COLD Society

What is your opinion of our society these days? Are they still as warm and humane compared to the era of our parents and grandparents? 

Today society reared its ugly head again. My wife unfortunately had a fall in a neighbourhood mall. Despite falling in front of a crowd, NOBODY stepped forward to assist and my poor wife had to drag herself up with a badly sprained ankle. Neither shopper or shop assistant offered a hand.

Am I angry? Angry, disappointed and disgusted to the max. How can an individual be so shameless to the extent that they only stare at a person in distress? Not being cruel but perhaps some of these people should experience it for themselves then perhaps they will understand better.

All said and done, in fairness to other communities, could the attitude of these people be related to the area? Years ago my wife had a fall too but in a higher upperclass mall. That time when she fell, scores of people stepped forward to help.  What does that tell us??? 

Nonetheless, it is my utmost belief that regardless of where and when it happens, be it upperclass or not, individuals should have instilled values to care for others. Claims of lack of education or ignorance is nothing but convenient excuse.

If society is to continue behave as the crowd did today, then I worry for what lies ahead for our children.


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