Mrs Boss

Wakakaka… wife calls me Boss. She even calls me Boss in social media. She calls me Boss so much so that other people are calling me Boss too. Well, thank you all for the encouragements.

A word about my Mrs Boss. Yes, I call her Mrs Boss too, amongst other many names. LOL.

Mrs Boss is not just my lifetime partner but also my business partner. The hocus pocus beliefs that husband and wife cannot work together? Pooh Pooh….we don’t believe it. As an individual, we do quite well but when together as a couple, we are amazing (if I do say so myself :D)

Mrs Boss of mine has lots of talent and skills. She is truly abled in many different areas. I absolutely enjoy having her as my partner in running our businesses. She challenges me intellectually, which is fantastic!

So even during an entrepreneurship talk I did yesterday, I got her involved….by interviewing her. Yes, it was fun.

Inception of Interview

So all men out there, give your men ego a break. Open up to your wife and she may just surprise you.


The Industry That Nobody Knew…Almost

The Industry That Nobody Knew…Almost

As I am wrapping my thoughts on couple of business matters, my mind is suddenly diverted back to one of business….#forklift parts, thanks to encouraging messages received from friends.

The once upon a time dreaded word to myself…FORKLIFT but which I have humbly learnt to embrace and respect. Most of the time, more common in the past, I would be greeted with looks of disbelief or confusion when I mention forklift. Some know not of forklifts, others think it’s a one company industry, etc etc etc. Basically hardly anybody has any idea or insights into this industry. The lost city of Atlantis is probably better known than forklift. I kid you not.

I have personally dabbled in other industries and have many a great successful friends in other industries. Coupled that with my personal hands-on experience in the forklift industry, I can and dare say that this industry is not for the faint hearted. It has to be for the most ‘stubborn’ and hardcore of characters. Forklift industry contributes in so many ways to various other industries, e.g. Port, warehousing, mills, etc and the economy as a whole and yet it’s almost invisible. I credit that to the culture of the industry that is inward looking, super low profile, unchanging and hardcore entrenched in tradition (diplomatic reference to resistance towards change).

From my day one in this industry back in 2002 and even till today, #EGAN has been religiously diligently preaching change to players within and beyond the industry. Proudly said, we are seeing the tangible fruits of our labour….invites to talk about this industry, the industry is better known, media highlights, etc. My industry peers are true warriors without doubt and without nerves of steel, one will be likened to being finger flicked by superman….yeah, flicked out of this world. Change is not a word or practise warmly welcomed but it is my hope that #EGAN can be the lighthouse to this industry, to encourage and show our peers that change is good. It will lift the industry, collectively, from good to great!

Today I stand proud proclaiming I am from the forklift industry and what a great industry it is.

So there you go folks…my humble brief thoughts. Now back to work. LOL

The MaGiC Moment

The MaGiC Moment

Seems like only yesterday when I stepped into Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC). Blink and months have passed. Our tenure in MaGIC has come to an end with beautiful moments of our experience there.

I still remember the first day I arrived in MaGIC and met a friend. I was asked if I was there as a mentor or investor. Well, neither! I was there as a participant. Even the most seasoned serial entrepreneur needs to continue learning. Sometimes the best place to learn is from the startups…..a collection of fantastic minds and ideas.

I was there as a participant aka cofounder of my new brand, #SparePartsAsia with my Philippines partner. SparePartsAsia is a true Asean Economic Community brand, a joint venture between Malaysia and Philippines, for the Asia market.

I already had experience wearing the hat of an entrepreneur and investor and now, a whole new experience – a startup cofounder. Yes I was expected to go thru the works – build the system, pitch, etc etc etc. Does that make me a more complete entrepreneur now? A BIG yes 😀

So as I complete this post, I wish to express my thanks to the amazing people in MaGIC for their support and encouragements.


Gala with a Royal Touch

The excitement still resonates in my mind and heart. As always, Branding Association of Malaysia gala dinner is very much touted as the best and hottest gala of the year. On this very special evening, owners of Malaysia’s top brands come together to celebrate each other and also admission of more members into this very exclusive family.

Myself, an elected EXCO member is very much in the thick of action in all activities leading up to the gala. In addition to that am super proud that our brand #EGAN was invited not long ago and to this day, remain the first and only brand in the material handling / forklift industry. It’s historical, needless to say and an encouragement to do better for our crews, clients and industry.

This year, our Branding Association of Malaysia celebrates her 16th anniversary with a touch of royalty. Her Majesty, our beloved Queen of Majesty had consented to grace our event. Her Majesty’s presence certainly shot our excitements thru the roof.

The celebration was impeccably classy worthy of our Royal guest and more than 20 foreign dignitaries.

When owners of top brands gather in one roof, expect sparks to fly. Truly exciting to greet old friends, reflect on each others’ progress, encourage each other to another level, etc.

Well, enough for now. Will let the pics tell more  of the story… Oh hey, if you are a top Malaysian brand, you have to come join our BAM family. Memberships are by invitation only but we welcome your “hello” to find out more 😀


Just how much is “acting” involved in entrepreneurship? Are you thinking about fakes as of now?

Today had a session with celebrity and entertainer Razif Hashim where he touched on the skills involved in acting. And interestingly how that is related to entrepreneurship, particularly presentation related activities.

