Wow…Congratulations! The first sentence anyone is expected to utter when someone we know receives an award. To me, there is sometimes a second sentence….”So how much does this cost?”. LOL. Yeah, thot about it many times but never really asked. Will be stepping into dangerous grounds if I do.

If you are familiar enough with the marketplace, you will be well aware that there are dozens of awards of all sorts from countless number of organizations being offered to individuals/companies/brands….at a price 😀

I myself have been offered….errr…..sorry I lost count but have rejected them all. My belief is that if I do not qualify on merit then no awards for me. Anyway awards are not a necessity. It is good as encouragement but to many it is an ego-booster.

There are 3 types of awards in the market…

  1. Qualify on merit
  2. PR awards
  3. Awards for sale (shhhhhh!)

In my opinion, option 1 is best. Option 2 can be considered (upon careful consideration of the terms). Option 3 is a strict NO-NO.

The weird thing is that so many people in the market opt for option 3 then they proceed to broadcast it over social media. Well….congratz to them. Good thing not too many know about this….or do they. Cannot help but feel it’s becoming a norm. Want an award? Buy one. Yes, it’s that simple.

Am not trying to judge who’s right and wrong. Merely felt the need to voice my opinion.

But a word of thought to those who has or is intending to buy awards….know that some of us know. It does not really do your reputation any good to be known as one who buys, not earns the award.

Above thoughts are shared strictly without prejudice


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