Hear Me Loud Hear Me Vulgar

*Ahem*….for your information, the “ME” in this posting is by no means referring to me ME (NickG).

Was motivated to write this post because of a young man whom we encountered in our recent dinner. Was enjoying our dinner in a favourite local restaurant when a voice caught our attention. We looked over, 3 tables away were 4 young man, probably between age 18-22.

The four of them were enjoying their chat but one of them was especially loud. It is very apparent that he was the main “talker”. If he wanted to be heard in the whole restaurant, he was HEARD indeed. He was consistently loud and to make matters worse, in just about every 8 words, there would be a vulgar word.

The non-stop talk – CAN tolerate

The loud voice – CAN tolerate

The vulgar words – CANNOT tolerate

Question to this bloke – Why? Why does he have to be so loud and using so many vulgar words too?

Young people, when you are in a public place, you may want to consider being more careful with your words and attitude. If you are doing what this bloke did, it is UNCOOL. You will have the attention you seek but nobody will be impressed with you.



Have you ever experienced moments where you completely misjudged a person? A man who wears slippers with singlet and shorts may be construed as a pauper while he is actually a millionaire and vise-versa.

I had a very interesting (to some extent confused) experience today. The story goes like this…

I was in one of the Starbucks outlet doing my work. All was well. Service was good, coffee was satisfactory, crowd was there but not noisy and air-conditioning & seating was pleasant. I was seated in those single seater chair and table. Two tables away was another patron who was equally engrossed in work.

In the midst of brainstorming, I noticed a foreigner walking in and out, as if he was searching for something. What caught my attention was his behaviour. Visualize this ~ he was untidily dressed, messy hair, wearing slippers and carrying one bag together with a few plastic bags of stuff. Got it? You have a visual in your mind now?

#1   Would you say he is FROG or PRINCE?

Well, he continued his going in and out of the outlet until he eventually sat 2 tables away from me with his bag on the seat and plastic bags strewn around the floor. As soon as he sat down, I smelt something fishy “literally”. It gave me the impression he came from the rubbish dump or he had not bathed for days. Anyway I ignored him and continued with my work while he seemed quite contented with looking around. Within 3mins of him sitting down, the other patron 2 tables away hastily left.  Still I continued with my work.

#2   Would you say he is FROG or PRINCE?

The next thing that happened surprised me. He took out a laptop from his dirty looking bag including a seemingly branded headphone. I was very curious about him and yet was not willing to risk him finding out that I was quietly cautiously peeking at him.

#3   Would you say he is FROG or PRINCE?

He seemed to start doing some work on the laptop with headphone on his head. After a few minutes he stopped and looked around as if he was lost. He even seemed to be talking to himself. All this while he constantly shifted his body posture, at times even sitting like a trishaw man (no disrespect meant).

#4   Would you say he is FROG or PRINCE?

After another 5 minutes, I decided he’s becoming a tad too much a distraction. I packed my stuff and left, still quite amused while at same time confused with this character. Throughout his time there he did not order any drinks.

I noticed that through my observations of him, I wandered between categorizing him as FROG and PRINCE.  I mean no disrespect to this man but he is one the most interesting characters I have met in my life. At the end of the day I was not able to decide if he was a FROG or PRINCE.

Mozzie Oi Oi

Buzz Buzz Buzz …  this sound though is soft is one of the most annoying sounds to many people. Lately I have not written much about anything due to a very hectic work schedule as well as writer’s block (haha…trying to sound professional).

However in the past few weeks, one incident keeps recurring on a daily evening. MOZZIE. Just in case you think I am trying to speak some Aussie language, I am not. Mozzie that I mention is Mosquito.

Every night without fail we will have a faithful visitation from our Mozzie friend. Needless to say it will hover around my ears for a while to announce it’s arrival and then proceed to nibble at one of my toes. Then the itches of all itches will prevent me from sleeping for the next half hour. ARRRRGGGGH!

What I am writing here is not about the itch, buzzing sound nor the frustration & irritation. What I was captivated was the seemingly increased intelligence of our mozzie friend.


