We are not waiting for something bad to explode. We are however waiting for something good to explode. An explosion of blessing…

Waiting………………………………………. starting to feel irritated? Humans, particularly the current generations are not born to wait. Everything has to be instantaneous – food, money, happiness, results, etc. Waiting is often associated with negativity.

But if one reads the bible, waiting is good. The right waiting that is…..that is brought and initiated by the Lord.

  • Waiting builds character
  • Waiting builds perseverance
  • Waiting allows us to refocus
  • Waiting helps clear our mind
  • Waiting teaches us obedience

Personally, I have waited about 10 years, well not all waiting. There were some laziness somewhere in there too (naughty me). As the pic says, there are decades where nothing happens. As sleeping beauty was suddenly awakened by a kiss, I too suddenly awoke (not kiss for me ya, LOL, but my Lord Jesus). My awakening was not just the opening of my mind and heart but was filled with #conviction.

Even after being awakened, I still had to…..yes you guessed it… WAIT! I tried many things. I tried to push. Tried to hurry. But nothing came to past. Then as I settled down to wait, my waiting ended. Ironic eh? Yes, when God moves, He moves! Suddenly I had weeks where decades happen. My world was full of progress and productivity. Wauzers! Good thing my hair remained intact with the speed I was travelling in.

So dear friends, do not despise your #waiting period. You could be prepped for much greater things to come. You could even be given a break time (down time) to freshen yourself before progress hits you. You may not have time to rest then.


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