Many of us are always seeking the X-Factor in our lives – personal, love, business, friendship, etc.

What is X-Factor?

Different people attribute it to different things, i.e. luck, coincidence, energy, timing, etc. What about you? Whatever your definition is, the “factor” is supposed to give you the edge, air of mystery, make people like/admire you, help you be successful more easily, etc.

I wish to introduce you to to a greater and more definite G-Factor.

What is G-Factor you may ask me.  Do you know our Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Francis Yeoh? He subscribes and believes in the G-Factor too. Don’t believe me…ask him. While I am not of the same stature of our Tan Sri, I can personally verify and testify that the G-Factor is real and it works.

Perhaps it is time for you to subscribe to this G-Factor and experience it for yourself instead of the non-guaranteed X-Factor.

This is a great interview of a highly successful multi-millionaire, Francis Yeoh of the YTL Conglomerate, who ascribes all his successes and fortune to the workings of God in every arena of his life. Although it’s quite a long video I know you’ll be blessed after you have viewed it.

Subject: Francis Yeoh’s testimony. This interview was conducted in Taiwan with our Malaysian tycoon and entrepreneur businessman TAN SRI FRANCIS YEOH of YTL Group he has so much faith in Jesus Christ that every successful project that he has, he praises and gives glory to God and Jesus Christ and his story is such a great testimony to the living God Jesus Christ

Even though the introduction about Tan Sri Francis Yeoh was in Mandarin, the interview was conducted in English (with Chinese subtitles) therefore everyone should be able to understand

In case you have not figured out by now, the G-Factor I talk about is our God – Lord Jesus. I do not know if you will be interested to view a video of my testimony but rest assured my testimony will not be any shorter or valuable than our Tan Sri’s cause  G-Factor is available to all who will believe.

2 thoughts on “G-Factor

  1. He’s just a case of being at the right place at the right time. Had not his father started the construction business, I don’t think we would know him as the Tan Sri today. Don’t get me wrong, I am not doubting his leadership abilities but what a lucky fellow he is!

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