Life IS a Bed of Roses

Does the quote Life is not a Bed or Roses not sound familiar? I subscribe to the fact that Life is a Bed of Roses

Roses often perceived to be beautiful, sweet and captivating…which is true. Then there is also the thorns. It won’t be the first time I have bled because of the thorn.

Similar to life, the aroma and beauty of a rose coincides with life’s beautiful moments – when everything is going well. Then thorn then coincides with life’s challenges and difficulties.

Ain’t it true that when we are enjoying and crusing in our life, suddenly we hit a brick wall? Everything then seems to go wrong and all good things are crumbling around us. It is so true with roses – while you are enjoying the aroma and beauty of the rose, you get pricked and bleed. The rose suddenly does not seem to appealing anymore.

God never promises us a life of roses without thorns…. He promised to be there for us to hold us and support us when we prick our fingers and end up crying or being shaken. Fact of life – life in all it’s splendor and beauty has its difficult and ugly moments too.

Life is a Bed of Roses. If we’re not careful we are almost certain to be pricked. Even when we are careful we may still get pricked by accident or unseen thorns. Nonetheless, the rose was created for our enjoyment – a blessing. Let us not forget about the rose just because we got pricked. Life is beautiful – Life has its many blessings – let us not lose the appreciation of God’s creations inc our life because of circumstances.

When all seems lost, maybe it is time to recount our blessings!

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