NickG, The Judge

Judge Dredd…..hahaha, not me. Was privileged to be invited to be a judge by one of Malaysia’s fastest rising learning institution Portman College. The event organized by their Millionaire Business School (by students for students). The entire event encompasses a talk by renowned speakers followed by business pitching session.

This business pitching session is no small feat. They are the shortlisted top 4 groups by their peers to present to us, the invited judges. The judges are seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. Oh yes, no small feat. Because the average age group amongst the 4 is only 18-19 years old.

Their presentation was impressive, complete with financials and everything. It’s almost what you would expect from much more experienced folks. Looking at their business ideas  (psssst: some of them are already in business, with traction) and their presentation, I shiver to imagine how excellent they will be in a few years time.

My salute to all 4 groups. They are all winners in my book. I count it my privilege to be invited to be a part of this process. So the next time you give yourself excuses of being too young or inexperienced, THINK AGAIN!



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