13697035_10157245960205492_8026262257294566052_n (1)
With celebrity entertainer Razif & his sidekick Suzuki

There are many skills with in the art of acting, e.g. breathing, tonality, etc., many of which is very applicable to entrepreneurship. Big names like Jobs, Obama, many more are perfect examples. I shall no dwell in the details for this post.

All in all, the session was very informative with discussions, theories and practical rehearsals to help all of us better understand and relate.

So just how much acting is involved in the world of entrepreneurship? Much more than we think!

The Royal Insight

Branding Association of Malaysia gala dinner is just around the corner, July 18 to be precise. For this year, we are most honored to have Her Majesty our Queen of Malaysia grace our event.

As such our already usual standards are being elevated further. As a Executive Committee member of BAM, I see the determination of all my fellow colleagues to make this the BEST gala dinner ever for all our guests.


The meeting today with the Palace protocol officer was very insightful. We had a crash course on the Do’s and Don’ts amongst many other things. The overall experience was wonderful

A brief shoutout to our newly accepted 2016 members …. to make it even more memorable, we have managed to arrange for all of you to have a group picture with Her Majesty. Every year is different but this year is a royal treat indeed. So if you are a proven and great Malaysian brand, then grab this opportunity to be a part of this experience. One does not get to have a photograph with Her Majesty every year, do you?

p/s: Membership into BAM is by invitation only

Branding Association of Malaysia is formed into an association that caters mainly to the need of brands across Malaysia in achieving success both in the domestic and International arena.

We set the runway for Malaysian brands to rise above in achieving its presence and connectivity across all continents in the world. Branding Association of Malaysia reaches out to local SME companies in bringing out their potential as a valuable brand.

The importance of a platform to share across ideas, strategies and branding tactics is a necessity for Malaysian brands to excel. Branding Association of Malaysia identifies this need and prepares Malaysian brands.

Since our inception in July 2000, we advocate unity among our members to allow us to position ourselves on issues and policies that may hinder the brand as a whole. Apart from achieving branding goals, our members will enjoy the benefits of being a part of unified voice that encourage effectiveness and change.

Branding Association of Malaysia is also the best vehicle to promote trust, cooperation among small and medium brands. This enables them to share across their branding strategies and gather more inputs in building towards a successful brand as a whole.

Last but not least, the Branding Association of Malaysia is an association that must be realized as a unified foundation with strong branding expertise in formulating and opening the gateway to the world for Malaysian brands.


Where is your brand headed?  Every brand needs to grow towards the right direction.

It is the Branding Association of Malaysia’s aim to see the rise of Malaysian brands throughout the whole world – through Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Through collaborations of our various resources and efforts, the Association will help local SMEs to introduce, develop and differentiate Malaysian brands into global markets everywhere.  We intend to share the uniqueness of Malaysia with the world as we increase our home grown branding knowledge and brand value through differentiation of brands in fresh markets.

Advancing worthy branding causes with our blue branding strategies, we support the growth of Malaysia for the benefit of all those participating in our country’s industries and businesses.


What does your brand need to do?  Brand missions are stepping stones to achieving your ultimate brand vision.

We ensure that branding will grow in Malaysia and Malaysian Brands create the right impressions everywhere in the world through their differentiations, with the following missions.

  • Blue Branding
    To help micro, small, medium and large SMEs create differentiated brands and new market demands to grow their brand value through blue branding.
  • Ideas Platform
    To create a common platform for manufacturers, retailers, marketers, corporations, governments, volunteers and others to exchange ideas in the development of  brands and unite them in building their brand presence in fresh and new international markets.
  • Worldwide Research
    To conduct research and studies on market trends, and work together with local as well as foreign experts and professionals in adopting a holistic approach to the development of branding.
  • Branding Education
    To educate Malaysian society on branding and strategies by building brand awareness and disseminating branding information through leading edge programmes including seminars, workshops, conferences, international business study tours and more.
  • Providing Assistance
    To lobby the assistance of relevant government departments towards establishing internationally accepted branding and business standards, practices and systems in Malaysia.
  • Building Value
    To strength the Malaysian branding industry and the value of the Malaysian brands through blue branding for quality branding standards and competitive branding advantages throughout the world.

Inside Out Upside Down

I am not the Wizard of Oz, though I don’t mind being one in this instance. The thoughts of being able to transform and impact an entire industry with the wave of a wand is simply too irresistible. 

How do we transform a company and industry, so entrenched into traditional? Bulldozing thru it would be nice but unfortunately the reality is we have to do it one step at a time. The key here is conviction, vision and perseverance. Equipped with these 3 key traits, we need to assemble a team too. This is the 2nd hurdle, possibly the biggest too.

Try inviting Generation Y folks into a traditionally entrenched industry. Only the craziest thrill seekers and most stubborn will step up for this challenge. All said and done, it is not impossible. Difficult, not impossible. We have embarked on a mission to recruit our own team IMF. 

In the initial stages, one will have to be a Rambo (one man demolition team) and prayerfully soon others will catch the vision too and come onboard. Then we will have our special forces team. Yes, this is me talking….man are boys too. We love our “actions”…, gadgets and armies.

To-date we have hit a few milestones and are pressing ahead for more.

If you are reading this, ask yourself….”Am I game for this challenge and adventure”. If you are , quickly drop us an email at

EGAN Forklift Parts Specialist