Strangely the thing that got me to sit down and write my blog is the word #RETRIBUTION. Am I thinking of something nasty or act of vengeance? Hmmm…….not exactly. It’s more like tic-for-tac.

In a world such as this and in some particular industry, a good deed may not necessarily be acknowledge or be reciprocated. As the saying goes, sometimes one need to be cruel to be kind.

So this particular business peer is into “I win – You lose” condition all the time. Not once, twice but all the time and in every situation. What do we do? Silence is not golden else this lady would have changed her ways long ago. Instead silence has been perceived as endorsement and acceptance.

There ain’t a patience that will stretch indefinitely.

So, do I get my boxing gloves out now? Most of the time it pays to be the good guy but for now, I may have to play a different role.


Speck of Dust

Speck of Dust

Am not touching on the topic of pollution. Rather the impact of a speck of dust on a positive and negative person.

What would you do if there is a speck of dust in your eyes? Would you freak out? Would you mind be filled with thoughts that you are going to be blind, that the world is coming to an end, that no relationships or people are trustworthy, etc? Would you make that speck of dust to be higher than Mount Everest and deeper than the deeper sea?

Sadly, the world has it’s fair share of people who over-glorify a speck of dust. Their world is often turned upside down by it and often the negative impact affects the people around these individuals too.

Here’s my thoughts….it is time to wake up! A speck of dust is but a speck of dust. It is not a truckload or sea deep or mountain high amount of dust. It is in fact so small that you could easily blow it away in a jiffy. Your life need not be an emotional roller coaster ride because of it.

If you go around looking for a speck of dust, you will find it or over-glorify a speck of dust, your life will be turned chaotic….for yourself and loved ones.

Let your life not be derailed by a speck of dust. Control your life. Control your mind and emotions. Look for the positive, the good and beautiful.

Speck of Dust

I Have An Attitude

I Have An Attitude

Yeah, you heard me. I have an attitude. Bad boy am I? Far from the contrary, I have the good learner’s attitude….so I remind myself all the time.

Having an attitude is not bad. Having a bad attitude is. In my case, it is my belief that you learn from the time you take your first breath till your last.

Learning and application….that’s the actions that create magic.

Yesterday, at the invite of a friend, I attended School of Charisma. The full day session on Personal Branding was hosted by the awesome Datin Winnie Loo and Steve Wee.

Here, amongst my fellow professionals from all industries inc professional photographers, doctors, head hunters, etc, we were given a greater insight into the how’s, what’s, why’s, when’s and where’s of branding. The highly participative nature of the session made us all think. Session was especially relevant and beneficial due to the input of Datin Winnie, drawing from her wealth of experience and success in her baby A Cut Above group.

With my lifetime/biz partner Stephanne and Datin Winnie, Steve Wee
With my lifetime/biz partner Stephanne and Datin Winnie, Steve Wee

At the end of the day, all of us left with clearer ideas on branding. Importantly too was the networking and bonding amongst our peers of other industries.

We are passionate Learners With foot care expert, Dr EdmundWith professional photographers buddies

No robes or hats here this time ;-)
No robes or hats here this time 😉

For our new friends, in case you are wondering who Nicholas is, here’s who I am in point form…

Attitude is a Decision

Have you ever noticed how so many people walk in and out in the midst of a church service? In my years of attending services, I notice unhealthy or disrespectful habits:

  1. Walking in and out
  2. Mobile phone ringing
  3. Coming in late
  4. Talking
  5. Rushing off before service finishes
  6. etc.

Compare our habits attending church to attending seminars. I had attended Robert Kiyosaki’s School of Business a few years ago. My observations:

  1. One hour before the door open for entry to the room and it was already packed. Many people were already sitting, queuing and waiting outside the door
  2. Nobody walked around or went to the toilets during the session
  3. No ringing of mobile phones
  4. No sound from the opening/closing of the ring files
  5. No talking/chatting
  6. etc.

Why? Cause Robert pre-set his expectations/rules and everyone complied. Again why? I believe it is for the respect of the speaker.

Can the church do likewise? What would church members say? Will they be offended?

If we can show respect and discipline towards speakers in the circular world, how much more should we behave towards GOD.