TUNNEL Vision. TUNNEL Emotion

TUNNEL Vision. TUNNEL Emotion

Had experience on numerous occasions speaking to tunnel vision people. Frusrating it may be, but bearable. BUT when it comes to tunnel emotion people….well, let’s just say even one time is once too many.

Tunnel emotion people are simply too emotionally narrow, limited, easily offended. All they tend to see or feel is negativity. They are not able to comprehend the fact that even a coin has 2 sides and do not bother to try to understand the other side of the story.

For one to grow and mature emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even as an employer/employee, we cannot afford to have tunnel vision, especially tunnel emotions. It is a tremendous baggage that will hold us back….perhaps make a few enemies (not by others but us making enemies of others).

Life offers us choices. If we are given the freedom to choose, why can’t we choose wisely? The answer is obvious. Taking the path of “I am like that” is just a lazy excuse.

So guys and gals, life is short. Let’s not make excuses not to be a better person. Choose to be the better person!


LOVE The Nasties

LOVE The Nasties

It is almost without effort all of us can love someone sweet and supporting. But can you love someone who considers us transparent, irrelevant, unimportant, 2nd class?

Being someone who is well networked (I consider myself so, to some extent), unavoidably I will come across the full spectrum of characters. Most are nice but few are the born with their noses on their forehead.

Pardon the pun or slightly strong remarks but it is said without prejudice. I have come to appreciate those in the category of #nasties. Some characteristics of nasties are:

  1. Consider themselves than you (that’s why many a times they are rather arrogant and often treat others as the “invisibles”)
  2. Only want to be associated with people with titles, wealthy and big companies

Many years ago, when I am still not so endowed with wisdom and maturity, this would have unnerved me or even discouraged me. However, I thank God that He has built me in my chacacter thru the years such that I am not flustered when in the midst of these people. In fact one of the ways I was built was to be consistently placed in the presence of these people.

My very nice friends are a great encourager to me in my journey but the nasties are an even greater motivator to me. They exist to teach me the lessons:

  1. Do unto others as you want others to do unto you
  2. The higher you climb in success, the more humble you should be
  3. All are fair and equal in the eyes of God
  4. Today’s nobody can be a somebody tomorrow, vise-versa, a somebody today can be a nobody tomorrow
  5. Appreciate ALL people (nice and nasties) for they are here to teach us valuable lessons

So remember this….the next time you are faced with a nasty, appreciate them. Learn from the experience and be a better person in the future.

pssssst ::: send the nasties a thank you card when you get to your journey. Hey, they contributed to your success.



Mikshake it is not. Today I had the privilege to be interviewed by 2 amazing young people, who incidentally are the founders of a startup too.

This interview was interesting for 3 reasons:

  1. The interview was done via SKYPE as interviewers are in Philippines while I am in Malaysia
  2. Interview was a story for a media called Techshake, based in Philippines. Techshake specializes in searching out good startups in the South East Asia region and featuring them
  3. Am experienced being interviewed for an established business but this is the first (fingers crossed more to come) as the owner of a startup
Millionaire Dollar smiles. Great attitudes

The interview was overall very light hearted but serious sharings, covering topics ranging from

  • Stories about our new startup SparePartsAsia aka SPA
  • Why SPA
  • Experience as an entreprenur
  • Challenges and Failures
  • Advice to new entrepreneurs
  • Special rituals as an enrepreneur
  • etc etc etc

As the saying goes, when you are enjoying yourself, time flies. The entire interview took a little more than 50minutes but was indeed a productive time spent.

I wish Fatima and Paolo the very best in their entrepreneurship journey. If you cannot remember anything about our conversation, just remember this #CHARACTER. Build a character that would enhance your success and more importantly contain your success.


Strangely the thing that got me to sit down and write my blog is the word #RETRIBUTION. Am I thinking of something nasty or act of vengeance? Hmmm…….not exactly. It’s more like tic-for-tac.

