Bling Bling Christmas

It is that time of the year again…..Christmas is just days away. YAY! We were delighted to be attending the private event of Tiffany x Prestige Christmas Cocktail last night.

Almost 80% of the guests were ladies. Surprise? Hey, they don’t call diamonds a girl’s best friend for nothing right? The men according to the ladies are only there to pay. Yes, men are the ATMs and credit cards…..and maybe bodyguard 🙂

Well, Tiffany never fails to excite with their brand, design and diamonds. Heads were turned, eyes opened, mouths salivating (just kidding). The event was very good with the excellent Tiffany service by the crews as well as the catering folks. Was made better by the presence of friends and the connecting. There was even carolling by a few young talented singers.

So did anyone buy anything? Of course….some left with bags of ***** (confidential). How about us? Well, am not telling you…hehe.

Blessed Happy Christmas folks!






DIWALI Celebration with the Valirams

Friday evening coupled with rain is always a challenge to travel anywhere. Today after accompanying wifey to her press interview (this is another story), we had to drive thru massive jam to get to an amazing early DIWALI celebration hosted by the Valirams.

Was it worth the stress of travelling the massive jam? Absolutely. The Valirams definitely hosted one of the best celebrations in town. The who’s who all turned up. We were not only blessed by the celebration but also had the opportunity to connect with friends.

Food was aplenty with good flavors and variety. The experience and celebration is definitely one to remember. We salute the Valirams for their generosity and hospitality. We wish the Valiram family the happiest and most blessed of Deepavali celebrations!








Knight in Shining Armor @ Home

I recall vividly the days when I was kinda intimidated by roaches, insects and rats. Of course those were the days and I was still very young. Back then it crossed my mind what would happen when I got married and these “pest(s)” surfaced. Well, as days past I forgot about this matter.

Needless to say, I grew up and got married. I have my own home or should I say my Castle! Over the past few years, I have encountered countless times of having to deal with roaches, insects and rats. Thank God I did not freak out or was as timid as when I was young.

I proudly say I am likened to be a Knight in shining armor riding to the rescue of my fair maiden (my wife) each time a pest invades our home. If I am still timid, then probably it will be “maiden to the rescue of the knight”… hahaha … I cannot imagine this scenario. It will be so embarassing.

Anyway, this Knight has to prepare to retire for the night. Good night folks!