Canoolding what? Is it a new english word? is a restaurant in Bangsar Village II. We were looking for dinner after some grocery shopping and was so hungry. We stumbled upon this place. Apparently all noodles are priced no higher than RM10.

Main Entrance

Some of the interesting features of this place is the color concept and deco. Once you’re sitted, you will notice that each table has a “paper mat”.  Along with this is a container filled with crayons. Great idea for people to do some grafitti while waiting for your food. Your children will be most delighted to be able to scribble their masterpieces  and thus keeping them off your back 🙂

Hanging Lamps


Paper Mat - Doodle anyone?
My Doodle Masterpiece
Source of our food - Kitchen

The menu while is not extensive, it is sufficient for you to have a minor headache selection and have a hearty meal.

Mmmm...what to eat?

Sorry folks! We were so hungry we forgot to snap pictures of the food. By the time we realize, almost 3/4 of the food is already gone :p  Anyway, just for your info, we had the following orders:

  • Penang prawn noodle – acceptable but not quite authentic Penang prawn noodle
  • Hearty seafood noodle – acceptable but taste may be a little blend and portion can be better
  • Leng Chi Kang – no comments. Normal
  • Aloe Vera, Sea Coconut & Ginseng roots – didn’t realise was with lots of ice. Brain freeze eating this… 


  • Service – 8/10
  • Food quality – 7/10
  • Value for Money – 7/10
  • Ambience – 8/10
  • Will I return? – Yes


Noodles – Good or Bad

I am one who loves noodles, especially wan tan mee 🙂

Most of the time when I order food, I will order some form of “mee” noodle. Every now and then I will receive news that eating too much of it is bad because of this and that….

What do you think of this piece of news?

Noodles ... Eat at your peril ?

Fishball & Fishcake – Anyone?

Who likes fishball and fishcake here? If you do, read on.

In Jalan Pasar (side of RHB bank) is a stall that sells fishball noodles. Whilst the fishball is “ok”, the outstanding item is the fishcake.  Stall is manned by 2 aunts, occassionally assisted by the children.

They are opened everyday, except Sunday. Be early. Tables are filled by 6.45pm. Yesterday I went to “tapau / bungkus” and had to wait 10mins before placing my order. ** see? cash business is best

If you want to try other food, the neighboring stall sells porridge & white chicken. It is also very popular and crowded.

These 2 stalls have been there for as long as I can remember.