“I am a person who loves pressures and challenges. I live for it. I thrive in it”.

In my chinese hokkien dialect, I ask “are you sure bo?” Let’s just say from experience, I have lost count the number of times I receive this claim. And what is the success rate? Less than 1%. Sad ain’t it? Definitely justifies the adage “Talk is cheap. Doing is different”

Rather, it is the silent ones, those that do not make such proud declarations that are more steadfast and resilient. As such when someone makes proud declarations as those above, the alarm in my head goes haywire.

Life is a serious of challenges and problems. In order to grow and be successful, we have to learn to master challenges, pressures and problems. Let’s begin with the following realizations…

  1. We will never be free from pressures/challenges/problems
  2. Running away is NEVER an option. Embrace and learn
  3. We are never as weak as we think
  4. We are stronger and have a much larger capacity than we think

Think of a balloon. It looks flat and flimsy in it’s natural form. Blow into it…see it grow…see it stretch. As it expands, your mind will continually imagine it bursting…but it does not right? It seems to always expand bigger than you expect.

There you go. You are actually a BIG capacity person. Be stretched regularly and soon you will find that your capacity grows even bigger.

Remember…. #CrankItUp


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