Mrs Boss

Wakakaka… wife calls me Boss. She even calls me Boss in social media. She calls me Boss so much so that other people are calling me Boss too. Well, thank you all for the encouragements.

A word about my Mrs Boss. Yes, I call her Mrs Boss too, amongst other many names. LOL.

Mrs Boss is not just my lifetime partner but also my business partner. The hocus pocus beliefs that husband and wife cannot work together? Pooh Pooh….we don’t believe it. As an individual, we do quite well but when together as a couple, we are amazing (if I do say so myself :D)

Mrs Boss of mine has lots of talent and skills. She is truly abled in many different areas. I absolutely enjoy having her as my partner in running our businesses. She challenges me intellectually, which is fantastic!

So even during an entrepreneurship talk I did yesterday, I got her involved….by interviewing her. Yes, it was fun.

Inception of Interview

So all men out there, give your men ego a break. Open up to your wife and she may just surprise you.


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