Fine dining. Mention it to people and most of them will think of posh restaurants and professional chefs. Basically it means you have to eat out if you want fine dining, the whole works……plating, flavors, etc.

Well, there are always exceptions in this world. My home is a perfect example. My wifey (guess you can sense this is written by a proud hubby) is a good cook. She’s been labelled as the LOVE CHEF by friends and suggestions from all around to setup a restaurant.

Oh ya, Stevaunne’s Menu……..this is a collection of all of her recipes. I will share some of her creations in later posts but this short post is about recent interview by a renowned local media aka TheStar. They heard of her wonderful recipes and wanted to know more. After understanding Stevaunne’s Menu better, they decided to feature her and of course her food.

Look! The LOVE Chef being cheeky photobombing the professional photographer
Look! The LOVE Chef being cheeky photobombing the professional photographer
The 2nd course being captured
The 2nd course being captured
Successfully completed the 3 course meal, featuring her selected 3 special recipes. Time to pose for the camera
Successfully completed the 3 course meal, featuring her selected 3 special recipes. Time to pose for the camera

The entire experience was priceless. It is not everyday a home cook…..herein my home referred to as home chef gets featured in a renowned media. More so, not every home serves food the fine dining standard in every aspect — flavors, presentation, etc. By the way, did I mention that she’s self trained? Yes she is.

So you will pardon me for sounding a little boastful of my wife. She absolutely deserves it. Thus far the reviews have been great all around, including families and friends for those who had the opportunity to taste her Stevaunne’s Menu


7 Treasures

Nope this is not the title of a new chinese or adventure film.

It is, according to my home chef, name of a soup fit for an Emperor 😀 Fuyoh…yeah you read right. Soup fit for a king. Credit goes to my home chef for another of her new creation.

What does it look this you ask???? Check this out…

7 Treasures by Stevaunne's Menu

My home chef has been flooded by messages from friends asking for her recipe. Well, don’t ask me because I am just the consumer. But what I can tell you is that the soup is made of 7 ingredients….

  1. Dried Scallops
  2. Baby Abalone
  3. Korean Cordycep
  4. Red dates
  5. Black date
  6. Keichi
  7. Shitake Mushrooms

My verdict of the soup??? Totally yum and nutritious. All thumbs up!

Again, who says we cannot have fine dining or delicious food at home? With my chef at home and her Stevaunne’s Menu, it is a lifestyle 🙂

NickG w 7 Treasures

Chinese New Year antics

NickG is back! Yeah, it’s been a hot, hectic and “full” Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is about families coming together. Unofficially, it is also about food (loads of it),  money (from spending to prepare for CNY to giving or receiving of angpau) and of course the regular hot weather.

I have eaten my fair share of food. Whichever meal it is, it is definitely abundance of food for every meal. I too weigh myself every other day and as expected, have increased in weight (but only a little *whew*).  At least my weighing machine did not run away from me nor did my bed break :p 

We had relatives who returned to Malaysia during this CNY and were they impressed (actually they were shocked) by the amount of food eaten. According to them, one could easily misunderstand that CNY is only about eating and nothing else. One other comment that tickled my funny bone was that with all the eating, it is a surprise that there are still so many slim people around. hahahaha….

Are you the giver or receiver?

Angpau……contributes to make our bank accounts lighter for those who give and heavier for those who receive. Once upon a time I belonged to the group that was “collecting”. It was fun and something to look forward to. Angpau was definitely a motivating factor to go visiting. Of course uncles/aunties who give more are the favourites.

Is this the trend of the future?

Unfortunately I am no longer eligible to receive. *sigh*.  It is better to give than receive right? Good way to comfort oneself 🙂

Perhaps what we need is some creative ways to disburse the angpau. Those who receive will appreciate it more and those who give will be spared the “suffering”?

Whatever it is, Chinese New Year is always a joyful time. So no matter it is about food, angpau, families, friends, etc., it is a blessed time.

Makan Kitchen @ DoubleTree

It was history in the making. For the first time in my life, I had a one week birthday celebration and it lasted till the wee mornings of Jan17.

The 2nd last celebration and final celebration was in a relatively new hotel – Doubletree @ Hilton. Hilton hotels have always been great in terms of ambience, food or service.  Below are some of the pics to share with you…

Upon arrival, you will receive the signature welcome sign – hands on heart. The staff are as warm as Hilton KL. Hilton standard see? Apparently many of the staff here was transferred from Hilton KL.

From parking to Makan Restaurant, you will need to switch lifts – one lift from parking to lobby then a walk to the end of lobby for the lift to rooms and restaurants.

The food served here is the 1Malaysia concept – only malaysian food. No international food. There are 3 major kitchens in Makan Kitchen – Chinese, Malay and Indian. Then there are some food selections from the other minority races in Malaysia.

There was one particular waiter that was very good – Hasni. He was very attentive, helpful and pro-active.

