbornly push on…..until we breakdown. The consequences can be bad… So wisdom dictates we be exercise common sense and pace ourselves until we are ready to fly again.

As someone famous once said, I will be back 😀

Runaway Getaway

It’s been so long since I took a break that I cannot remember when was my last “real” holiday. Somehow my breaks have always been brief and often not enough to have myself refreshed.

This time though, have intentionally made a decision to have a few days holiday in a place where I’ve considered as my 2nd home my whole life — Penang. Yes, Pearl of the Orient. This holiday break completely and totally blew me out of the water as everything from the accommodation (pssttt….watch out for my future posts on this) to the meals and everything else.

Here’s just 2 pics to begin with….mind you I’ve dozens of photos snapped during this trip 🙂

Room 3 @ MM
Guess my feeling of ecstasy is very evident eh?
Ocean View….my all time favorite



I am Smoking

Shhhh…I am not referring to smoking cigarettes. I had never, don’t and never will smoke. Not only is it bad for health, it is also bad for our pockets. I often tell my staff that only the rich smokes  (no offense intended).

Anyway, coming back to my topic “I am smoking”, I am referring to days when I feel like my engine a.k.a body is smoking due to stress. Sometimes without realizing or due to work demand, I am working at max capacity non-stop the entire day. At one point in time of the day, my body will suddenly send an “alarm” saying “ENOUGH”.


This is risky. There have been paper reports that people have died from being overwork. I do not want to be in that shoe.

Leisure Nick

Today is one of the very few opportunities for me to rest – away from the hustle bustle of work.

Am still recovering from my headache but much better now. This morning woke up with a bad headache – so went back to bed. Then woke up a little while later – headache is gone (Praise God)

Made myself some simple breakfast and cereal drink – then enjoyed myself in my private garden – reading online news, etc.

It is windy as usual and with the morning cool weather – nice!

Mmm...maybe i should setup a hammock in my garden.


Life’s simple pleasures – simple breakfast, cooling windy day, rest!