Putrajaya…..a mammoth and iconic project to all Malaysians. Our capital administration. So how long does it take to conceptualize such a massive project? 10 MINUTES! Yes, only 10 minutes. Only those with the most brilliant of minds and vision can do this.

I count it a blessing to personally know this man and also be considered a friend to him. It’s none other than Kun Lim. He is much sought after all over the world and of course, his works are all over the world.

As Kun Lim is much sought after and with limited time, he cannot be here in Malaysia too often (by the way, he officially resides in Seattle, USA). But my heartfelt appreciation to him that we try to meet each time he returns home (KL).

This evening, Kun Lim is in PKT Logisics, one of his awesome creations. Is a private evening together with Senator Chong Sin Woon and few other amazing individuals, including Dato Michael Tio, CEO of PKT Logistics Group (our adopted boss….hehe…that’s another amazing story)

The most precious time with brilliant individuals is listening to them – understanding their thoughts, their motivations. In my opinion, brilliant individuals are…

  • They see everything with clarity
  • They are humble
  • Excellent EQ
  • Generous in sharing

The best thing to do in the presence of brilliant talents is to “LISTEN” or “ASK questions”.

Kun Lim, welcome home for this 2 weeks and it’s always great to see you.


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