Prison of Unforgiveness

In this modern times, we see many who preach but not live it. It is so sad and frustrating to see this everyday.

It’s almost like people are being hypocrites. They say, share, speak but fail to live it themselves. They forgot that the loudest testimony is a living testimony. People may hear for a while but people remember most from what they see.

This is a hurting world. Look at the reports in the papers and see what’s happening around the world including our own backyard, I.e. own nation/family/friends. The world needs lots of #love and #forgiveness. Yet for pride and selfish reasons, many are unwilling to love and forgive. It’s a whole lot of tic for tac.

Unforgiveness holds us and the other party prisoners. Forgiving is not easy, this is a fact. It requires effort and sometimes a whole bunch of energy. However it is possible. Forgiveness is not just a word or speech. It is to be lived. To have forgiven means to have released yourself and the other party from all offending thoughts and emotions. If you are still being offended occasionally from past memories,etc, then you may want to be honest to yourself — “have you truly forgiven?”

Life is a series of imperfections. We are imperfect. The only perfect being is God. If He is able to extend grace, mercy, love and forgiveness to us, how much more should we do likewise unto others?

You can live a life of freedom and victory today. Decide!


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