Don’t Lose the Groove

Don’t Lose the Groove

Grooooooovy! Yeah, I enjoyed an excellent productive period when I was in the groove. Months passed….and unexpectedly (or ignorantly), I hit a speed bump mentally and physically.

I supposed I may have forgotten to go for my pit stops during my “groovy” period and coupled with some unexpected circumstances, that contributed to my speed bump. Losing my groove was tough. Lost my jive, creativity, energy, etc etc etc. Sigh!

Being the stubborn (sometimes) person that I am, well, I guess it took this “bump” to slow me down and go for my pit stop….a slightly longer one than anticipated. Being on such a high tempo for so many months consecutively, it took quite a big effort to just chill. Managing this down time was a real challenge and I had to learn to live with it.

The early days was ok…then it followed up with frustrations and restlessness. For you high performance folks out there, you would understand. Still my mind and body was having none of my attitude! It’s almost my mind and body telling me to go ahead with whatever I want to do, just leave them out of it. Oh oh 😦

No point being rebellious about it, so just embrace the down time and manage myself better. At least I do not add on to the frustration. Wakakaka. And learn to laugh while I am at it 😀

Few days ago, I thot I was recovering and was ready to drive out of the pit stop at top speed….then my engine stuttered. Arrrrrgh! Back to the pit stop. More waiting and down time. Tick tock tick tock! Reminding myself at all times to smile, laugh, rest, etc.

Today am feeling the signal that am ready to leave the pit stop. This time, am being wiser. Gonna leave the pit stop casually before gradually increase speed and momentum. So far so good…..easy does it 😀

See ya’all soon at F1 race track aka life!




I Am a Daydreamer 

Some folks perceive daydreaming to be negative, others positive. What about you?

Well, am unashamed to admit that I am a daydreamer. Nothing wrong about it. Daydreaming is actually quite good to the body and spirit. Analyse this…..when we daydream, we are transported into a world that is safe, full of possibilities, we are in position of strength, etc etc etc.

The positives in our daydreaming is a stres buster and spirit lifter. When we return to the real world, it is not an anti climax but we outta bring with us the positives and leverage on it to boost our mind and emotions. The wise one else said, if the mind can dream it, it can become a reality. So let us approach it with the question HOW to achieve our dreams, not IF we can achieve it.

For myself, when I am in distraught, I will enter into daydreaming. I draw strength from the dreams and visions and use it to give myself a leap in the real world. 

So the next time you daydream, don’t criticise yourself over it. Be glad that you can still daydream. 

Enjoy your dreams my good readers….

My Journey

We are drawing near to the conclusion of 2014 and commencement of 2015. Many in facebook are posting their Memories of 2015. Seeing the pics of the many has triggered my personal memories….but not of 2014 alone, rather it’s about my entrepreneurial journey.

The entrepreneurial journey I am referring to is my forklift parts distribution business. Of all the businesses I have dabbled with, this business is the most challenging and fearsome. Never have I felt this helpless and fearful. The biggest contributing factor was the fact that the nature and culture of the business and industry as a whole was a complete stranger to me and opposite of all that I know or experienced.

To step into this business is truly a step of faith. I had tried my utmost best to flee from this business/industry but as hard as I tried, I didn’t go far. After 2 years of struggle, I received an impression in my heart. It was the little voice of my Lord Jesus. He asked me why is it that I flee? I had always been interested in businesses at a young age but this business and industry struck so much fear in me that it was overwhelming. To summarise my experience with my Lord’s question, he showed me the other side of the coin and that opened my heart to be more receptive.

Acceptance is easier said than done considering the amount of fear I had. The night before I stepped into the business, I was blessed with a vision. The vision showed me standing in a valley surrounded above by my many competitors. These “competitors” are seasoned industry peers who would take the path “by hook or crook” for business sake. Then Jesus spoke…. “See the people above there? I tell you now that you are to never harm them, not even a strand of hair”. I woke up with a WOW! Logic says that in such a dream, the most probable message is not to be afraid for I will be protected. However the message I received was completely different and much more powerful. Me, standing in a valley surrounded by the many aggressive peers are told not to harm them. The entire message is telling me:

1. I will not only survive in the business but prosper and grow in strength
2. No harm will come upon me whatever my peers attempt
3. In my strength and victory in coming future, I am to exercise grace and mercy. Retaliation is not an option

Today, after years of being in the business, I have encountered countless number of challenges, sometimes almost overwhelmed and yet I continue to grow. I have even received entrepreneurial awards and being interviewed by media such as:

1. Prestige Top40 Under40 Young Achievers Award
2. Prestige Top40 Under40 People’s Choice Award
3. Full feature in MillionaireAsia Magazine under Rising Star segment. This magazine is a very exclusive magazine catering only to the super high net worth market
4. Interviewed by a TV business media in FaceTime with CEO

I take not for granted my journey especially my Lord Jesus’s favor, teaching, encouragement and blessings. To Him I give all the glory.

My Humbling Experience

Last weekend was one of the highlights of my life without doubt. On September 27th, I received 2 awards, namely the Prestige Top40Under40 Young Achievers Award and People’s Choice Award.


The event was organised by Prestige Malaysia, in recognition of entrepreneurs below age 40 and their entrepreneurial achievements.

The entire process is as such…. The public is invited to nominate individuals who meet the qualifying criteria, after which an esteemed panel of judges will shortlist 40 deserving winners. Each of these 40 individuals will receive a Young Achievers Award trophy. From the 40, the judges will then shortlist 10 individuals to compete for 6 special awards. The 6 winners only be made known during the Gala Nite itself.

In my entrepreneurial journey thus far, never would I thought I would have been nominated, more so receiving 2 awards. Awards aside, to be successfully shortlisted amongst 39 others is a humbling experience. These folks come from various industries and are true stars in their respective field. It is also an great encouragement to me because it sends a clear signal to me that I am on the right track. My efforts and dreams though laughed at by some, is supported and applauded by even more.

These 2 awards also reminded me that I was called into the business by God. He has held my hands my good times and bad times. From every difficult circumstances, He has made me stronger and wiser. Indeed if God is with me who can be against me. Everything that is done is for His glory. It is about Him.

So in signing-off, I wish to humbly express my biggest appreciation to my Lord Jesus followed by my dearest lifetime partner aka wife. She has been my constant companion and supporter. She has walked this journey with me and I can find no better person to share it with.