COLD Society

What is your opinion of our society these days? Are they still as warm and humane compared to the era of our parents and grandparents? 

Today society reared its ugly head again. My wife unfortunately had a fall in a neighbourhood mall. Despite falling in front of a crowd, NOBODY stepped forward to assist and my poor wife had to drag herself up with a badly sprained ankle. Neither shopper or shop assistant offered a hand.

Am I angry? Angry, disappointed and disgusted to the max. How can an individual be so shameless to the extent that they only stare at a person in distress? Not being cruel but perhaps some of these people should experience it for themselves then perhaps they will understand better.

All said and done, in fairness to other communities, could the attitude of these people be related to the area? Years ago my wife had a fall too but in a higher upperclass mall. That time when she fell, scores of people stepped forward to help.  What does that tell us??? 

Nonetheless, it is my utmost belief that regardless of where and when it happens, be it upperclass or not, individuals should have instilled values to care for others. Claims of lack of education or ignorance is nothing but convenient excuse.

If society is to continue behave as the crowd did today, then I worry for what lies ahead for our children.


The SILENT Majority

Hello everyone. Again I have gone AWOL to a good few months. Writing and sharing on a blog is a lot more difficult than I thought but hey I am back…..for now 🙂 If you don’t hear from me after this, you know I will check back in couple of months. LOL

Today I had some thoughts on the subject of SILENT & majority. Ever wonder why is it that the minority are often the loudest while the majority are silent? Or is it the truth that the majority is always silent? This question I ask myself too…..if I am the majority, then why am I concerned about speaking out? If my reason for speaking is in accordance to the following checklist….

  1. With good intentions
  2. Truth and fact is on my side ….

……then why do I remain silent? Is it for selfish reasons such as being afraid of retribution/criticism/condemnation or just simply wanting to be the good guy? Silence is not necessarily golden. Silence is also harmful. One cannot be vocal nor silent all the time. 

Perhaps for the silent majority including myself, it is time to speak boldly for the betterment of our community and mankind. The voice of the good and righteous should be loud and clear, not timid and quiet.



Interesting name ain’t it. Was very privileged to receive the invite from acclaimed entrepreneur and friend, Datuk Eric Chong & Dato Vinod to the special screening of Liar’s Dice.

For your info, both Datuk(s) are making their first foray into the entertainment industry and already their movie are being selected to contest in the Oscars. The entire movie was produced in India, everything from site to cast, crew, etc. These gentlemen are already huge successful businessmen and yet they continue to surprise and inspire us.

So how was the movie? Well, Dato Vinod was right when he told us not to expect a fast paced movie. Then again, a good movie does not need to be action-packed right? Most important is the story that it tells and this movie does exactly that. Was a story about family, love, etc. and the nameless (people who society takes for granted because they are not famous or rich).

We wish the entire team of producers, directors, casts, crews the very best of luck as they travel to the US for the Oscars.