Ever stood before a magnificent mountain and be at awe of it….thinking how big, how strong, how big it is? It would seem almost unconquerable.

We would individually have an encounter with a “mountain” one time or another in our lives. Is your reaction one of an adventurist or defeat? Dude, we are talking about a mountain, not an ant hill. Yeah, I heard that before. Rather my mind has said that to me many times before. Then what???

  • Yes, the mountain is BIG … Fact!
  • Yes, the mountain seems insurmountable … Fact!

But what are also facts are…

  1. There is more than one way to tackle a mountain — over it / beneath it / around it / through it / etc
  2. Conquering mountains give us a greater sense of accomplishment than an ant hill
  3. Conquering mountains may seem a harder task … requires discipline, belief, tools, time, resilience, etc.

Conclusion is, mountains can be conquered! They are there to be conquered! The question to ask oneself when facing a mountain is not “if” but “how” then proceed to doing it!

There is no time for pity-party. The sooner you get onto it the sooner you conquer it.

So what is your mountain today???


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