In a world such as this and in some particular industry, a good deed may not necessarily be acknowledge or be reciprocated. As the saying goes, sometimes one need to be cruel to be kind.

So this particular business peer is into “I win – You lose” condition all the time. Not once, twice but all the time and in every situation. What do we do? Silence is not golden else this lady would have changed her ways long ago. Instead silence has been perceived as endorsement and acceptance.

There ain’t a patience that will stretch indefinitely.

So, do I get my boxing gloves out now? Most of the time it pays to be the good guy but for now, I may have to play a different role.

Speck of Dust

Speck of Dust

Am not touching on the topic of pollution. Rather the impact of a speck of dust on a positive and negative person.

What would you do if there is a speck of dust in your eyes? Would you freak out? Would you mind be filled with thoughts that you are going to be blind, that the world is coming to an end, that no relationships or people are trustworthy, etc? Would you make that speck of dust to be higher than Mount Everest and deeper than the deeper sea?

Sadly, the world has it’s fair share of people who over-glorify a speck of dust. Their world is often turned upside down by it and often the negative impact affects the people around these individuals too.

Here’s my thoughts….it is time to wake up! A speck of dust is but a speck of dust. It is not a truckload or sea deep or mountain high amount of dust. It is in fact so small that you could easily blow it away in a jiffy. Your life need not be an emotional roller coaster ride because of it.

If you go around looking for a speck of dust, you will find it or over-glorify a speck of dust, your life will be turned chaotic….for yourself and loved ones.

Let your life not be derailed by a speck of dust. Control your life. Control your mind and emotions. Look for the positive, the good and beautiful.

Speck of Dust

Stepping Stone – Floor Mat or Elevator?

This morning as I was driving, it crossed my mind that often in our life, we have intentionally or sub-consciously being made someone’s stepping stone or made someone our stepping stone.

Often, being a stepping stone is associated to the negative. Kinda a floor mat. Hi & Bye. We serve our purpose for a brief moment only. When that person finds someone or something better, it is aside with old and in with the new. Let’s not shoot those people for we may be guilty of doing so ourselves.

So what is the point of writing this today?

Well, we all have a purpose to serve or live out in this life. Whatever we do, we do it unto the Lord. If someone made us a stepping stone, it is only because we have something important that the other person needs. Ain’t it better than not being needed at all? At least we have being a blessing, amidst moments only. If we are the “culprits”, then it is within our control to stop! We need to incorporate a culture of “gratefulness” into our character. Forget not those who helped us along the way. This is what society is lacking these days.

If we have being made a stepping stone, here’s a positive perspective…

  1. Be thankful you have blessed someone
  2. If that person made you feel as if you are only a tool, then let us not do the same unto others
  3. Learn from the lesson as a stepping stone

If you have made others your stepping stone, here’s what you may need to do…

  1. Stop! Be grateful to all who has helped and blessed you in your journey
  2. Show appreciation to them

Now, being a stepping stone does not sound that bad right? It’s a process of life. It’s unavoidable. Make the most of it. Stay positive.


Swimming Among Sharks

Being in the marketplace, I’ve encountered countless number of characters. Most are nice and fair but there are those I will not be ashamed to label them sharks.

Strong words? Not if you had encountered them in my shoes. Why do I call them sharks??? Here’s why…

  • They think only of themselves
  • Only one party may benefit — them!
  • It is a one way communication, I.e. They talk, you obey
  • They have no consideration or respect for other people

It is my natural instinct to stay away from these people. Hey, won’t you stay away from sharks too? Unfortunately for some, their true colors are not revealed till a much later date.

While we can never entirely avoid encountering this species, we can do much  to protect ourselves, e.g. Learn their character and/or learn to manage them.

Here’s a toast to all of us — I wish all of us will have the wisdom and patience to deal with them instead of wanting to strangle or stab them. Peace to all mankind 🙂