I can imagine some people sniggering at me for being silly. In the past it was relatively easy to catch and beat the mozzies. However in the past few weeks they seem to be faster, more mobile and better in hiding. It’s like you see them and as soon as you blink *poof* they disappear. Even if we have them within our sights, try beating them. It is somehow much more difficult now. Trying to beat them reminds me of a F16 dogfight. Yeah, I am finding this funny too but it is true. These are FACTS, not information being dramatized.

Rise of Planet of the Apes shows apes becoming intelligent and taking over the world. Can mozzies possibly become more intelligent too? Ok Ok, I will stop this intelligence theory. Hold on to your pants so that it does not drop off with you laughing so hard. Will you laugh it I stop speculating on their intelligence and move to “heightened senses” instead?

As of now, we have tried sprays, mozzie coils and even aircond. Yet they are resilient enough to remain there and continue to insist on bugging us every night.

Apparently we do not have a solution at hand and this age old battle continue indefinitely….

For mozzie fans (if any), here are some brief facts (non-exhaustive):

  1. All mosquitoes are not alike
  2. They carry many disease
  3. The female thrives on blood
  4. They eat all sorts of things
  5. They have poor eye-sight
  6. They hibernate
  7. They have no teeth
  8. They can drink up to 3x it’s weight in blood
  9. Misc.

My friend, you must not be better than me

What are your terms & conditions for you to remain as friends  with someone? With the scenario below, will you still want to be friends with them?

  • They are more intelligent than you
  • They are financially better than you
  • They are more enterprising than you (or)
  • They do not engage in time wasting activities like you

Or are you the type of person that is only a friend as long as he/she is not better than you.

Sad to say, my comments and observation comes not only from people’s friends but also some of my personal experience. I have lost quite a number of friends over the years. Once you begin to progress ahead of them, somehow, jealousy, envy, dissatisfaction, etc. creeps in. It is reflected in their attitude towards you. Activities and communication of all sorts begin to decrease. Slowly but surely you’re made an outcast. The person is not only behaving negatively towards you but also influencing the other friends to do likewise. Even in a normal conversation, they’re consistently directly/indirectly launching a verbal attack on you.

Of course in terms of activities, we all have our likes and dislikes. Some people’s “Likes” may be “vices” to others. So why force people to follow and if they don’t – Judge them?

It is sad. Sad that people only want to remain as friends if you’re in a worse situation than them. Call it insecurity, attention deprived, etc – such an attitude is simply unjustifiable.

So what do we do? Sit and sulk? Get depressed? Not worth it I say. Why waste time and energy sulking or be unhappy over such shallow people? True friends will motivate and encourage you and want to see you do well in life. So when the true colors of so-called “friends” surface, then it is time to cut the “baggage” and go look for new friends.

Personally I have a larger circle of friends now. Some are in a better situation then I am while some are catching up. Similarity we all share is that we motivate and encourage each other. We accept each other’s differences. Our actions and words are such that no man gets left behind. We will reach the top together, some a little earlier, some a little later but eventually all will reach the top.

Don’t feel that you’re compelled to stick and comply to a particular group of friends for life. Only friends who desire to see you do well are
TRUE friends. Likewise we to must be a TRUE friend.

Eating Out of a Toilet Bowl

Please don’t freak out. This is a true story. We did eat out of a toilet bowl. Gross? Don’t be. You may find it fun too :p

Let us bring you to T-bowl Concept Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. Everything (well, almost everything) here from the bowls, plates, seats, table, etc. resembles some sort of toilet-lookalike accessory/tool. The restaurant started it’s operations in Queensbay Mall, Penang and soon made it’s way to the Klang valley.

The restaurant itself is not very spacious but sufficient space is available for comfortable seating.

Some food displays at the entrance to the restaurant
T-bowl Menu

If you have never ate in a “toilet” before, then you have got to be at least a little intrigued by the idea. A word of suggestion is not to be to “imaginative”…you do not wish to spoil your appetite ya? :p

Anyway, coming back to the food, he seats are toilet bowls (without cushion) and the covers to the toilet bowls can be opened. Is it a good idea to open it? Mmmm….maybe not. I opened mine out of curiosity and inside looked kinda dirty. *yucks*

The table top is glass while beneath it is either basins, sinks or baththub.

