We have been described in a variety of ways….

  1. Quiet
  2. Conservative
  3. Sociable
  4. Unsociable
  5. Proud
  6. Easy going
  7. Etc etc etc

Kinda confusing right? Seems to be a mix of compliments and critics. Well, some are right and some aren’t. Here’s why…

We are a sucker (in good sense) for good characters. We are sociable but not socialites. For friends, we pick quality over quantity. We are fiercely loyal to friendship but we don’t make friends essily too. Being in the marketplace long enough, it no longer surprises us that supposedly close friends are badmouthing each other. So are they friends or FRIENDS? We are absolute real people, thus we expect real friends too. 

It is our very nature to stay away, almost being allergic to the following groups of people…

  1. Fakes
  2. Show offs
  3. Gossipers
  4. Questionable characters (e.g. Integrity deficiency)
  5. Egoistic

We have many many many acquaintances in our lives but few friends. Then again it has always been our choice to have few friends than many fake friends. Would love to expand our current group of real friends but they don’t come in truckloads. So, as we pray for real friends, we shall be patient and wait for them to turn up.
Meanwhile, we love our real friends….and acquaintances too.  Perhaps in due time, some of them will grow to become real friends 😀


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