The PERFECT boss. Wauzers! Won’t it be a dream come true (according to the minds of employees).

Wake up! There ain’t no perfect boss(es)….only bosses who think so of themselves. Hey bosses, yeah you….reality is we are all flawed. The matter is the degree of our flaw. In my opinion, bosses who think of themselves as perfect, are likely the most irritable, short tempered, unrealistic, etc. individual.

There is only one ever PERFECT being….past, today and tomorrow. That is our GOD!

So let us all just wake up and stop playing God. We are mere human beings….mortals….flawed from the day we are born. We can minimize our flaws but never be perfect. Bosses, just as you cannot find the perfect employee, neither can you ever be the perfect employer.

“PERFECT” bosses are often identifiable by…

  1. Super high regards of oneself, often characterized by words like “why can’t they be like me”
  2. Employees are somewhat insignificant
  3. Tendency to command instead of communicating
  4. Has sharp tongue (often condemning and critical) and blocked ears (never listens)
  5. Lonely

All said and done, our office need not be a battleground between boss and employees. Our battleground out there….in the marketplace. Our office outta be place of acceptance, motivation, recharging, etc.

Let’s make ALL our days a little better by

  • Accepting each other as we are
  • Focusing on each other’s strength, rather than flaws
  • Communicate Communicate Communicate
  • Employers and employees is a team (don’t deny this). We are a team. Team means each of our strength helps to cover each other’s flaw.





Mountain Before Me

Mountain Before Me

Ever stood before a magnificent mountain and be at awe of it….thinking how big, how strong, how big it is? It would seem almost unconquerable.

We would individually have an encounter with a “mountain” one time or another in our lives. Is your reaction one of an adventurist or defeat? Dude, we are talking about a mountain, not an ant hill. Yeah, I heard that before. Rather my mind has said that to me many times before. Then what???

  • Yes, the mountain is BIG … Fact!
  • Yes, the mountain seems insurmountable … Fact!

But what are also facts are…

  1. There is more than one way to tackle a mountain — over it / beneath it / around it / through it / etc
  2. Conquering mountains give us a greater sense of accomplishment than an ant hill
  3. Conquering mountains may seem a harder task … requires discipline, belief, tools, time, resilience, etc.

Conclusion is, mountains can be conquered! They are there to be conquered! The question to ask oneself when facing a mountain is not “if” but “how” then proceed to doing it!

There is no time for pity-party. The sooner you get onto it the sooner you conquer it.

So what is your mountain today???

Wall *Whack*

Wall *Whack*

Conviction has driven me the past many months, accomplishing much to my surprise and satisfaction. Am most grateful for the breakthroughs. However, I have come to a realization that it is not possible for a human being, machines included to be performing at max level without needing a break or “service” period.

Of late I feel like my machine aka mind and body has hit a wall! Yes, wham! As much as I tried to push on….kinda like driving over a road hump, it is not possible. I hit a wall! All circumstances accumulated, biz and personal has had my mind and body shout “enough!”

So what are my options now?


So am listening to my mind and body. Taking things easy. Not gonna put too much stress or pressure on myself. Just gonna go for a stroll, not stop completely, but a stroll. Once the break or service period is over, will be able to go full speed ahead again.

Sometimes we are too ignorant of our body and mind that we stubbornly push on…..until we breakdown. The consequences can be bad… So wisdom dictates we be exercise common sense and pace ourselves until we are ready to fly again.

As someone famous once said, I will be back 😀


Wow…Congratulations! The first sentence anyone is expected to utter when someone we know receives an award. To me, there is sometimes a second sentence….”So how much does this cost?”. LOL. Yeah, thot about it many times but never really asked. Will be stepping into dangerous grounds if I do.

If you are familiar enough with the marketplace, you will be well aware that there are dozens of awards of all sorts from countless number of organizations being offered to individuals/companies/brands….at a price 😀

I myself have been offered….errr…..sorry I lost count but have rejected them all. My belief is that if I do not qualify on merit then no awards for me. Anyway awards are not a necessity. It is good as encouragement but to many it is an ego-booster.