Some deco of kitchenware you will find in a kitchen
Some choice of wines placed in front of reception counter

Out of the 3 kitchens, I preferred the Chinese and Malay kitchen. Food quality was good. As for the Indian Kitchen, it was not that the food was not good but rather the variety was limited (in my opinion). Anyway, some of the food served in Malay Kitchen was outstanding, i.e. satay, seafood, etc. Food from Chinese Kitchen was good but definitely room for improvement, inc the variety.

Kueh...very nice
Chinese Kitchen - Yee Sang ala D.I.Y (not too bad)
Chinese Kitchen - left view. More food on right view (not inside)
Malay Kitchen - Fishball noodles (interesting range of fishballs)
Malay Kitchen - Fishballs......the whole range. Some include a smiling face 🙂
Malay Kitchen
Malay Kitchen - yummy kueh
Malay Kitchen - more kueh le...
Malay Kitchen
Kiddie's Utensil set
Fruit counter - fruits here are fresh and sweet
ABC machine - too bad they do not allow DIY

Wide view of Malay Kitchen

Overall, the dining experience in Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree was good. It is definitely not the poorer cousin of Hilton KL in terms of quality and service. Of course if one is to dine in Makan Kitchen, one must be prepared to accept the absence of international food.

In terms of service, the waiters and waitresses still have room for improvement in order to be more consistent but I have no complaints.

Cost-wise, it is fair. Not excellent, but fair!

Most important 2 questions – Will I return & Will I recommend to family/friends? Yes, I think I will be very comfortable to.

Breakfast Delights…

I am so excited to share the wonderful pics of my wife’s food creations….

Today I did not have my breakfast at home and I already miss it. Sorry folks, current technology is not advanced enough for me to attach the flavors/smell else you will get a real kick out of it. Beautiful food pic accompanied by smell…mmmmmm.

There has been many calls for my home Masterchef to open a restaurant. Am so pleased that her food is receiving such a warm response.

If you’re hungry and not had your breakfast, brace yourself to be hungrier after you see the pics below. If you’re not hungry yet, then you will be 😉

What thou art shall I eat?

Are you a food lover? I will not consider myself a food critic but am appreciative of good food nonetheless.

I am blessed to be able to enjoy delightful cuisine at home and not to have to depend on outside food. All credit goes to my wife, the Iron Chef and Masterchef in our home.

Today I share with you a few of my wife’s delightful drinks and dessert and more in the coming days…

Every now and then, be it while I am doing my work or watching football/soccer or reading the newspapers/books, etc., I will be surprised by my wife serving her creative drinks/desserts. What can I say? I am blessed indeed.

Of course the drinks/desserts always cheer me and refreshes me.

Life is good!


Today is New Year’s day. Thought we go for some colonial experience in Coliseum. It was an interesting experience indeed…


Reached there about 7pm+ and the place was beginning to fill up with diners. Parking was not a problem as there are plentiful of legal parking places behind the restaurant.

We were attended to by an elderly man called “Captain Ho” (referring to his name tag). He is about the friendliest-NOT captain you can find. Not a chance to get him to smile, least recommend Coliseum’s signature dishes to us. When we were sitted, the table cloth was dirty from the previous diners. Guess what he did! Any other restaurants would replace the cloth with a new piece but Captain Ho conveniently just turned the cloth inside-out. When we queried, he scolded us, saying “Is this not ok?”. Even when his colleague came with a new cloth, he sent him back saying not necessary. What????????

Dining Hall...nothing's changed much since colonial days


Promo Menu... (hidden from us)

We ordered steak (rib eye & fillet), bread & butter, mushroom soup, lychee ice and orange juice. Here’s our comments:

  • Rib eye & fillet steak – we did not get to select the choice of gravy. Captain Ho volunteered us for brown sauce. The steak was edible but nothing to shout about
  • Bread & butter – the butter was rock solid…yeah, solid. Had to use strength to cut it then wait for it to soften a little before being able to put on the bread
  • Iced lychee – normal
  • Orange juice – very good. Tasty (surprisingly)

There was a special set menu which was not mentioned or shown to us until we finshed our dinner and saw the menu ourselves….says much for the service here…

Service is best not mentioned. With the exception of one or two servers who act normally, the rest, like Captain Ho are a real pain in the neck. Captain Ho was so “friendly-Not” that we dare not ask too many questions nor take an extra 2-3 minutes to look at the menu.

Price of the food is quite high considering the minimal ambience, below par service and more importantly very ordinary food quality.

Ambience – nothing has changed much since the days of the Brits. They tend to do the sizzling steak in the room causing the room to be filled with smoke *cough cough*. Situation is not helped with faulty exhaust fans.

Location – Ok. Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman is easily accessible.

Will we return? Needless to say it is a NO!

Sorry folks, there are no photos of any food as there is nothing good to snap

Well folks, hope you had a much better dining experience on New Year’s day than us.