Don’t Lose the Groove

Don’t Lose the Groove

Grooooooovy! Yeah, I enjoyed an excellent productive period when I was in the groove. Months passed….and unexpectedly (or ignorantly), I hit a speed bump mentally and physically.

I supposed I may have forgotten to go for my pit stops during my “groovy” period and coupled with some unexpected circumstances, that contributed to my speed bump. Losing my groove was tough. Lost my jive, creativity, energy, etc etc etc. Sigh!

Being the stubborn (sometimes) person that I am, well, I guess it took this “bump” to slow me down and go for my pit stop….a slightly longer one than anticipated. Being on such a high tempo for so many months consecutively, it took quite a big effort to just chill. Managing this down time was a real challenge and I had to learn to live with it.

The early days was ok…then it followed up with frustrations and restlessness. For you high performance folks out there, you would understand. Still my mind and body was having none of my attitude! It’s almost my mind and body telling me to go ahead with whatever I want to do, just leave them out of it. Oh oh 😦

No point being rebellious about it, so just embrace the down time and manage myself better. At least I do not add on to the frustration. Wakakaka. And learn to laugh while I am at it 😀

Few days ago, I thot I was recovering and was ready to drive out of the pit stop at top speed….then my engine stuttered. Arrrrrgh! Back to the pit stop. More waiting and down time. Tick tock tick tock! Reminding myself at all times to smile, laugh, rest, etc.

Today am feeling the signal that am ready to leave the pit stop. This time, am being wiser. Gonna leave the pit stop casually before gradually increase speed and momentum. So far so good…..easy does it 😀

See ya’all soon at F1 race track aka life!




TUNNEL Vision. TUNNEL Emotion

TUNNEL Vision. TUNNEL Emotion

Had experience on numerous occasions speaking to tunnel vision people. Frusrating it may be, but bearable. BUT when it comes to tunnel emotion people….well, let’s just say even one time is once too many.

Tunnel emotion people are simply too emotionally narrow, limited, easily offended. All they tend to see or feel is negativity. They are not able to comprehend the fact that even a coin has 2 sides and do not bother to try to understand the other side of the story.

For one to grow and mature emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even as an employer/employee, we cannot afford to have tunnel vision, especially tunnel emotions. It is a tremendous baggage that will hold us back….perhaps make a few enemies (not by others but us making enemies of others).

Life offers us choices. If we are given the freedom to choose, why can’t we choose wisely? The answer is obvious. Taking the path of “I am like that” is just a lazy excuse.

So guys and gals, life is short. Let’s not make excuses not to be a better person. Choose to be the better person!

The MaGiC Moment

The MaGiC Moment

Seems like only yesterday when I stepped into Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC). Blink and months have passed. Our tenure in MaGIC has come to an end with beautiful moments of our experience there.

I still remember the first day I arrived in MaGIC and met a friend. I was asked if I was there as a mentor or investor. Well, neither! I was there as a participant. Even the most seasoned serial entrepreneur needs to continue learning. Sometimes the best place to learn is from the startups…..a collection of fantastic minds and ideas.

I was there as a participant aka cofounder of my new brand, #SparePartsAsia with my Philippines partner. SparePartsAsia is a true Asean Economic Community brand, a joint venture between Malaysia and Philippines, for the Asia market.

I already had experience wearing the hat of an entrepreneur and investor and now, a whole new experience – a startup cofounder. Yes I was expected to go thru the works – build the system, pitch, etc etc etc. Does that make me a more complete entrepreneur now? A BIG yes 😀

So as I complete this post, I wish to express my thanks to the amazing people in MaGIC for their support and encouragements.


Inside Out Upside Down

I am not the Wizard of Oz, though I don’t mind being one in this instance. The thoughts of being able to transform and impact an entire industry with the wave of a wand is simply too irresistible. 

How do we transform a company and industry, so entrenched into traditional? Bulldozing thru it would be nice but unfortunately the reality is we have to do it one step at a time. The key here is conviction, vision and perseverance. Equipped with these 3 key traits, we need to assemble a team too. This is the 2nd hurdle, possibly the biggest too.

Try inviting Generation Y folks into a traditionally entrenched industry. Only the craziest thrill seekers and most stubborn will step up for this challenge. All said and done, it is not impossible. Difficult, not impossible. We have embarked on a mission to recruit our own team IMF. 

In the initial stages, one will have to be a Rambo (one man demolition team) and prayerfully soon others will catch the vision too and come onboard. Then we will have our special forces team. Yes, this is me talking….man are boys too. We love our “actions”…, gadgets and armies.

To-date we have hit a few milestones and are pressing ahead for more.

If you are reading this, ask yourself….”Am I game for this challenge and adventure”. If you are , quickly drop us an email at

EGAN Forklift Parts Specialist 

Inspiring Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Myself and business partner aka wife has a great passion for business. In our early days, we love to PIONEER businesses. Life was tough and challenging but it is the overcoming of challenges that provided the utmost satisfaction. We subscribe to the notion Entrepreneurs are Overcomers 🙂 .

As the years pass, physical limitations have naturally crept in, not to mention more important priorities such as more time for loved ones. Still, the entrepreneurial blood runs in us. In our early years, we faced challenges of securing funds as well as other critical support. With this in mind, we want to be a blessing, especially to the youth. Myself and wife are strong believers in the youth – in their dreams, ideas and vision. Sometimes all they need is a little support. Therefore we set out reaching out to the youth and their new start-ups.

We are thankful that we have now an established network of friends and entrepreneurs that are helping connect to the younger aspiring entrepreneurs. We receive proposals from all places on a regular basis and also engage with them. God willing, we have a few propositions that are progressing well and may translate into successful ventures.

How about you? Are an aspiring or inspiring entrepreneur too?

Zero to Hero

Most people look forward to public holidays as it’s opportunity to take a break. Few days before this I received a call from a good friend. He’s Zung, the renowned Celebrity Photographer. He’s conducting a seminar for fellow professional photographers called “Zero to Hero”.

Am ever ready to support a fellow friend and impart knowledge to make a difference in people’s life. My role is primarily to share my experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur from the financial perspective.

Topics shared encompass entrepreneurship, insurance, investments, real estate and estate planning.

The time allocated flew by in a few blinks. Was the objective met? Judging from the twinkle in the eyes of the audience, I would say that is a definite YES. Questions started flooding in towards the end and after the session.


Towards the end of the session, we were flooded with questions and requests for personal consultations.

For those of you wanting to achieve more financially, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our details as follow:



Blogger I Am Not….Perhaps

As you can well see, I have not “input” anything into my blog for some time. It is not that I have nothing to write or share, just that my inspiration to write dissipates really quickly. My desire to write will last about 5 minutes after which it is sayonara.

Still, if am still keeping this blog, I suppose there is still hope that one day I can and will cultivate a more disciplined and consistent writing.

Till then, cheerio people….