Call Me Spongebob Nick

Call Me Spongebob Nick

For now you can call me Spongebob #NickG. Not since the day I started my 1st biz that I’ve felt this amount of energy, passion, excitement, craziness.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Thru the journey, the ups & downs, we get tired, distracted, etc. In a common scenario, sometimes unknowingly we will hit a plateau or worse, digress.

Hence, always check yourself. Check your mindset. Check your emotions. Check your energy.

Am very blessed to report that I am back to the basics….my origin where I am learning everything with super ease and everything is possible. I can even walk thru a wall! The No is replaced by the How. My brain and heart is driving me crazy.

This is my 2nd wind…..and I am enjoyyyyyying it.


NickG, The Judge

Judge Dredd…..hahaha, not me. Was privileged to be invited to be a judge by one of Malaysia’s fastest rising learning institution Portman College. The event organized by their Millionaire Business School (by students for students). The entire event encompasses a talk by renowned speakers followed by business pitching session.

This business pitching session is no small feat. They are the shortlisted top 4 groups by their peers to present to us, the invited judges. The judges are seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. Oh yes, no small feat. Because the average age group amongst the 4 is only 18-19 years old.

Their presentation was impressive, complete with financials and everything. It’s almost what you would expect from much more experienced folks. Looking at their business ideas  (psssst: some of them are already in business, with traction) and their presentation, I shiver to imagine how excellent they will be in a few years time.

My salute to all 4 groups. They are all winners in my book. I count it my privilege to be invited to be a part of this process. So the next time you give yourself excuses of being too young or inexperienced, THINK AGAIN!


Zero to Hero

Most people look forward to public holidays as it’s opportunity to take a break. Few days before this I received a call from a good friend. He’s Zung, the renowned Celebrity Photographer. He’s conducting a seminar for fellow professional photographers called “Zero to Hero”.

Am ever ready to support a fellow friend and impart knowledge to make a difference in people’s life. My role is primarily to share my experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur from the financial perspective.

Topics shared encompass entrepreneurship, insurance, investments, real estate and estate planning.

The time allocated flew by in a few blinks. Was the objective met? Judging from the twinkle in the eyes of the audience, I would say that is a definite YES. Questions started flooding in towards the end and after the session.


Towards the end of the session, we were flooded with questions and requests for personal consultations.

For those of you wanting to achieve more financially, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our details as follow: