Wow…Congratulations! The first sentence anyone is expected to utter when someone we know receives an award. To me, there is sometimes a second sentence….”So how much does this cost?”. LOL. Yeah, thot about it many times but never really asked. Will be stepping into dangerous grounds if I do.

If you are familiar enough with the marketplace, you will be well aware that there are dozens of awards of all sorts from countless number of organizations being offered to individuals/companies/brands….at a price 😀

I myself have been offered….errr…..sorry I lost count but have rejected them all. My belief is that if I do not qualify on merit then no awards for me. Anyway awards are not a necessity. It is good as encouragement but to many it is an ego-booster.

There are 3 types of awards in the market…

  1. Qualify on merit
  2. PR awards
  3. Awards for sale (shhhhhh!)

In my opinion, option 1 is best. Option 2 can be considered (upon careful consideration of the terms). Option 3 is a strict NO-NO.

The weird thing is that so many people in the market opt for option 3 then they proceed to broadcast it over social media. Well….congratz to them. Good thing not too many know about this….or do they. Cannot help but feel it’s becoming a norm. Want an award? Buy one. Yes, it’s that simple.

Am not trying to judge who’s right and wrong. Merely felt the need to voice my opinion.

But a word of thought to those who has or is intending to buy awards….know that some of us know. It does not really do your reputation any good to be known as one who buys, not earns the award.

Above thoughts are shared strictly without prejudice


I Am a Daydreamer 

Some folks perceive daydreaming to be negative, others positive. What about you?

Well, am unashamed to admit that I am a daydreamer. Nothing wrong about it. Daydreaming is actually quite good to the body and spirit. Analyse this…..when we daydream, we are transported into a world that is safe, full of possibilities, we are in position of strength, etc etc etc.

The positives in our daydreaming is a stres buster and spirit lifter. When we return to the real world, it is not an anti climax but we outta bring with us the positives and leverage on it to boost our mind and emotions. The wise one else said, if the mind can dream it, it can become a reality. So let us approach it with the question HOW to achieve our dreams, not IF we can achieve it.

For myself, when I am in distraught, I will enter into daydreaming. I draw strength from the dreams and visions and use it to give myself a leap in the real world. 

So the next time you daydream, don’t criticise yourself over it. Be glad that you can still daydream. 

Enjoy your dreams my good readers….

Hungry Me

For the next few days I am going to be confining myself in a class to crunch numbers and figures. Most folks will tell me that I am wasting my time and money. Well, maybe but in my opinion, this is a time and money well spent.

Am thankful that I’ve always held closely the belief that learning is a lifetime thingy. One should never become too comfortable, lazy or proud to learn. As a matter a fact, there is nothing to be ashamed of to admit that am feeling lack in certain areas and needing to improve.

On that note, I had a splurge of interest and passion a few weeks ago to learn about numbers in relation to business. Immediately I went searching for the best place to learn. Without hesitation, I registered as soon as I found one.

So folks, if you are unable to contact me or do not hear from me for the next few days, I will be in a class somewhere upgrading myself 🙂

Malaysia in Me

Recently there seems to be more people commenting that I speak very good Bahasa. Strangely in all the previous years nobody seems to care. Is this because of recent developments that has kinda stirred our awareness of our identity — who’s who and what’s what?

Well, call me whatever name you want, I am an authentic Anak Malaysia. I’ve always been able to communicate in Bahasa, not just speak but speak in the proper manner. For me, it’s strictly no Bahasa pasar.

Nonetheless, to receive comments that I speak Bahasa well is an opportunity for me to convey the message to all that people may judge and call names, but that does not change the fact that you and me are Malaysians. Even if some folks do speak Bahasa pasar, the fact that they speak is testament that they are Malaysians and are comfortable enough to do so without worry of being criticised. We Malaysians understand and accept each other just as we are.

The spirit of 1Malaysia is well and alive…..not because some people are shouting about it but because we the Rakyat has been living it all our lives. To those who shout about it but don’t love it, perhaps it’s time to learn from the Rakyat.

Long live Malaysia!

The Invisibles

Look around you. Do you have industries that you consider glamorous and those lesser? Some folks even use the word “underground” for industries that are unglamorous, as quoted by a fellow entrepreneur friend (from a glamorous industry). Even as employee, your tendency is to select to work in a glamorous industry ya? Nothing wrong with it….we humans are wired this way.

For me, I call the unglamorous industries “The Invisibles”. Do not ever underestimate them because many of them are vibrant industries consisting of amazing companies that are led by unbelievably talented individuals. Only difference is these companies do not attract attention from anywhere including the media.

In the world of entrepreneurship now loads of accolades and awards are given out to individuals and companies. If you analyze it carefully, you will see that most of them are from the “glamorous” industries, i.e. F&B, fashion, technology, social media, etc. Well, coming from The Invisibles industry myself, I wish to give a shoutout to my peers from The Invisibles. I have been fortunate to know many of them amazing talents. Everyday they do amazing stuff, contributing to the industry and economy while remaining under the radar….or should I say “not given an eye” by anyone else. These folks are international players, they have multiples companies, their company revenue is many digits, etc.

I salute The Invisibles because they go about their work quietly and in an unassuming manner. They have no media attention, no titles, etc. Yet they continue to progress and breaking boundaries.

Perhaps one day, I pray that they will receive some attention and recognition too. It will be great encouragement to them and validation of their efforts/contribution.

The Invisibles

Swimming Among Sharks

Being in the marketplace, I’ve encountered countless number of characters. Most are nice and fair but there are those I will not be ashamed to label them sharks.

Strong words? Not if you had encountered them in my shoes. Why do I call them sharks??? Here’s why…

  • They think only of themselves
  • Only one party may benefit — them!
  • It is a one way communication, I.e. They talk, you obey
  • They have no consideration or respect for other people

It is my natural instinct to stay away from these people. Hey, won’t you stay away from sharks too? Unfortunately for some, their true colors are not revealed till a much later date.

While we can never entirely avoid encountering this species, we can do much  to protect ourselves, e.g. Learn their character and/or learn to manage them.

Here’s a toast to all of us — I wish all of us will have the wisdom and patience to deal with them instead of wanting to strangle or stab them. Peace to all mankind 🙂