Anybody need a toothbrush?
Please take your sit / seat and you can proceed with your "business"
Anybody care for a bath while you're eating?

Looking at the menu, the food does look quite attractive. Choices are aplenty and we were very keen to try it…

Kimchi Seafood Ramen
Kimchi Seafood Ramen
Oreo Blended
Cheese Baked Scallop
Chinese Mambo Pork Rice

So what is our verdict? Quality of food is acceptable but not excellent – so nothing much to comment. One particular letdown was the Oreo Blended.  The plus in this dining experience are the toilet environment which is kinda interesting.

In terms of service, there is room for improvement. It seems that the “foreigners” waiters provide better service than the chinese speaking ones. Oh they are kinda “calculative” too.  Will we return? Mmmm..maybe not so soon. There is many more places out there with better quality of food but if you have never tried the T-bowl restaurant, do try it and have a good laugh!

When we were eating, our neighboring table family has a young daughter. She was really funny. She saw the toilet bowl seats and while waiting for food, humored her parents by pretending to be in the toilet needing to do her “business” which gave us all a good laugh.

NickG, my Indiana Jones Blogging Adventure

Yeeha....I feel like the Indiana Jones "blogger"

Looking back at months past since I started blogging, I feel that I have come a long way. For starters, I begun my blogging adventure without any directions or know-how.

It was very much like being put in the middle of a dark room. What happened then was bumping around in the dark trying to search for the light switch.It was ouch here and ouch there accompanied by some minor bruises. Of course the bruises were not physical but stress and tiredness.

So where am I now? I still consider myself an amateur though I have learnt and progressed much. I figure I still got a long way to go before qualifying myself as an expert blogger. Do I want to be a celebrity blogger? Mmmmm….not my priority but if it happens, then it is a bonus to me.

As of now, amazingly, I am managing 3 blogs (biz) and 3.5 facebook pages (biz). Mind you I am not a person with abundance of free and leisure time. I am a Entrepreneur involved in 4 businesses. Needless to say, I am always kept on my feet.

Nonetheless I thank God for His wisdom and strength. My blogging journey thus far has been short of nothing but EXCITING. My passion is as strong as ever on blogging and in the midst of busy schedule, am able to find some time to write. Credit also goes to my dearest wife for her constant support, understanding and encouragement.

The journey is long and there is still much to learn. However, I humbly accept this challenge and look forward to learning from my mistakes as well as the experience/sharing of others. I also draw comfort in knowing that throughout this journey, my God and dearest wife will be with me. Hey, what more can a man ask for!

Cabbie HWC 6835 on the Run

Have you seen a cab with a missing number plate? Or specifically have you seen a cab HWC 6835 with a missing number plate?

Yesterday as I was packing and ready to leave the office, one of my senior staff called and asked if anyone was still in office. When asked why, he said he received news that one of our junior staff has had an accident while making deliveries.

Upon further investigation, I found that one of my other staff was already on the way to the accident site to help our junior staff. When he was brought to our panel clinic, I went to see him. Besides bruises, he also had cuts on this legs and his left leg was in pain and he had not use of it. He was then referred to the hospital for x-rays. Thank God results show that it was only a torn tissue and no fracture.

How can anyone be so irresponsible and so coward with his acts that even though he knew he knocked into someone, he just sped away. More astonishing is that there was a police officer there but he took no action but merely told my staff to lodge a report later. So much for efficiency while on duty. If I could I would have lodged a report against the officer too.

Anyway, reports have been lodged and photos taken of the damaged bike. I trust the cab driver would have noticed his missing plate by now and wonder if he had left it at the scene of the accident. I hope he is trembling in fear in anticipation of the law that will catch up with him soon.

It is a good thing that it was only bruises and torn tissue. It could’ve so easily been a life. I hope this cab driver learns his lessons…