There are 3 types of awards in the market…

  1. Qualify on merit
  2. PR awards
  3. Awards for sale (shhhhhh!)

In my opinion, option 1 is best. Option 2 can be considered (upon careful consideration of the terms). Option 3 is a strict NO-NO.

The weird thing is that so many people in the market opt for option 3 then they proceed to broadcast it over social media. Well….congratz to them. Good thing not too many know about this….or do they. Cannot help but feel it’s becoming a norm. Want an award? Buy one. Yes, it’s that simple.

Am not trying to judge who’s right and wrong. Merely felt the need to voice my opinion.

But a word of thought to those who has or is intending to buy awards….know that some of us know. It does not really do your reputation any good to be known as one who buys, not earns the award.

Above thoughts are shared strictly without prejudice

The Underdog

The Underdog

14 years of grace and faith…one day at a time. From the initial years of scorning, mockery, helplessness, confusion, etc, I have by His grace grown and evolved to be who I am today.

Recently was invited to be a speaker, sharing the platform with 4 others established entrepreneurs/speakers, leaders in their respective industries. It is a humbling and encouraging experience.

I have spoken and shared in various places to a variety of audiences on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to my company to industry BUT I have never shared with anyone about my journey. So when the invite was received this round, I was given a free hand to decide on the topic. As I was pondering on the topic, I felt an impression upon my heart….#TheUnderdog. I felt led to speak and share about my journey….from day one, from our house’s dining table when everything started. So I did. Am very glad that I did because at the end of the session, many came to me and said they were encouraged.

It is a tad too long for me to share my contents here but being an underdog, it made me who I am today and helped me to mature. I close with the same remarks I made in my talk that day…

It is ok to start as an underdog, but never end as an underdog

People may look down on you, but you never look down on yourself

TUNNEL Vision. TUNNEL Emotion

TUNNEL Vision. TUNNEL Emotion

Had experience on numerous occasions speaking to tunnel vision people. Frusrating it may be, but bearable. BUT when it comes to tunnel emotion people….well, let’s just say even one time is once too many.

Tunnel emotion people are simply too emotionally narrow, limited, easily offended. All they tend to see or feel is negativity. They are not able to comprehend the fact that even a coin has 2 sides and do not bother to try to understand the other side of the story.

For one to grow and mature emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even as an employer/employee, we cannot afford to have tunnel vision, especially tunnel emotions. It is a tremendous baggage that will hold us back….perhaps make a few enemies (not by others but us making enemies of others).

Life offers us choices. If we are given the freedom to choose, why can’t we choose wisely? The answer is obvious. Taking the path of “I am like that” is just a lazy excuse.

So guys and gals, life is short. Let’s not make excuses not to be a better person. Choose to be the better person!



“I am a person who loves pressures and challenges. I live for it. I thrive in it”.

In my chinese hokkien dialect, I ask “are you sure bo?” Let’s just say from experience, I have lost count the number of times I receive this claim. And what is the success rate? Less than 1%. Sad ain’t it? Definitely justifies the adage “Talk is cheap. Doing is different”

Rather, it is the silent ones, those that do not make such proud declarations that are more steadfast and resilient. As such when someone makes proud declarations as those above, the alarm in my head goes haywire.

Life is a serious of challenges and problems. In order to grow and be successful, we have to learn to master challenges, pressures and problems. Let’s begin with the following realizations…

  1. We will never be free from pressures/challenges/problems
  2. Running away is NEVER an option. Embrace and learn
  3. We are never as weak as we think
  4. We are stronger and have a much larger capacity than we think

Think of a balloon. It looks flat and flimsy in it’s natural form. Blow into it…see it grow…see it stretch. As it expands, your mind will continually imagine it bursting…but it does not right? It seems to always expand bigger than you expect.

There you go. You are actually a BIG capacity person. Be stretched regularly and soon you will find that your capacity grows even bigger.

Remember…. #CrankItUp